The Joyous LaSupra Is Here

#JOM. You’ll know the saying and if you don’t then I’m talking about the #JoyOfMachine. Maybe you know it as a hashtag that will deliver you an incredible array of images? What it sums up for us is our undying love of cars, the culture that surrounds them and the feeling that gives us. But guess what? It turns out that all along it was also a project called LaSupra.

Peter Pentell LaSupra Racing Joy of Machine (4 of 35)

Ever since we first saw Peter Pentell’s wild ‘LaSupra’ build in spring of 2013, it started pushing buttons and striking notes within the team. The truth of the matter was, we were inspired by what we saw. This one build summed up a lot of things we like to hold close at Speedhunters.

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What you’re looking at could quite easily be the definition of #MaximumAttack, but Charles Ng and his G37 Formula Drift weapon define that. No, it became clear to us that Peter’s build was more about, well… everything in fact. For a start, his can-do attitude gave birth to a vehicle that is basically a space-framed, Supra-engined, Lancia-looking project that he created in his Swedish garage. Can’t weld? Learn to. Need bespoke bodywork to cloth your vision? Create it. Want a Japanese heart in an Italian body? You got it!

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It all makes LaSupra ridiculously cool. So when Peter agreed that it should wear an Andy Blackmore-designed #JoyOfMachine livery at the end of 2013, we couldn’t wait to see the results. A few teaser pictures finally came through at the beginning of month, and now here it is in the composite and metal. We’ve covered the build process in a few installments, and I can highly recommend clicking on that link and getting lost for a while. But what we’re revealing here isn’t just a new livery… Oh no.

Peter Pentell LaSupra Racing Joy of Machine (27 of 35)

Because this really is about #JoyOfMachine and being content having a kick-ass project in the workshop, Peter has made a few changes we thought you should know about. For a start there’s the new rear wing structure, which just needs some carbon stays adding and it will be complete. And the fully removeable front end makes access much easier than when it was all fixed.

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Of course, if you’re going to replace, you might as well improve too, right? So now it’s lighter as well, with the headlights removed and spotlamp covers which Peter has machined the rear rim off and inserted LED angel eye rings in for that evil look you can see at the start of the article, added. But that’s just the start of it as there’s lashings of carbon and GRP too, saving over 20 kilograms (44lb) alone with the new structure.

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Lift it off and there’s yet another surprise. The original twin turbo set-up has been replaced by a new single Precision 6266 billet turbo with a Powerhouse cast iron manifold for faster spool up. On the other side there’s a new Powerhouse fuel rail with 1400cc injectors. Last year Peter was running around 500hp and with this kit he has the potential for 700hp, so in time that’s where it’ll end up.

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If you’re reading this and the story is fresh on Speedhunters then here’s another reason we’re happy – this weekend we’ll be at the Bilsport Show in Elmia where LaSupra will play a major part in our presence. We’ve got a whole load of things planned for the next couple of days and I hope you check back in for more updates on what’s going on in Sweden.

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Of course, looking inside LaSupra it’s still very much Peter’s unique creation. The meticulous engineering that first captivated us is still as amazing as ever.

Peter Pentell LaSupra Racing Joy of Machine (34 of 35)

But on the outside now there’s something for all of us – a badge that we like to think sums up Peter’s determination and ethos; something to which we can all relate. Okay, and there are some Speedhunters stickers too!

Peter Pentell LaSupra Racing Joy of Machine (12 of 35)

No, this is what I’m talking about. Whether you like building cars, drawing them, bench racing, writing about, photographing them or any other way of engaging with your passion – then this is something for all of us. This is #JoyOfMachine everyone!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn



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This is truly well deserved, that car is a masterpiece of DIY :D The effort put into it is great and the solutions he found to his problems are ingenious (cast wheel arches out of what appeared to be a barrel!) One question, will the car remain in a Speedhunters livery, like an 'official' Speedhunters car?

TidalMAz :)


TidalMAz  I'll pass that on to Peter, I'm sat ten feet from the car now! And yes, it will be staying in this livery :)


Would love to see this in the flesh at Retro Rides Gathering this year. Any chance you can wangle it Bryn?


Stunning. Every time I see this car on here, there is something else I find myself appreciating. The Blue is lovely too. 
You guys are building up a hell of a Garage of associated Weapons, is this all an evil SH plan for world dominance in all mototrsports?


Speedhunters_Bryn TidalMAz  Is project Volvo going to become a monstrous twin? I think the VoSupra has a nice ring to it? Maybe the VoSkyline? Do you think Peter would be interested? ;) Haha!


New paint looks nice.


Blue doesn't suit this car :/ I think red is perfect for Lancia :)


Wow. Such car. Very engineer. Blue is amaze. Wow


Aaaand Bryn drops the microphone & walks offstage... This car blows my mind at every turn, and the new livery really pops. Add a bit of red and it could be the evil progeny of the Pioneer Ferrari/Michelotti 308 rally car & Alfa Romeo 155 DTM car.  Just amazing. I hope we get some shots of this car in Maximum Attack soon!


FUCK ME, this car is amazing


Great work, like Swiss clock .


I love this car. But I hate to say it, the original Red livery was way better looking. I guess you never really know what it'll look like until its done, so its always a gamble.


Big Pooky  much awesome. many amaze.


Looks good, red suits it better somehow...looks more Italian.


Are speedhunters going to be attending STAC later on this year? Lots of crazy builds are going to be participating in that event.


Bastardising such a classic isn't something that normally appeals to me... but its impossible not to be impressed when the result is this well put together and so utterly mental!


I think they're trying to catch up with Red Bull haha


Love the Martini inspired look. Makes me think of the Beta monte carlo turbo Group 5....Jizz


oneslyfox  They should see if they can wrangle a #FeatureThis or a "We Have Boost" on the sometimes-empty Mclaren Sidepods :D


jonas maurstad  Hehe... exactly what I was thinking! Beautiful! :)


This car cannot be described simply by words! Always love seeing an update on this immaculate monster! Saw a photo on facebook the other day of this beast being admired by a blind fellow who was feeling the shapes of it! Would love to see this in the flesh one day, pity Sweden is a fair distance from Australia! 

A large format print of the new livery in my room would look amazing! aha


Would love to see a video of this car blasting around a famous race track :D One of the best looking cars ever.


B A A A M ! ! ! Who's next? + Dig the new livery.

One small thing tho: it always makes me a tiny bit sad when race cars have their headlamps removed. Ok so you saved some weight, but you've also limited it's capabilities in quite a significant way since it can't be raced at night :(


B A A A M ! ! ! Who's next? + Dig the new livery.

One small thing tho: it always makes me a tiny bit sad when race cars have their headlamps removed. Ok so you saved some weight, but now it can't be raced at night :(


Lancia with original engine Super!!! But supra engine... bad idea!


Shiredrifter  ;)


The supra was supposedly groomed to be toyota's grand tourer in both mechanical and technical aspects, where the castrol, woodone and denso brands once fiercely dog-fought with the gtrs and nsxs for the japan gt event. That arena was where the infamous 2Jz durability and MK 4 chassis visions were hailed. Anyways, the DNA is infected via retrovirus to this creator, where upon contemplating upon the gift from the machine gods, he then built a grand tourer based on it as was its destiny...
Personally, it seems like a monstrous kit car, twas not half bad, if overlooking purist originality issues. Everyone, Kampaii...


I can only guess that the critics have little idea of what it takes to create something like this. You can't please everyone I suppose.

It's a beautiful machine, a work of art, an incredible achievement, and no matter what paint it wears, simply awesome. Great work. Thanks so much for sharing :-)


Lancia, of course.


but of course, put lancia bones onto anything, and it,ll look good