Project 991: The Full Reveal
Complete Reflection

Okay, so we have been teasing this vehicle long enough. After about eight months since purchasing, I have (for now at least), completed my project Porsche 991 Carrera S. For those of you who have not been following along, here’s the background on the build.


My name is Fred Chang and I am the Partnerships Director for Speedhunters. I have been lucky enough to own quite a few cars over the years, but was finally able to realize a personal dream last December when I bought my very first Porsche.


Like many enthusiasts, the Porsche Carrera has been an aspirational target since my childhood. I had a 930 Turbo poster on my wall as a kid and always dreamed of one day owning one.


I’ll admit, like many I lost some interest when the 996 models came out in the late ’90s, but the 997-generation reignited my desire to own one of these rear-engined monsters.


In the last few years, I began to reach a place financially where owning a Porsche was much more realistic. I thought about a pre-owned GT3 or GTS, but then the 991 came out and I was instantly sold.


I still love the look of the 997, but the 991 is just ever so slightly more elegant, yet sinister-looking at the same time.


Once I finally owned the car, I knew I didn’t want to change the look of it much. All of the exterior mods were chosen for their subtlety. Well, maybe not the wheels…

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

The interior was really one of the biggest selling points for me. The 997 had a purposeful simplicity to its cabin and a strong design connection to the early 911s. But it doesn’t exactly look like the interior of a $100k+ car. The 991 changed that. The interior truly rivals some of the best luxury sports cars on the market.


Not surprising considering the 911 is being targeted by Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, even McLaren as they aim to steal sales from Porsche.


Owning a Porsche for the first time made me understand the meaning of true pride in ownership. As beastly as it was, I just didn’t get that from my GT-R. I also didn’t get to use my left foot as much, which is a nice treat.


There is a really strong sense of community among Porsche owners. I have truly enjoyed going to Cars & Coffee and Porsche Breakfast Club meets in this car.


The driving characteristics are very unique in the Porsche. Now having driven a few different models, I understand what people describe as ‘Porsche DNA’ that carries over from one model to the next, even across generations.


There is a specific feeling that Porsche engineers build into the steering, the brakes, the throttle that is consistent and unique to Porsche.

The Devil Is In The Details

You have to admire Porsche’s design consistency. The iconic round head lamps have been a staple of the Carrera from the beginning. And they now harness LED technology making them more functional then ever.


Around the back, I’ve always loved the look of the crossbar taillight from air-cooled 911s and the more recent Carrera 4s. The newly-added Vorsteiner carbon fiber spoiler adds a bit of that look to the rear.


And it also mimics the iconic Porsche ‘duck tail’.


One thing that I didn’t expect to like as much as I do, is having a trunk in front – a ‘frunk’ as I have learned it’s called.


The end result for this project is pretty close to perfect in my eyes. I imagined a clean and subtly modified Carrera, but it turned out even better then I expected.


The wheels may not be traditional for this type of car, but the bronze finish on the RAYS Engineering Volk Racing TE37 Ultras just look incredible against the Porsche’s solid White paint.


And the stance provided by the KW V3 coilovers is just perfect.


The Vorsteiner body kit does an excellent job of accenting the Carrera’s already gorgeous lines and embellishing them just a bit.


I do realize that my mods my not please everyone – especially those Porsche purists, but I am only trying to please myself. I love this Porsche and it was nearly perfect how it left the factory. But I couldn’t settle to leave it stock.


I am sure you are wondering what my favorite mod is? That is definitely the Akrapovič exhaust. The sound is just incredible and when the Sport Plus mode is engaged, the backfire on throttle lift is addictive. My neighbors probably don’t like it as much as I do.


Thank you for following this project over the past few months. I’ll be sure to keep you updated if I decide to make any more significant changes, but for now it’s time for me to drive…

Fred Chang

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

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Leave it exactly as it is, the cleanness is stunning!


Four bolts and you can get a VW engine in there my mate said...


Love this!


Hm. I may add in advance that my opinion is of course just my opinion and by no means universal BUT:

I think the added body parts - especially the side skirts and the spoiler - don't 'add' to the original and beautiful lines. They destroy them. Where's the classic hip line with these skirts? They're also way too angular designed to fit in. That spoiler thingy is another example of something absolutely not functional and considering the number plate - again (!) - has a sense of simple product placement about it. 
Wheels ... yeah .. you called them something different but they're only special on that car and otherwise the most obvious choice one could make (again looking at 'official speedhunters suppliers' down there).

I can totally identify myself with what you're saying about the 'Porsche DNA' and that special feeling these cars deliver but yet again i don't really see the point of posting that many articles about a car that's not very special. Every single car in the Nürburgring car park for example is a thousand times more personalised and modified than this 991.


very sexy, and I never noticed the similarities to the early interiors until you mentioned it. Too cool


your opinion is yr opinion and should be respected. but to critic a petrol head showing  with which mild changes he evolved his brand new 911 to his needs is a bit weird,when he is the director of sth like ´speedhunters´ ,isn´t it :) ?
I think (and hope) there were no ther planed articles which those hve replaced, therefore .....


Ruined it.


Ruined it.


Very, very nice - apart from the front chin spoiler and the rear deck duckbill (especially the duckbill).  I wish you would have chosen some BBS LM's for the cup car esque look, but the Volks are still nice.  But remove the duckbill ;)


I'm sorry but for me this wouldn't work , it just another 911 and the te37 overrated


meh. I don't really like it that much, but congrats on getting  your dream car and making it your own!


I like all types of porsche. From 914 to 911. Even when they have no rotary;) 
Looks great. Nice to see it with te37 and not ``Porsche must have´´ BBS wheels.


that ass it´s killing me. but, sport, sport plus, super sport plus, extreme super sport plus. shitty stuff! -_- if you buy handle it like a monster.


Don't change a thing or go a step further, love it just like that. 
Awesome build, simple and clean.


A car with a drop, wheels and some tack on body bits isn't the first thing to come to mind when reading "project", especially on a site that features Scandinavian builds and kustoms. At least do the 4S taillights if you like the bar look.


Proof positive that TE37s are never, ever a bad decision on any car.  Well done.


Throw a V8 in it.


This is just stupid. "i didnt get enough from my gt-r", then learn to drive. Is this the path speedhunters is taking then i think its going to be forgotten. Love 911s, but calling this a project, buying a supercar and then throwing on some expensive wheels... Just irritating really.


I quite like it, well done on pursuing your dreams.


What some people are forgetting is that just because you represent a website "that features Scandinavian builds and customs" you have to build something along the same lines or equally as insane and time consuming. What they don't realise is that your profession isn't in fabrication its in business management. Hence you bought a car which represents the fact you like cars yet retains reliability and professionalism. It takes a special kind of person to roll up to work in a full in race machine everyday especially if you have a long commute.


no speedhunters x takata tow strap!? seriously?


Why criticize him and his car? He made it the way he wanted it, not anyone else. He states that clearly. Very beautiful car, and in my opinion, very tasteful modifications. Congrats on finishing it.


I think he's nailed it. The differences are subtle enough and so well executed that unless you know what you're looking at you could almost think this was a factory look, but overall it's so much more aggressive!


@Olle What I find irritating is people thinking that they can tell people how to enjoy themselves. Some people don't like GTRs. I know I'd rather have a porsche over a GTR.


Open question to Speedhunters and SH readers: Do you notice that there seems to be the law of diminishing returns in effect when there is the constant expectation to "one up" the last CRAZY build from Gatebil or Japan and that this trend has created unreasonable expectations from the readership as well as on the SH staff?

Although I can appreciate the crazy builds from northern Europe or insane time attack cars from Japan, I don't think that every post needs to out do the last feature. I actually welcome more of these "mild builds" because otherwise you'd run out of stuff to write about really quick if all you're looking to feature are LaSupras and such. Moreover, in many ways these more tame, tastefully modified cars are actually just as rare and challenging to pull off as the crazier Gatebil cars.

This Porsche isn't anything fantastic or special in one respect, relative to that Cayman 918 or something like that. But the owner has taken great thought into putting subtle touches to differentiate the car from the thousands of other 911 examples that joe schmoe investment banker would buy off the showroom floor. 

Speedhunters, please continue to feature cars that are great examples of custom car culture. Everyone has a different threshold for modification, but the subtle route can be just as hard to execute right as the batshit crazy route. Any car that inspires you to do something different or think differently with your own car is worth featuring. 

But at the same time, Speedhunters needs to lay off the blatant advertising like the features of the A4 wagon that really aren't that special and only serve to promote a sponsor. I'm not sure if this "build" falls into that category, but if it does, it was done so in a way that wasn't so grossly obvious. Again, subtlety is an art that difficult to pull off, both when it comes to car mods and advertising!

Austin Datsun McEwan

Im not sure if the writers can do anything about this


Hit the nail on the head there Chris Nuggets, well done!
I really enjoy seeing the mild builds and the daily driven spotlight cars. however I am about TE37, airbagged and MadMike'd out for this month. what else have we got .... and don't say Vossen... What's Dino up to..


I've owned both makes at the same time and althought I disagree with his comments about the GTR, I know we all have our own views. This 991 however is way too close to standard to be a Speedhunters feature. What's worse is that you guys have decided to break it down into 3 (if my memory is correct) different articles with this one titled 'The Full Reveal'! I mean seriously? In that case you might as well break down the other modified vehicles into 10 different stories.
Not a bad read with good pics and certainly appealing to some but 1 article would have been sufficient.


This article feels very much like a record of true enthusiast's thoughts about a car he much loves. Shame about the product placement.


I've been following this build very carefully. Mainly because it is more realistic to a typical DIYer. The last project I undertook had similar aspirations be it with a lower initial outlay so for me articles like this definitely have there place on Speedhunters. 

Plus something like this that looks amazing and can be driven everyday provides more opportunity for enjoyment for the owner in my opinion as you can actually drive it comfortably all the time. 

As a final note, I love the modifications that have been made. I wouldn't change anything.


I'm not sure if it's just me, but the video in the Bonus Images section doesn't seem to be displaying correctly? I see the YouTube menu bar, but the video is just a thumbnail above it (can still hear it and see the tiny video though).

turbo BEAMS ae86

@Paul free websight young trout.  Show respect


@Olle gtr is automatic so i understand where he is coming from


Very tasteful, and just as important, the photos are great!  I'm having a hard time getting around the Volks wheels on a Porsche, but it does work here (just my own bias working against me).  The bronze was an excellent choice and the stance is perfect!  I really love the rear end, you've done a great job!


Thumbs up!
Wonder how these would look on it:


I totally agree with Chris Nuggets, Speedhunters is better off because of all the contrast in content. 
What more was the owner of this 911 going to do to his brand new car? I think it looks very simple and understated and if you saw it on the street it would catch your eye and you couldn't say exactly what's been modified at first glance. He hasn't compromised the purpose of his daily driven sports car, he's just personalised it a little with basic modifications anyone would do. I like it, it's certainly a sweetly executed 911.


KenTokyo Realise that this was an ongoing project unlike the other completed ones that could be covered in a single article. Many readers, including myself, will closely relate to these kind of projects as we have financial limitations, work commitments etc.
Furthermore, some builds may be more exciting than others with countless modifications, but the bottom line is that every enthusiast car owner has his/her own story to tell; Speedhunters is not just about Frankenstein builds. Clearly.


Chris Nuggets It might be the only thing keeping this website alive.


again a further proof that the TE37 looks good on every car you throw them on :)
very tastefully modified Porsche!
Looks very clean and tidy! ;)

Mild jealousy aside, you can't even tell it's modified at first glance (other than the wheels). I like the subtlety of the modifications.


This 911 build was probably broken up into 3 (or is it 4?) parts to attempt to try to tell a story of steady progression. Although based on Evasive Motorsports instagram feed, a lot of these parts seemed like they were put on the car at the same time or around the same timeframe. So maybe it wasn't necessary to break it up into several parts except for narrative effect? It also could have been a way to spread out sponsorship attention for each part on the car into separate sections, but again who really knows...? This particular example didn't come off to me as crazy sponsorship spam because the 991 is still new enough that it might have still gotten a feature even if it used parts that weren't from Speedhunters sponsors (I don't know if Akrpovic or Vorsteiner or whoever are SH sponsors). But others may still disagree and think this car just isn't special or deserving enough.

I don't doubt that sponsorship plays a big part in how much of a budget Speedhunters has to work with from it's EA overlords, but again, it's owned by EA, one of the biggest gaming publishers who arent necessarily strapped for cash. Let's not kid ourselves though, EA is a public company and the bottom line is what matters to the overlords. They bought Speedhunters as a platform for advertising (NFS sponsorship on the SH affiliated drivers/cars in Formula D) to promote EA car games. And that's fine because the amount of blatant advertising from EA is actually well-limited. it's the other smaller sponsors that come off as being just too obvious in trying to grab advertising attention.

There are more subtle ways to attract attention to the other companies that pay for sponsorship for this site. Giveaway contests, SH coverage on certain events sponsored by a vendor, etc are just some of the more subtle, positive ways to promote a brand. But slapping some parts on a car and then featuring it in an article heaping over-enthusiastic praise only because it has a bunch of parts from specific sponsor vendors makes it look cheesy and undeserving, when in fact the car build itself is not shoddy.

I think the problem people had with the bagged A4 is not that the car itself is looked bad (well maybe to stance haters), but that people just questioned if it would have been featured if it had a competitor's shocks, wheels, or whatever it may be. The article tried really hard to tell a story, but it came off as name-dropping sponsors and was generally poorly written in many people's opinions.

But again, if SH and its sponsors can't come up with more creative and subtle ways to effectively market their products, then we all have the right to voice our opinions but also the right to just stop visiting the site. While some people feel that strongly, I don't think SH is beyond righting its ship and finding a good balance with its readership and its sponsor demands. But they've gotta listen to both sides and come up with advertising outside the box. Thinking outside the box after all is what Speedhunters is about when it comes to car modifications, why not apply that to advertising?


@turbo BEAMS ae86 that has nothing to do with it you twat.


I agree with most here - 911s are great cars, but this one is basically stock. The rear spoiler is pointless, and before I even read what wheels Fred had put on I joked to myself they would be TE37s. Great wheels, but about the least original option ever. 

And if you love the old crossbar rear light design so much (and who doesn't?), just get the 4S one as an option, as someone said. Though really, Porsche  seem determined not to return to the original style. Probably because it's an admission you can't improve on the looks of the 993. (Though personally, I prefer the 964).


Chris Nuggets Spot on.


Chris Nuggets nicely put! 
Think this does fall into the same sorta category as the A4...seen as though the feature is located in "Official Suppliers / Rays"!!


Does a car need to be 100% modified to be a feature on this site? I don't think so. I think it's the simple mods that makes this car wonderful.


Larry your photos are amazing as always,really good job!

turbo BEAMS ae86

GodlyToker Create peace ass nugget


Meh, browse and you'll find cars like this with probably more mods. Am I the only one who thinks the first page is a little bragging? Lol.


He is a speedhunter. And Show us his car like the Other speedhunters do it. And Sponsors??? Without sponsors no speedhunters. Think about it!!!


Well written Chris


Riddlah maxproof Would you say my criticism would be less 'weird' if he wasn't the director of this very page? I wouldn't believe the author if he told me he made it into his position by praising everything and everyone without being honest about his opinion - no matter to whom. 

I have huge respect for everyone customising their vehicle and it's a way bigger step to modify a 100.000$ car than a 2.000$ beater. I can absolutely see why Mr. Chang would be happy with this car. It is special, yes. But just special in a crowd of stock 991s. Not as a project in itself, nor as a showcase for how to modify a 911. This post as a single one would've been very pleasant as well but three on the same car, with this short list of - shop based not DIY - modifications.. sorry, no. 
You may have a point with stating that there were probably no other articles replaced in favour of this one though.


TheRobotCow bronze on white though?


and whats so special about stock 911, besides wheels?  gt3 would be more interesting to look at.  My 993 has way more modes than this showroom floor 911....


Stick on skirts?


maxproof Riddlah
honestly , yes. It´s more or less his Site,his Car.. got no interest don´t read this kind of blog
(all upon based that no other article had to stay behind).I mean the all car boards are full with posts where  every new nut will be shown..for me it´s like he uses (t)his platform for his posts..or imagine: you´re owning the top strip in town, wouldn´t you here and then do some burnies, even small ones ? ;)
Well ,just nothing to be "angry" about


Riddlah maxproof I'm by no means angry. Just perplex about the amount of product placement being shown here recently. That's my complain. 
And apart from that: My MX-5 has got a whopping 90 hp (although straight from hell). So, no burnouts. Not even small burnies ;)


a porsche with rimz. see 'em every day.


I'm not saying I don't like the car, mine has the same level of modifications. What I was saying is that this car is a boring magazine feature, nothing special about it.


maxproof Riddlah okay then i just misunderstood a bit yr "complain", the product placement is a bit of another thing which is near to be offending ,
(also  for me,i´ve to say  , being from germany, it´s also freshening not seing a young 911 on BBS or OZ wheels , having the "TechArt-Cargraphic-whatever- hole package" ,
okay a KW is a bit common,in germany at least ,but only cause their are good
and the akrapovic -exhaust is sth really nice)
hm okay , well that would me really piss of in that situation ;)


Thanks for the positive feedback TasosPapazahariou


Thanks for the feedback ChrisMcNamee!


midgeman We have an upcoming Gatebil feature car that you might like then... #staytuned


Hi KiwiMotoring, sorry we are having some issues with this, but if you click on the YouTube icon and watch the video in a separate tab, it should work properly.


Speedhunters ChrisMcNamee You guys opened my eyes to a whole new side of car culture.  Beautiful photographs and builds at every end of the spectrum are what bring us together as enthusiasts.  Keep it up!


Hey Larry! Can you get me one?


Truly amazing car and a great read. I've always wanted to own a 911 with TE37s and this is pretty much how I visualized it. Once again proving the law that TE37s look good on ANYTHING.


CareyBrown Thanks for the great feedback Carey! We couldn't agree more about the TE37s.


Just another VW Beetle.....


so hows it drive? do the suspension and exhaust buttons work with your additions?


I still do not understand why people are judging Himself and his car by what tasteful yet subtle/ simple mods,
he has worked bloody hard to be able to afford a brand new porsche with some GENUINE rims, which is what the world needs more of! 
Love it mate Hats off to your porsche 
maybe someday we get too see some content from a porsche C&C Speedhunters


rebounder43 TheRobotCow So what? Why do you care?