I Love The Smell Of Maximum Attack In The Morning

What does Maximum Attack smell like? It smells like… victory. Citrus-scented, orangey victory, but victory nonetheless. The latest expansions to Speedhunters EDTN range includes a new air freshener to spread sweetness to your ride and then a new set of silver stickers to cover up that last space you’ve left untouched on your windscreen, just waiting for this new release.

April 30 Release-02

The Maximum Attack air freshener brings a new sweet citrus scent, hand-crafted by our aroma mechanics into the shape of a Maximum Attack logo, ready to swing from your rear-view mirror.

April 30 Release-03

The new sticker sheet blings it up with a full set of Maximum Attack and Speedhunters logos in a high-sheen silver finish.

April 30 Release-04

Frontwards and backwards logos allow you to complete your authentic JDM look and rep your favourite site.

April 30 Release-05

Both these new products are available right now over on the Speedhunters store!

Speedhunters store



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I still prefer the stickers I get from the SH staff at events ;]


Any plans to produce more license plate frames?


D1RGE  The quality of those is unparalleled, I still have one laying around for when I find a nice spot where it can stay for a long time. Like a rollbar :)


This too shall hang from my mirror I like the color....but dag for $12
bux that sh*t better be 12x as potent as the avg pine tree and smell
like Taryn's hair.
 Or Aasbo's its quaffed so perfectly I bet he uses salon grade conditioner. Just Saying...


Where's the hash tag?  Would have been better as #MAXIMUMATTACK.  Anyway im still waiting for more #JOYOFMACHINE t-shirts please please please make some more!!! 
I promise to wear it to every automotive event i go to, pretty pretty please with Tomei precision turbo's on top?  :)


Thats not creepy at all


what, no fresh squash smell?


zuberbomb  Maybe he has a thing for hair ? :) but 12 bucks is a big price to pay .. considering they forgot the hastag ;)


That's 4 per pack for 12 bucks.


You get 4 in the package :)


Yeah not everyone can meet us at events though right?


RodChong  clearly i should have read the shop site -.-
sry Rod :)

makes 2,5 € per piece ... thats like in the region of the allmighty Wunderbaum,

but with more street Cred!
jesus my next car will be blasted with speedhunters goodies :)


side note, those stickers make me think "ka-chow"


RodChong Which is why they mean so much, my friend. The few I have that aren't on a car are cared for like gold!


RodChong Huzzah!! I have no Excuse!


wheatgod Well, it's not like you have a car to put them on anyway.


They are the best ones, even if they're a little crumpled.