Renault Sport R.S. 01: Powered By NISMO

Renault Sport may not have revealed too many details about its forthcoming track special, but those it has lead us to believe that the ‘R.S. 01′ is going to be seriously cool.

Designed by the French automaker’s competition and performance division – Renault Sport Technologies – for a new one-make class in its World Series Championship, the R.S. 01 is being built on a Dallara Automobili carbon fibre monocoque chassis. Power will come from a NISMO-sourced engine good for 500hp, and it’ll find its way to the ground through a Sadev seven-speed sequential transmission and special Michelin tyres. According to Renault Sport, the circuit special tips the scales at just 1,100kg (2,425lb), so it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be very quick.

All we have right now is the image above and this teaser video with some engine noises, but some vision of the race-ready machine and its full specification will come to light on August 27 when it’s officially unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show. If it’s half as cool as the Renault Sport Mégane Trophy, then it should be good!

Brad Lord

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Nismo sourced engine...from the R35 again?


looks good so far? need moar.


Hmmmm, I'm curious now...


I will miss the Megane Trophy. Last time i see it eas this July at Monza's autodrome while it made some promotional laps for Renault 
I shot this photo:
Hope the new WSR is as good as this


I think it will 'just happen to be' a 1.6turbo engine.... a lot like the one renault have been struggling with development wise in F1. Ive been saying for months now that Renault will move over for NISMO to take the reigns and this i would cautiously say could be the first signs of it happening... especially now honda are returning to the sport. This could be perfectly timed to make sure red bull carries the 'infiniti' moniker in the future and doesn't go off and build its own engine as the rumours are saying might happen.


XTREMESP33D I would think the VR38DETT would be too heavy / big for a such a light car, especially if the car is meant for a dedicated race series, smaller high strung engines would be more typical of them.

A detuned version of the current 1.6 turbo f1 engine would fit the bill, they're pushing 750+ out of those now.


Brad and Readers,
It is no use Renault building their own cars and running them in their own race series. It is time they built a car and ran it in International GT3. Then we can see what they are made of. Talk is cheap, so Don't Lift !!!!!