Virtual Insight: Charlie CG MP4-12C

I’m often amazed at the talents many readers’ possess. The whole #IAmTheSpeedhunter programme has made this even more obvious to us all, except it’s not exactly photography that has grabbed my attention this week.

I was going through my inbox the other day when all of a sudden I came across a mail containing a impressive set of images that literally made me do a double-take. At first I thought I was looking at some new widebody project to hit the street, but as I read through the email I quickly realised that these were speculative CG images of a rather impressive looking McLaren MP4-12C created by a Speedhunters reader.


It turns out the artist, Charlie Nghiem, is actually someone I used to work with many years back when I contributed to a French tuning car magazine. Small world uh?


Since his magazine days Charlie has established himself in the realm of industrial design, and his passion for cars continually leads him to work on personal projects just like the one I’m sharing with you now. Seeing how the latest tuning trends from Japan seem to be all about the ‘Works’ look, Charlie was interested to see what similar thinking would look like when applied to the MP4.


I’m sure you’ll agree that the result is quite somewhat mouthwatering. Charlie has added the usual bolted-on overfenders we have seen bestowed on all sorts of exotics over the last couple of years, but has spent extra time playing around with the front bumper finishes.


Charlie has added some small integrated canards into the piece too – a touch that seems to work rather well with the MP4’s flowing lines. And a slightly tilted-up front lip gives a very GT3-racer like finish to the front end.


The biggest impact comes from the rear where the pumped fenders struggle to swallow up two-piece rims and their mighty lips. Running the length of the car, the side skirts help give a sense of continuity to the transformation, topped off with a little winglet that curves up right before the wheel arch.


Duck tails are all the rage these days so Charlie made sure to integrate one into the McLaren’s spoiler/air-brake. It seems to be moulded in carbon fiber as part of the main wing assembly, and is probably the only way to do this on an MP4 as if riveted in place it would just tear itself off when the wing gets tilted under braking. It’s the little details…


CG imagery is something we see a lot on the internet, but like the great pictures that our readers send in we always take special notice of the ones that stand out the most. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that’s waiting to see what Charlie will come up next and to see if any of his virtual creations bring inspiration to those with the means to actually turn them into reality.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Gianluca FairladyZ

Very Nice! This is how a true street fighter has to look!


That's very lovely indeed, I'm amazed nobody has actually made a 'kit for the 12C yet, hell, I didn't even ever consider it! Dino, do you this might be coming to a Japanese garage some time soon? ;)



Gianluca FairladyZ

Dino, how is it possible to do such a work? Which programs are needed? I'd like to transfer my paper work in digital work like this artist did it.


lower and lower


Gianluca FairladyZ  any 3d software like Maya, Rhinoceros or 3ds max. I'm also specialized on 3d car modeling and rendering and use 3ds max.


Oh sweet baby Jesus.  Make it happen!


Dino , your name makes me wanting to eat some Spaghetti :D , no offense intended


@Artur Borovik Gianluca FairladyZ  

Nice Marketing strategy Artur;)

Regards / SESIM:P


I know this is only a rendering but I think it's superior to Liberty Walk already in the way the fenders have been developed just that little bit more. They're no longer just bolted on flares but actually extend and integrate into the rest of the body a bit more. That guy needs to do more of this. And then it needs to get built =D


These pics are going in my wallpaper rotation ASAP!

First thoughts : Sweet LB Walk makes a MP 4 XD
Second Thoughts: Whoa it isnt from LB Walk!


First thoughts - Oh someone has done a new LB Works 458 Italia....nek minit doing a double take!

It's quite surprising how much the render of the McLaren looks like the Ferrari - similar glass house, similar headlight design, and similar LB Works bodykit. Somebody please make this!


@SeidoWorks Gianluca FairladyZ  Haha :D lol!

Seeking Perfection

I cannot download the first picture even when I go into presentation mode. What's happening?

Seeking Perfection

Disregard my comment. Download button does not work but you can save the image with right click...


wheels, bodykit, slammed and maybe an exhaust, how predictable, yes i know it looks bitchin and its some balls to cut up a new expensive car but cant we throw some nos at it and some interior work to really make it a cut above the mold, crazier sharper body kit? lighten it, its pretty fat at 1300kgs

Gianluca FairladyZ

@Artur Borovik Gianluca FairladyZ Thank you very much!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Gianluca FairladyZ Which one would you guys recommend for entry level students?


@John Smith  Not a real car... This work is so real looking that it just made you dream...


Beder  Well it was sort of designed by Pininfarina after all...even if McLaren says otherwise lol


Onecton  lol


InnerToxicity  I agree...would love to see more from Charlie!


Novac Darius  Good to hear! Don't forget to use real Parmigiano Reggiano and guanciale, not pancetta or the crap that is usually referred to as "bacon" in so many countries. Don't forget to wash it down with a decent glass or red either - and no I don't mean Cherry Coke


TidalMAz  I wonder? I think Kato may have other plans next, after all the MP4 has been discontinued and replaced with the P1 wannabe, the 650S (which is an awesome car and I'd have any day of the week...I just think McLaren screwed a lot of new MP4 customers with that unexpected move)


I find this not agressive enough. Still, that's one hell of a sexy beast


Gianluca FairladyZ  it actually depends more which modeling type you like more nurbs or polygonal modeling also depends on what you wanna specialize - car modeling, object modeling, characters or exteriors with interiors, so it's hard to recommend something. Cuz everyone will recommend you what it use. But best way of course to have skills in both modeling methods - polygonal and modeling with nurbs! As I said I use Autodesk 3ds max, it's polygonal modeling software but also have skills in CAD modeling - SolidWorks. I recommend you to check out on google and read a bit about them and then choose one and start from tutorials and basics. Not to try start to modeling car.


speedhunters_dino TidalMAz  I share a similar view, I just think that if they hadn't released the 12C when they did (unfinished!) they they wouldn't have been able to develop the P1, or finish off the 650S. (which is what the 12C was supposed to be all along) A 650S seems a bit too 'much' as it is to pull off the works style arches, wouldn't you say?


speedhunters_dino I never knew. I definitely like the MP4-12C more, though.


Onecton  Hah! Same reaction here.


@Artur Borovik Gianluca FairladyZ  each software has it's benefits but they all have basic tools and some have the options to go very advanced. To make this you have to go advanced but you don't model a car like this on day one. So regardless of software just start slow and you'll get there.


This is why I am bothered when Rocket bunny releases a render, because this is exactly how it should be done. Always show you're best, if you can't render the best then don't release an image until the final product is done. Someone should make this kit!

Gianluca FairladyZ

2xthefun Gianluca FairladyZ Ok thanks! I think I'll just start to get some informations and read everything carefully. Honestly i did not understand everything what you said because i didn't learn this job :) But i have interest for it, so i'll start step by step. Thank you, you helped me a lot.


Wow that... really makes me angry.


i'm disappointed that this was just a render.  but look at those pics!  way up there in the drool meter.  :D......


2xthefun  Wait, why are you bothered by Rocket Bunny? For a guy to develop his own hardware/software with only the help of a few friends he deserves all the respect that he has and then some. 

To stay on topic, this is a stunning rendering. For me, the soft edges of the compound curves on the kit seem to be conflicting with the initial sharp edges and lines of the car, but It's beautiful none the less.


Please stop with the LW body kits. They look awesome, but are already getting played out by LB themselves, don't need more. Please, no more.


Gianluca FairladyZ  

In my personal experience, Rhino is easier to start modeling in, but once you have some seat time, I'd recommend Maya or 3DS Max.  Granted, I use both software suites for architecture and not autos, but its pretty similar in terms of workflow.  All 3 programs have extensive tutorials online; that makes it very easy to learn and figure out how to do what you want to accomplish.


Awesome renders, very nicely presented.  That being said, I'm not a fan of the works style flares on most cars.  On certain models (LW GT86/BRZ) it works nicely, but on the 12C the exposed bolts look too unfinished to be something McLaren deisgned,which is the metric I'd judge this design by.




I love this, it looks great but The ducktail would not work well, especially since the rear wing moves. It would completely mess up the aero dynamic benefits of the movable wing. It might even mess up the motors in the wing because of the extra drag.


Love the idea; wheels, color, flares. But why tuck the wheels?! The ONLY thing that bothers me about  this render/concept.


Great concept, the execution could use some more work though. The creasing in particular on the model is quite soft in regions and should be sharper. Look at where the duckbill meets the base on the spoiler for example (2nd to last image). Likewise, the tires could use a normal or bump map at the least on the sidewall for the tire brand, type etc. The shading and lighting is good just needs a little more work in terms of modeling.




@Jake Laird  lol best comment


It's a really nice rendering, and a pleasure to look at. Personally, I think that exotics look so much better without the "bolt-on" look... A smooth and well blended widebody would be "beautiful" instead of "tough", and to me, that's what an exotic car like this deserves.


Love most of it...except those bolt on fenders.


This is really cool. I mean it, this is really cool. Rough around and aggressive.  But the problem here is the overuse of the "Miura fender".  I've seen many uses of it, people draw it, CG, Liberty Walk versions and of course, Rocket Bunny TRA'd. Bolt-on fenders is all the craze right now but even so, there are many ways to make it much more unique than to reuse the same style Miura-san does. Other than the "Miura fenders", I really like the wing, it's quite unique from usual applications and the front, side, and rear diffusers are really utilizing the curves and waves of the MP4.


andyb5 Gianluca FairladyZ  main thing is not software but your own wish, effort and also time!


RMutt  All I read was, 'Wait, I'll send you something in that's better, check this out!' ;)


Give him credit for a great piece of graphical work... But god no, I pray to the car gods this doesn't happen in real life.


BitMutt Onecton  speedhunters_dino

cmon quick someone pass this to LB Walk ... i want to see that in action live on the street ^^




Speedhunters_Bryn RMutt  Bryn yes hahahaha


Speedhunters_Bryn RMutt  I'm not trying to take anything away from his work but rather give constructive criticism. In our industry (VFX) you walk into a room and people pick apart work you've slaved on for weeks in mere seconds. You grow a thick skin and learn to focus on what doesn't work before appreciating what does. If you want to make something look real you have to fucus on what makes it look fake...not so? Hopefully I can find the time in between projects to contribute something as well. Nonethless great to see SH showcasing 3D work...I was pretty surprised to see it in the first place.


Holy $hitballz  =)


Seriously, no more bolt on fenders. For the love of God.


God! This has to stop! You can't go out there and apply RB treatment to every car! The FRS/GT86 was ok when it released, it was the only wide body option, but for the love of God, please stop.


for the love of god this trend needs to stop im not bashing the look but its beginning to be too much and personally this car would look way better if they molded the over fenders to the body rather than go for the bolt on drilled holes look that would make this kit look way better


Great work! But please! please this is so overplayed! Same kit on 5 different cars!


Say what you like about fads and overexposure, but I think this treatment works particularly well here. Dunno if it's the car or the execution. Rocket Bunny and/or LB Works should team up with this guy!


awesome **yaawwwwwwwwnnnnn* rendering though!

Fabrice Carpentier

Addx magazine?