#IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER:</br> The Formula D Photo Challenge

Hey there fellow Speedhunters! We’ve got an exciting #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER proposal for you this month, and if you’re passionate about drifting and photography, we think you’re going to like it. You see, the 5th round of the Formula D Championship at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle is coming up soon, and we have a slight problem. That is, our master Formula Drift photographer, Larry Chen, isn’t going to be there. Believe us when we say that there’s not much out there that can keep Larry away from his camera and a race track, but when it involves taking time off to welcome a wee baby Chen into this world, family comes first! So we came up with a little idea. We want YOU to step into his shoes. Think you can handle it? Please, read on…

Our friends at Formula D have given us 20 tickets to give away, and we’ll be asking each of the winners to supply us with 2-3 images from the Formula D Seattle event. We’ll then showcase YOUR images on Speedhunters in a special coverage story created by our winners! To determine who we’re going to give the tickets to, we want you to show us what you’ve got, and why we should choose you to represent us. So if you love Formula D and think you have what it takes, what are you waiting for?

  • E-mail your submissions to iamthespeedhunter@speedhunters.com with the exact subject line of  ‘The Formula D Photo Challenge’.
  • For this competition, we want you to select 2-3 images to send us that capture what you think to be the true spirit of drifting. Please keep in mind that they don’t have to be track shots or action shots. We’ll be judging your image submissions based on creativity, originality and personal flair.
  • Along with your email, tell us your name, location and a short paragraph about yourself and each photo.
  • Please note that you MUST be able to attend the Formula D Seattle event (located in Monroe, WA) on the 18th and/or 19th of July to enter the competition.
  • Attach the images directly to the email, ensuring your images are a minimum of 1920px on the longest side. Ideally they should be resized to 1920 x 1200px.
  • Make sure the images are free of any distracting watermarks. 
  • Closing date for submissions is Sunday July 13th 2014.

Good luck and happy Speedhunting!

Taryn Croucher
Instagram: taryncroucher
Twitter: @taryncroucher



We created #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER to allow you the opportunity to share your skills and car culture experiences from around the globe with the rest of the Speedhunters audience.

How do you get involved? It’s simple…

Flickr – Join our #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER Flickr Group and share your favourite photos with us and others.

Instagram – Follow us on Instagram at @TheSpeedhunters and tag your own car culture images with #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER

Twitter – Follow us on Twitter at @SPEEDHUNTERS and share your tweets with the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER hashtag.

E-Mail – If you’ve been to a cool event and captured some amazing images, be sure to e-mail them to us on iamthespeedhunter@speedhunters.com and tell us a little bit about the event.



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Geoff Tyndall

Are these like Media passes or just General seating in the stands?


Just sent in my submission..


@Geoff Tyndall These will be general passes. The winners will each be sent a short brief once they've been chosen, but basically we're not necessarily looking for tracks shots - we'll be asking for overall pictures that capture the mood and atmosphere of the event. FD can't give out 20 media passes to non-media personnel.


Taryn Croucher  It was worth a shot. Thank you for the response.


Where does the "one more time" pic from? I can't find the article


You should do this for other motorsports genre. Also, many would jump through hoops for this kind of opportunity, but isn't a week's notice leaving it a bit late? What about travel expenses (food, lodging...), will those be covered? Also, I see the point of this being that you give a reader the opportunity to be featured, but at the same time isn't it just a bid to get content for 'free' at the expense of making us feel like we're 'winning' something? Reads to me like Larry can't make it and you panicked with a week left and came up with this contest.
Again, just my two cents.


midgeman Not at all; we were offered the tickets with not much notice and we thought, why let them go to waste when we could give them away and make a fun participation project out of this? This is an opportunity for people to have a good time, spend time with cars and their cameras, get creative and be a part of Speedhunters. Also, we're asking for 2-3 pictures, not two days worth of full event coverage. It seems like a sweet deal to me :)


@Anargya That was from Larry's 'Through My (Wet) Lens article on FD Atlanta. It's a cool shot huh!


Mfabs Thank-you!


Taryn Croucher Yeah it's a really great shot. I'm gonna use it as my desktop wallpaper. Thank you!


Taryn Croucher Free tickets are chump change compared to the traveling expenses required and extremely short notice. Not that sweet really, unless SH is paying or reimbursing based on coverage results. That would be a sweet/fair deal.


midgeman I think you've got the wrong impression here. We're not asking anyone to travel long distance to the event. This obviously only applies to people who are in the nearby area, who want to go along to the event, and who would be interested in participating. If you don't count yourself in that category, it's all good!


Taryn Croucher Yep, all good.


midgeman I'm genuinely sorry if this competition displeases you. Going back through your commenting history, I can see that you are a very opinionated person with particular tastes, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just want to point out that our team really cares about car culture, and we care about our audience and want to include them in what we do. We simply want to encourage people to have fun, to enjoy cars, and to enjoy photography. There are no dark ulterior motives behind this :)


Taryn Croucher If you read my previous comments you should see that you've missed the point on what disappoints me. But really, I'm only wasting energy here.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

How about a World Time Attack Challenge #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER? Let us sydneysiders show everybody what we got!


How about the people at home in Kiwiland Taryn?


#iamthespeedhunter thumbs down right now ....


Great contest for #iamthespeedhunter , I just wish I could attend the event. I want to get my self out there for everyone to see. This is awesome for exposure.


@VitaminZ You don't like the competition?


ShivezDeclanBeckingham This opportunity is location specific, but of course there will be other competitions in future :)