The Craziest Sounding Street Car Ever?

You can say what you’d like about Liberty Walk’s brand of slammed, wide body, stretched tire supercars – but this video just has to be seen. The car is a Liberty Walk-equipped Aventador that will be shown at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas next month, and for me it’s not so much how the car looks, but the noise it makes. Not only does the titanium Armytrix exhaust shoot fireballs from the rear of the Lamborghini, but it sounds insane. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever heard a road-going car that sounds as crazy as this one.

Take a look and judge for yourself…

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

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A fighter jet on wheels :)


good lord......


just insane this sound, and i guess we all can agree on that flame spitting exhausts are the best exhausts


I hope VAG doesn't butthurted like Ferrari tho...


As much as i love flame-spitting cars:
1) I believe most People would agree that this site is becoming boring with all the LB / Rocketbunny Content of all kinds lately..
2) I really loved the time you had to go to a Show to actually see the News, thats what a Show is all about, right? So why do companies nowadays Showcase their big secret News bevor the revealing Show? So boring and definitely the downside of all the Internet Hypes...


jdmRob i would so totally stand behind that exhaust while it's revving and spitting flames :D


dear Santa..


@JDMjunkies_ch yep


@JDMjunkies_ch I have to point out here that in the last 31 days we have published 67 stories, and only two of them have been Liberty Walk-related. We've also posted a couple of updates on our KM4SH kits. So 4/67 stories… that really doesn't seem like a lot to me? Make sure to check out some of our other recent features, there's plenty of variety! :)


Taryn Croucher That is true, but I know what he means.
If I wanted to see Liberty Walk stuff I'd go to other mainstream sites that have some pretty pictures.
I come to Speedhunters because you guys seem to have a talent that nobody else does for finding the batshit insane backyard builds. The guys that spend a decade refining a car in their shed to be absolutely insane. 
That's the sort of stuff that I want features on.

I absolutely do realise that you can't find enough of that sort of thing to fill the pages, and so other interesting enthusiast type things like race reports and the like are totally appreciated. 

But as stupid as it seems to type this, this kind of thing where they take a car, do something for the sake of being polarising and then proclaim to the world that they're pushing the boundaries, does not appeal to me at all.

Now bear in mind that it is nearly 1am and I'm sleep deprived so this might not make sense.


i love how lambo owners all they do is rev so flames comes out. If anything they should adj the tune on the car.


econti Taryn Croucher  "That's the sort of stuff that I want features on" ... and i want liberty walk on speedhunters #SWERVE

Gianluca FairladyZ


Gianluca FairladyZ

man.. this video is doing the round around the world at the moment :) If in the next Batman movie they don't have that car ( painted in black mat )... They're fucking stupid!


I like the way the car looks better than the exhaust even though it does sound good. I think is right that the Porsche sounds better. Thanks for the post!


I like the way the car looks better than the exhaust even though it does sound good. I think is right that the Porsche sounds better. Thanks for the post!


Taryn Croucher I am grateful for the stories. ALL the stories with new content all the time. Even though I do not care about crappy underground builds in Sweden, some other country or even the U.S, I still enjoy reading about the people and the cars they love. That's why this site is a daily read for me.


EvolveWRC I want that


EvolveWRC Or, this: 
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Thanks to Speedhunters, it appeared that there is a legendary team called " The Fenders Trio "
Wataru Kato of the Italian Fenders
Akira Nakai of the Stuttgart Fenders
And Kei Muira of the JDM Fenders
Together, they are the protectors of the Fenderlization and Not-giving-a-beep-zation around the automotive world
Chased by the purists, wanted by the haters, they are the heroes that we both want and need. 
-<insert some cliche superheroes music here>-
meanwhile, in some random South East Asian country, a random kid still sittin in the corner crying like a little *bleep* because of speedbumps, 300% car taxes, endless mopped, and nothing over 5 years old ever allowed to get in the country. ONE DAY, WORLD ! ONE DAY !


For a modified car, that's amazing, but for me... The Zonda F is a real life banshee. It needs no introduction...


mrwicksy EvolveWRC  Holy hell... I need one of those switches in my triumph.


More Speedhunters hyberbole. Not even close guys. Scoot PP 4 rotor is still the king... especially over a group that just bolts on fenders. Please.

Listen to what a master engine builder's work sounds like.


mrwicksy EvolveWRC  probably need the engine too but I can dream right?


Thank-you for your constructive feedback econti. The reason we publish this kind of content, even though we know that some people don't like it, is simply because it's always extremely popular - the stats don't lie! Also, we think it's pretty cool. But we can't keep every single person happy 100% of the time, and that's why we try to feature as much variety as possible throughout all of our stories. We hope you understand, and don't worry - we're always on the lookout for those batshit insane backyard builds! In fact, we've got a few feature cars that would fall within that category coming up very soon... #staytuned


mrwicksy EvolveWRC anything DW sounds awesome


Excuse my french but... holy fuck!


Dame, most aggressive thing in baby blue I've ever seen


btw hope that isn't past redline he's hitting repeatedly for a vid lol


btw hope that isn't past redline he's hitting repeatedly for a vid lol


Third is a beast ! Nice job on this car I Really like it. And What wheels !


AwesomnesPrime I'd take that over the Aventador (it looks way too busy and funny for me)...buuuuuut......too bad it idles at like 2400 rpm.


Underground builds better sounding lambos. Just saying.


I agree. LB is all hype.


I wonder what that does to the internals of the engine.


I wonder what that does to the internals of the engine.


There are always going to be haters.. That video was FIRE!!!! Well put together, and great sounding car.. Could only imagine hearing it in person.. Wow!


One cannot shit their pants


DieterManero Looks like pieces of it flying out the exhaust.


@JDMjunkies_ch Because it's all about the e-fame these days don't chya know


KennedyCao not sure if you would call it trio since all the over fenders are done by key miura. and also like all 80% of the aero made in japan


Speedhunters Yeah, people obviously do want to see it, I know that. 
But that's just my point of view, for what it's worth. I figured it'd be better to actually write up something that explains why, rather than just LOL LIBERTY WALK SUX and whatever other drivel some people post.


that was pretty sweet. especially seeing it done to a lambo... i think they shoulda put metal plating around the exhaust to protect the bumper. i think this can be applied to any car...the more restrictive the exhaust the better the effect. all you need is the right sounding car!


does this car only rev and launch really slow?


Not much new really, maybe apart from the titainium used. iPE, armytrix, and Fi exhausts all make pretty similar stuff, mainly because most of them worked for one or more of the companies.


d_rav this is not a product of spark plugs though


All that work and ride height/camber is still garbage. 
Love the look, color, sound and all but that camber isn't my cup of coffee. I have a feeling that SEMA is going to be "stanced" huh?


KennedyCao Pretty funny, had a good chuckle. And about SEA, it's bloody sad isn't it. One day, hopefully.


Oh amazing !! Love the banksman ads proper class some gangster setting to love it!!! The car looks and sounds insane


I LOOOOVE IT! LB Performance pimps a $400,000 car and rocks it on the street! If it doesn't sound like that your doing something wrong!


I LOOOOVE IT! LB Performance pimps a $400,000 car and rocks it on the street! If it doesn't sound like that your doing something wrong!


Well... modified, almost anything can sound great. How about stock? My car sounds like this stock:


kphillips9936 No need to call someone else's work garbage, you inconsiderate shit.


EvolveWRC My choice all the way baby!!!! When F1 mets road car....


SkanderFekir Because driving like a maniac on public busy streets is the thing to do.


SirMarkoJeremic kphillips9936 Fuck off! Not a fan of this stance fad is all. All these builds for SEMA and their lying on their bellies. 
Looks good and sounds good, but get it off the ground!


@Kuroneko That is hands down the best sounding car in stock form ever.


SirMarkoJeremic You just lost the argument you are trying to put forward.


SirMarkoJeremic You just lost the argument you are trying to put forward.


There is a lot of cars with amazing sounds. The V10 are awesome! Another you can hear beautiful music is a Ferrari FF Novitec:


kphillips9936 do know that Liberty Walk specializes in lowered/stanced widebody exotics.


I'm personal to the sounds of the SuperCharger kicking in...Reminds me of the Mad Max series - that spinning whirling noise...


@Kuroneko Dude, i just hat the most awesome car sound eargasm ever! Thank you :) That car sounds to die for O_O


I Need to know where i can buy that "Ice-Blue-Pearl" paint, i can see the Kato-san at liberty walk is in love with that color and so am i, i saw that he used that color for his personal GC111 Skyline. I WANT THAT COLOR, it reminds me of a very industrial look


The flame throwers in your video are very different from what this lamborghini is doing. Sorry.


I'm going to agree with you on this.If I everhad to rob a bank,this challenger would fit the bill


AwesomnesPrime everybody knowsssss... 4 rotors sound awesome


my mind is totally blown after seeing the above vid of another tuned aventador spittin flames.


@Kuroneko Is that really the stock sound of an S800? That's amazing. Really that sounds like a little tiny F1 car! Unreal.


d_rav ??


@Kuroneko thank you


RichieTipsyKariuki d_rav i seen flame throwin cars done to cars years ago. i had never seen a car do it un-assisted like this lambo and the one the 'guest' posted here:


I would love to say that this is the same but its not the aventador has a major free flow exhaust custom upgrade that alows it to burn out all of the exited gas and results in the soiling hotness of the backfire any car with the right mods can pull this off but this is still badass


I think its custom colour that kei mura ( car designer for rocket bunny , tra kyoto and liberty walk) uses at thier own booths. Buuuuuut i think porsche rivera blue will get you the closest to this colour. Unless u got 7000 for a custom copy of the paint.


This is amazing but i like the LBW ferrari 459 speed hunter had a while back NOW THAT was 4 wheeled sex that gumetal color was mixed with tears of eagles, unicorn urine and conserved bruce lee knuckle sweat and war machines paint chips.
= war machine is an iron man character , proffesional badass


Im not a rotary fan, but this is the best sound. for me...


I just opened up all these videos at the same time on a 1000W sound system in my house and it was awesome!!!! Sounded like the start up grid at Le Man in my living room!


Not really, i live in south east asia too. But the car taxes are "only" about 80% for premium import vehicles and we dont have to wait 5 years for something to enter our country. Well speedbump is a problem, only in some places, especially in neighbourhoods


Ladies and Gentleman. Capristo Sportauspuff mit X-Pipe + Test-Pipe 739 PS


d_rav RichieTipsyKariuki What your seeing is the result of removing the catalytic converter with whats called a test pipe or de-cat. Normally engine fumes will have a little unspent fuel in it, so without the cat to help filter the gasses they burn inside the exhaust giving off that flame on overrun of when the temps reach a point high enough for them to burn. It wont happen all the time and higher spec'd motors and ones running a little rich are more prone to it it just depends on how much fuel is still in the gasses and how hot those gasses are.


DieterManero nothing that's not going on normally. Removing the cat just lets the unused fuel burn inside the pipes giving off the flames and pop sounds. If their are any down sides its that its not road legal in most country's (as the content of the exhaust gasses contain a ton more nasty crap with the cat gone.) and as with any tuning it can be done badly your going to have problems but that's a given.