Corvette Rising

Corvette Racing’s preparation for this weekend’s 24 Hours of Le Mans has taken on a new urgency. Reminded of their previous wins at Circuit de la Sarthe – the last time in 2011 – the North American-based team have their eyes on the GTE Pro class prize once again in 2014. Armed with the most advanced and complex Corvette weaponry yet, they’ve come well prepared. And given the class competition from the like of Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin, they need to be.

Corvette Racing Le Mans 2014

Of course, you can’t just turn up to Le Mans and expect to do well. Prior to being airfreighted to France for the iconic 24-hour endurance race, Corvette Racing’s C7.R was put through an extensive test regime – one that lasted three times the length of the actual race. Not only did it survive, it thrived under the hammering. Built in Motor City by Pratt and Miller Engineering, the C7.R was raced almost nonstop from Daytona to Sebring to Long Beach and Laguna Seca – the team learning; advancing; and perfecting at each and every stop. Add in wind tunnel tuning, straight line thrashings and a final stateside test at Road America, and this year’s two-car Corvette Racing contingent is ready to accept its next challenge.

Corvette Racing Le Mans 2014

Enduring one full day and night of non-stop racing at the highest level of motorsports takes incredible preparation, experience and teamwork.

And as the clip above demonstrates, nothing has been left to chance. We’ll be watching the two yellow Corvette Racing machines – cars #73 and #74 – as they seek to dominate GTE Pro Class on Saturday. If you’re not there, you can keep up to date with 24 Heures du Mans happenings via the event’s official website.

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Would like to see more coverage of other teams as well.


@bradt There are other teams besides Corvette?


Much as I love Corvette racing, as a Brit it is my duty to back the #97 Aston Martin racing entry (also Gulf Racing Aston possibly the best looking race car since the Rothmans 962.)


@bradt I am watching the LMP1 race closely. Porsche was fast in the first nights practice. I think they are going to pull out a victory!


God I love those Corvettes!


Great car and glad to see them there, would love to see them do well and upset the European apple cart. There has to be a good American presence at LeMans, it's part of the history. 
Glad to see the chap in the team with the mullet (2:12) very Corvette! Is he sporting that to give some kind of redneck finger to the clean cut Porsche and Aston teams?...if so respect


veecee8 Porsche always puts up a good fight.


I like how, on the surface, these C7.Rs are Ferrari-like with their sharp points and slick lines but underneath, they are still the noisy, dirty and mean Vettes from the good ol' days. Good luck to them!


That was a very nice article.  I have a soft spot for the Corvette Teams.  I will be watching as much of the race as I can but I don't think we will be able to see the end.


Thank you Kathy and I'll cross my fingers for you to see the end of the race!


The Gulf livery is sharp, I was excited to see the return of the powder blue and orange. A lot of "returns" this year!


I've been watching the race from the Ford Chicanes and you are right! There is a big difference in their exhaust note and the Ferrari's or Porsche's. The Corvette's sounded amazing around Sebring but watching and listening here at Le Mans is a different experience.


Corvette needs to stay in racing forever just because generation after generation it provides us with great aural pleasure ;)


love the corvette log on their pit box.  looks like a jolly rogers if you look at it.  good race as well for the team!


The sound of the two corvettes through the grandstands will stay with me for a long time.


I was at Le Mans this year. I'll never forget the pain my eardrums felt as a Corvette stormed across the start/finish line at 3:20am. What a noise.


Ooooo! That pit shot would be magnificent in 1080p!!

Just sayin'. ;-)