A New Mountain To Climb

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb veteran Jeff Zwart and his attack on the 2014 event in a monster 700hp Porsche GT2 Cup car was the subject of a stunning short film by Will Roegge that we posted up a couple of weeks ago. On the back of that clip comes PPIHC: A New Mountain To Climb - another beautiful piece of cinematography directed by Will, this time focussed on the team behind Zwart’s challenge – BBi Autosport. The California-based workshop has made a real name for itself building fast Porsches and other high-end performance machinery (it’s where Fred’s Project 991 was reimagined), and this clip goes a long way in showing just how much passion its founders Betim Berisha and Joey Seely – and the entire BBi Autosport team – have for what they do.

Like the last video, it’s best viewed in glorious 4K.

Brad Lord

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Awesome post hand down and the way will makes videos nothing but ART


Loved this video. Will watch it many times.


misleading title. when it said a NEW mountain to climb. i figured it wasn't one that racers have been climbing for 88 years. 
Though, its about the video and its good, so OK by me.


how embarrassing, as soon as i switched to 4K (2160p) my computer crashed and went to BSOD. lol no high def goodness for me


this is just funny now. screw you, tempting me with your cheap computer crashing resolutions. BSOD @ 1440p also.lol.
time for anew computer