The Wait Is Over: <br/>Speedhunters Pro Camera Straps

If there’s one thing we’ve been constantly asked for over the years, it’s why haven’t we put out Speedhunters camera straps. Almost every shirt or sticker release we do is followed by comments asking when they’ll come. Well, the wait is finally over: and so to make up for the time it’s taken us we’re presenting not just one, but two styles of strap system to choose from: the Air Strap and the Glide One.

02 Strap detail comp

A while back, we made a very limited number of regular, round-the-neck straps. They were fine of course, but those kind of straight straps aren’t particularly flexible in use, easy to adjust, or even that comfortable for prolonged use.

We’ve taken our time choosing what we think is the best camera strap out there: in fact, the Glide Pro won Best Camera Strap in Advanced Photographer Magazine. The Speedhunters team have tried out probably every strap and carrying system there is, but we think that these two modular straps really are awesome.

04 Strap shoot

Firstly there’s the Speedhunters Air Strap. This connects via loops to your camera’s strap hooks. So far, so normal. But the beauty of the Air Strap is in its quick release system: you can have the camera hanging by your side on a shorter strap for comfort, but then you see the shot. A thumb in the release loop and a quick tug, and the strap lengthens to shooting position and you can snap away to your heart’s content. It’s such a cool feature.

03 Air Strap comp

Having gear down low when you’re moving around can be a real pain, so this adjustable length system is just perfect. The detachable, non-slip shoulder pad has Neoprene padding and breathable vents, that allow heat and moisture to dissipate easily. It’s also slightly cushioned – just enough to compensate for the weight of what you’re carrying when you’re walking around, but not so much that it just bounces around the place.

Flexible buckles clip the pad to the strap, making it not just a breeze to work with but that bit more comfortable to boot. It makes even carrying a DSLR and decent size lens a breeze, but it’s also great for compacts. What I love about this quick release system is that ability to go from a comfortable carry position to shooting in an instant: you’ll never miss a shot again.

05 Glide One Strap hang

Your other option is the Speedhunters Glide One. This ratchets things up a level, using a small C-Loop connector that screws into any standard tripod mount – a rubber washer means it securely stays in place, but it can quickly be swapped between kit with minimal fuss.

Your camera hangs securely by your side, via a plastic loop on the main strap. When you want to shoot, the strap stays around your shoulder whilst the camera just glides up. Adjustable quick-release stops prevent the camera from running wild if you’re leaning over or kneeling down. A quick release buckle makes it easy to disconnect when you need to use the camera freehand, leaving the main pad (it uses the same detachable shoulder pad as the Air Strap) and strap in place.

I always use one of these for my big and heavy long prime lens, and it’s made an incredible difference. Easy to use, secure and far more comfortable over a day.

06 USB

As a little bonus, we’re also releasing a 4gb USB stick, cunningly contained inside a rubberised bracelet. I’m always losing USB sticks, but this is the perfect way to keep your digital data close at hand. Need that engine map? All your favourite Speedhunters wallpapers? Or a place to store your best images so you can show them off at a moment’s notice? Grab yourself one of these.

It’s the ultimate way to prove that you truly are the Speedhunter.

Speedhunters store (EU)

Speedhunters store (US)

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan



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Nice but we need some hats to represent


whoever thought about that usb bracelet is a genius haha


You guys should do some normal speedhunters rubber bracelets


what is wrong with the first photo? Camera reflection and pixels and something very wrong with the background gradient?


who cares?


JanoCivicIII84 yea wtf


to stick with my blackrapid strap or buy a new one... decisions, decisions.


Now want a snapback


salehunters or stancehunters should be the new name because there isn't much speedhunters going on


you're sure of all these plastic connectors and buckles ?


xtobinx Yeah, I really like it: I've tried a lot of different models, and there are plenty good, but I really like the build of these ones. Really adjustable, a super comfortable shoulder pad, easy to attach and detach, and so on. I had an old Cinch strap, which was absolutely great (the same kind of quick release as the Air Strap), but the shoulder area really hasn't lasted well with the heavy use I give it.


2xthefun The Black Rapids are good: I've got a single sling and a dual. Ha, did I say I really have tried a hell of a lot of straps?! But I really find these just that little bit better: the machining of the C-Loop is precision: it shows the effort put into the quality...


tooslow With you,.. to a point. This was a product which a _lot_ of people have been asking for so we felt it about time to make one. We took our time though, making sure we were collaborating with a proper manufacturer so that what you get is a legit strap, not just some wonky merch


RBJKT tooslow
i am just jesting, i visit this site everyday and its great. Would love to see more race cars featured though


If it's made by the people I think it is (from the general look), then it's quality components. Unfortunately I already have one very similar to the Air Strap and am currently broke.


Is that an EOS 10D, it looks old


Will this be a limited release like most of your products, or is it something that we can count on, in say 6 months or 2 years from now?


Awesome! Looks like there's a mix up with the pictures in the shop, the Air Strap picture landed in the Glide One section.


@SDK My old 1DS. A fantastic camera. You had to use it like a film camera, as the preview was basically unusable. Which I loved! And the sound of the shutter... lovely. A B&O of a camera. A proper digital camera; none of this modern nonsense... ;)


@J Crumb It likely is. They really are well engineered bits of kit: it's why I like them. I've paid buttons for knock offs, and learned my lesson every time. With the hammering they get, cheap stuff lasts weeks at best, so it's false economy. Also, do you want to hang an expensive camera on the end of a cheap bit of material?! :)




Argh! You guys shouldve released this before xmas!
I had a Peak Design Slide strap for xmas and i love it! Maybe if i buy another dslr... :/


apex_DNA This is going to stick around as part of our core product range- we're getting more stock in very soon :)


Will fitting this strap to my camera guarantee that all the shots I take come out like Larry Chen's?


Now you gonna have all these Speedhunter journalist wannabes pretending at car events!


tbtstt lol


I have a couple of days trying to buy the item but is giving me problems when paying with Pay Pal, shows me a message that has not been able to make the transaction because of problems with the Seller Pay pal account.
Some moderator can help me ???
I have already contacted the department store, but still haven't answered me.
Thank You So Much




KenTokyo shut up.