The P4/5 Was Just The Beginning:</br> Jim Glickenhaus Takes Your Questions

In filmmaking circles he was a screenwriter, director and producer of action movies during the ’80s and ’90s; but in the Speedhunting world you’ll probably know Jim Glickenhaus for his absolutely mind-blowing garage full of exotic and rare machines. And it’s that passion for cars that makes him a perfect candidate for our next round of Ask The Expert

As the above clip from Fast Lane Daily illustrates, there are some very special cars in Jim’s active collection, including a few specially commissioned one-offs: a Ferrari Enzo-based ‘P4/5′ and a Ferrari 430 Scuderia-based GT2-spec machine known as the P4/5 Competizione – both brought to life by Italian design house Pininfarina. But it’s his latest creation – a road-going machine being designed and engineered by his own car company – Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) – that’s got everyone talking.


And when you see and hear what the carbon fibre framed ‘SCG 003′ is all about, it’s not hard to understand why. While that particular car won’t be debuted until next year’s Geneva Motor Show, Jim will be attending this coming weekend’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – and with his amazing Paolo Garella-designed Dino Competizione in tow.

We’re catching up with the man himself at the famed 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links during the event, and thought it would be a great idea to let you provide the questions.

Whatever you’d like know, whether it be to do with Jim’s car collecting history, or his brand new SCG 003 project – now is your opportunity to ask. Add your question in the comments section below, and it just might be selected for answering in an upcoming post.

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Mr.Glickenhaus, what do you think it is your advantage over those big automotive names that makes you think that you can win? What kind of technology? And why nobody else is using it? What is your breakthrough ? (like you wanna tell a big secret online or it's no secret at all?)


Does the official creation of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus hint towards a more active brand that manufactures a greater number of unique creations based on different Ferrari platforms, perhaps even for outside commissions? Or is SCG to remain a purely personal project?

Gianluca FairladyZ

I studied car design and construction at the school of franco sbarro. As the cars were concept cars,  the parts are not designed to be reliable and enough resistent to endure high class competition. How difficult is it to build a Race Car from Zero and what are the tests that the car with its material has to endure, that it can guarantee you to be competitive? Because obviously we compete in races, to win! Isn't it?


Man you've got balls of steel challenging such a thing! It's about time these "hyper" cars prove their worth on the track because at the moment it's all about stats on paper created my the manufacturer. What kind of new technologies do you expect to introduce with the new car and how will it make it competitive? What kind of class would you be aiming for, a hyper-car class?


I like how he went from a Beetle, to a Ferrari to a Lola. Talk about an epic history.

I've been complaining that racing is kind to the privateer anymore because of what he said, high price, non street legal, etc. But that is pretty awesome that he's trying to make a car that is a through back to the days of racing where anyone could race. That is probably the coolest thing someone can do in the car world like him with money and being well known. If I had the money for one, whatever it may cost and be, I'd be first in line to get one and race it everywhere and anywhere I could. I can't wait to see where it goes.

None of those were questions, I'm just amazed that someone had the same thought as me and is trying to change it.


Hi Glickenhaus,

I'm a huge fan and love what you are trying to do.  I was wondering if you would consider making a hot hatch supercar to compete in WRC/RallyCross/etc. for you next project?  Kind of like the McRae R4 project that was cancelled.


Hi Mr Glickenhaus
The main thing I always wonder when I see supercars is how do the designers come up with inspiration for their ideas? I'm a simple minded person who is only interested in Jap stuff but the design of things has always been my mindset


He builds 24hr racers so building for endurance wouldn't be a problem.... I second this question!


Questions! So many questions! However I shall pick one: I'd love to know if he thinks the days of the privateer could be on their way back? I love to watch racing/Motorsport full stop but there is something to be said for witnessing a privateer triumph over the big works teams- or even when they just give them a bloody nose (which he clearly has done already).

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

One question only, can I be your apprentice?


I LIKE this guy!

Ciaran @ GT_Europe

Mr. Glickenhaus, 

Firstly, as a man I admire for his approach to racing, his interaction with fans and his unwavering passion, I doth my cap to you!

Just 2 questions:

1. If the P45 and P45/C were just the "beginning", what is the end goal?! What are your aims for SGC in terms of the design and competition aspect of the companies after the reveal of your first chassis? What race series do you want to see the 003 chassis racing in (outside of nurburgring 24 hour and VLN regulations)

2. We are aware that you have to pay the bills in some manner also! How do you manage to devote so much time and energy to your motorsports projects while still actively participate in your other business interests?

And a cheeky third question: If Team Glickenhaus need a guy to make coffee for the team and take pictures to document the N24 2015 campaign, I make an awesome brew! 



Jim, with all due respect, why do you frequent many automotive websites but never financially support those sites? Particularly ? These sites cost money to operate yet you contribute nothing. You are obviously are a successful man. It would seem you would chip in like the rest of us. What gives?


Jim, with all due respect, why do you frequent many automotive websites but never financially support those sites? Particularly ? These sites cost money to operate yet you contribute nothing. You obviously are a successful man. It would seem you would chip in like the rest of us. What gives?


Dear Mr. Glickenhaus, i hugely respect your kind of Petrolheads, who use special cars to enjoy ,to driving and not to hide them
What do you think about those of the other kind, who hide their rare and one offs away, not using them what they´ve been bulit for, driving ?


I think there is an inaccuracy in the article. P4/5 was a Pininfarina car but P4/5C was engineered and manufactured by L.M. Gianetti under supervision of Paolo Garella, who had left Pininfarina by that stage.