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What’s It Worth?

People are talking about the Porsche bubble at the moment – I’m hearing it a lot. Prices have been rapidly climbing over the last few years, but I do wonder just how much of it is hype? I like Porsche, but in the past when I could buy one, I didn’t. Financially, that might have been a mistake, but then if I thought about the money I wouldn’t be in to cars.

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-6

I think half the problem for me is that people buy a Porsche because of the badge and the assumed prestige that comes with it. But where’s the fun in that? The individuality? It’s not always about standing out from the crowd – but it’s nice to know that you drive your own automotive road, rather than follow the traffic.

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-24

So what’s that got to do with this 997 from Royal Performance in Germany? Well, first up I really like it – because it’s different. But it manages to do it without trying too hard, or following fashion. The rear end is meant to echo the GT3 RS, which is a bona fide kick-ass car, but it doesn’t shout at you about it.

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-14

The arches are purposeful, but because this isn’t a race car – nor pretending to be one – they’re not covered in sponsor logos, graphics or garish paint.

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-29

Did you think that colour was a Porsche code? Well, it’s actually Ferrari Grigio Silverstone – another very subtle modification that makes you feel like you know what it is, but still catches you by surprise when you find out. I really love how the sun highlights the bulbous arches in this picture. The later Porsche 911s have been critised for becoming fat, but if you feel that way you won’t be able to deny that these really add a muscular feeling to the overall lines.

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-17

The ride height is just about spot on too. In fact, everything is just where it should be, without being overly dramatic about it. The wheels are from the Vossen Precision Series – again not an obvious choice, and they wouldn’t have been my first. I would have probably gone for some BBS LMs, and in retrospect that would probably be predictable. So again, now I’ve seen them in the metal, they’re like the rest of the build – they make sense. There’s something distinctly different about them, yet somehow they’re familiar. Take a look in the bonus images for some dish!

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-26

The interior has been left pretty much stock aside from a Tech-Art steering wheel. And why not? It’s a great place to be, and with a few engine upgrades bringing power up to around 400hp you could crush a few tracks or cruise all day sat here.

Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-4

When it comes to Porsche I’ve always been more of an old school kind of guy, but as they reach stratospheric prices maybe the answer lies in something more modern? Is that less obvious? I don’t know, but this 997 has really struck a chord with me. It’s different enough to satisfy my individuality, but it could almost blend in to a car park… Almost.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunterbryn

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Cutting Room Floor
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-1
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-7
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-8
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-13
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-15
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-21
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-22
Royal Performance 997 GT Worthersee Vossen-27


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I just noticed that the license late is from Zwickau in germany, about 20 minutes from where I live. Never heard of that company thou....


Markus191191 I think they're a fairly new set-up, I bumped in to them at Worthersee and grabbed the snaps there.

turbo BEAMS ae86

Why wide body?  Big NA power?  ya rite


the wheels are not Vossen Vps, these are the brand new limited edition Vossen Vle


Pgleizes Updated, thanks. Royal Performance listed them as VPs so I went with that, but now added the new Vossen VLE film too.


I don´t have problems with overfenders, but these don´t fit the on this car technically nor optically. They´re projecting in the front and don´t fit to the arch on the back. But what caps it all off is the fact that the fenders are bolted over two body parts. This is so ridiculously bad craftsmanship, it hurts my eyes. The off-the-rack spoiler, a paintjob with the name "Ferrari" in it and some (too) big wheels don´t make it any better... sorry, but what exactly is this car doing on SH? Please don´t be too offended.


What kind of fender flares are they ? I love them , I have never seen them before.


@a guest Not offended at all, it's all down to personal taste, it's not a build that warranted a full feature so we ran it as a spotlight because it's kind of different for a street driven 997. The 'Ferrari' paint job was mentioned in case people liked the hue, like I said a subtle modification. Nothing to shout about so I didn't ;)


@gmonay As far as I know they come from http://www.royal-performance.com, info@ will find them.


Isn't that the Vossen VLE-1 wheels ? Which sell $9,999 per piece ?


okay, if that´s the claim, then I respect the balls to do this (especially in Germany, where modded  Porsches are often seen as sacrilege). The rest is down to personal taste, yes, apart from the fender job... ;) some stick to details, some see the big whole.


Shame there isn't any performance boost to go with the new looks but I have to say I like it - it reminds me of the 993 GT2.


QD Ahh you missed the part about the power hike? Around 400bhp now, fun for everyday driving right?


RDS That's the price one dealer put on them, but it was more of a marketing ploy I think


@turbo BEAMS ae86 you seriously think the purpose of increasing width is to increase longitudinal grip? LOL


This is, beyond any doubt, the most tacky, poorly modified 911 I have ever seen. There is no theme. It's just a random amalgamation of parts. First, you've got the flares, which are offensive in their own right because they're so bulbous. But, the owner doesn't stop with flares. No, he decides to slap on wheels that look like they came off a mid-90's Pontiac. And to top it all off, he did this to a GT3. I know it's his car, and he can do what he wants and all that. But, in my opinion, this guy needs to just quit cars and take up knitting or something.


hideous, like trying way too hard to stand out type hideous. Bolt on fenders are one of the most over played fads going on right now. May have been possible to pull the wheels off with a cleaner look.


@Jake Laird, total agreement about it looking totally uncohesive though the article suggests that it isn't a GT3 where it says that upgrades have brought it up to around 400bhp. The 997 GT3 started with 415 in the gen 1 and went up from there as time progressed so I'm hopeful they've only made a base model look like a poorly executed joke...


Speedhunters_Bryn Pgleizes  actually these are VPS-VossenPrecisionSeries ...it even says it on the center cap...the VLe have a Nr. ***/400 on the center cap. ;)


Jobby @Jake Laird Haha, it's not a GT3! It's a Carrera by the looks of it, and a mid-90s Pontiac? I have some similar wheels in my garage from a Firebird Turbo... So I guess I'm biased.


well, that was hideous


I love Porsches, but I have to say this isn't really my thing. Maybe because I like them too much...


I might be in the minority by the looks of things but I quite like it. Sure, there are some areas that appear less considered than others, but overall I would grab the keys in a heart beat.
The flares, splitter and wing don't sit right with the massive wheels and the pretty much stock interior but ultimately I can see what they were aiming for; I think they just missed the mark slightly.

There are many sets of nice overfenders available for the 997 but these certainly aren't them. The rear shot is probably the best angle to view them from, but the front arch really leaves a lot to be desired. Covering over three body panels they look extremely tacked on, I wouldn't be surprised if I was told they came from a Toyota land cruiser.


Personally, the overfender/wheel combo really breaks it for me. It's a beautiful car untouched, and I understand the individuality aspect of these modifications, but some of the shots in the article made me realize how badly put together the visual modifications look at a glance. Someone else mentioned that maybe without the overfenders, the wheel set up would look much better, as they are pretty unique and would make a bone stock car pop. They almost remind me of how sawblade Vette rims look on a VW. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and the owner(s) of the car, so hats off for this unique approach to a Carrera. I have to admit I would likely fall under the category of Porsche lover that has a better appreciation for the factory styling qualities and small unique touches rather than the aggressive exterior transformation of this project. Have a great weekend everyone!


joellisibach Speedhunters_Bryn sorry for the mistake, they look exactly like the VLE


Going to have to agree with you on the factory styling.


Wow it's like a poor rocket bunny kit nothing blends in nicely


I am not really a fan of the newer Porsche'. If you look at the profile and the ass end is so long. It looks really weird. I am all for over fenders on a Porsche but those ones do not work. They make me think that they were afraid to do something crazy, but even though most over fenders are a bolt on affair, with these they didn't even try to blend them in so they look like an after thought.  Like a big ass mole on a beautiful girls face. Personally I am so damn tired of the over fender crap that seems to plaque every car built. Come on people have some imagination, some words I live by If every one else is doing it, that should be a huge sign that you shouldn't.

turbo BEAMS ae86

dovvv do you know whom you are speaking too?  show respect lil Trout

turbo BEAMS ae86

dovvv do you know whom you are speaking too?  show respect lil Trout


those fender flares are terrible.  they dont integrate into the car at all the beginning and ending of them make them look like they came off a  completley different car.  They dont use any of the character lines of the car ton of space beteween the flares and the body underneath. the rear view is particularly bad.  the over fender just stops at an awkward place doesnt take any of the character line of the bumper beneath the tail light. It would take some evidence to prove that this kit wasnt made for another car and half assed screwed onto this one. also the big royal performance stickers on the side are crooked.


I do like Porsches, and I respect them a lot. However, I find this particular iteration to be....well......less than flattering. The back looks good but the flares look like exactly what they are....someone else's idea, stolen then adapted. The car has enough bubble shapes, this just looks like warts. But hey, cutting a factory fender and tacking on fugly plastic is a hell of a lot cheaper than creating an entire wide-body panel. I would personally prefer a smaller wheel/fatter tire combo on this but forgiving the fenders, its a pretty damn good looking car.


D1RGE EXE Where are the fender flares stolen from?


Bryn! Defend this! I'm with the haters.. I just do not get it _at all_


Ujean D1RGE EXE RB/LTMW. Have you ever been on SH before? You might have seen one or two kits.


sorry.. my bad - i held onto that comment for a while, i see you're involved


Oh god these flares ruined this car...sigh


Didn't like the wheels till I saw the dish.  Giggity.
I'd put overfenders on a minivan but these need some RWB influence.


D1RGE EXE Ujean You must be new here if you think they created fender flares


Generic rivet fenders
Ugly wheels


I love over fenders and Porsches, but the execution on this car just bring on a feeling of disgust.


Speedhunters_Bryn RDS So, kind of like this article and every SH shill article for Vossen right? Sorry, but yet again Vossen articles plague the quality of the rest of the SH contributions. Articles with actual content and unique cars with stories to tell...unlike this car which is yet another slapped together piece of work. I want to use another word but decided not to.


This is easily the most poorly modified car to ever be featured on SH.


Speedhunters_Bryn I knew it, you don't really have a taste in cars.


greenroadster Speedhunters_Bryn Shots fired


...ruined car


Oh look another feature car wearing vossens. How did this car make it onto your site? The flares are terrible, they suit the car in no way at all and the wheels... Dont even get me started on those wheels. Wat id give for five minutes and a grinder. Its another ad for vossen, nothing more. Good work SH, keep pushing this shit


Having worked as a Porsche mechanic for a few years and getting to drive pretty much every model 356 and 911 I think this is total garbage. The Vossen wheels look like crap and likely weigh more than stock, the fender flares look cheap and don't contour the shape or curves of the 997 in any way. I've said it before and I'll say it again: high end cars need hand shaped fenders. Bolt ons cheapen the look and feel of the entire car. 

I feel no need to apologize or excuse myself for my POV. This is hands down one of the worst 911s I've ever seen. I've seen nicer civics at local car shows.


Cheap, generic over fenders riveted onto a Porsche... not a good look.