Hors D’Oeuvres, Dub Scene Style
Subtle and stock

When choosing a selection of cars from a show, it’s quite difficult to find a balance. This post could easily be filled with Golfs alone but as is the Speedhunters way, we try to find things that are maybe a little bit different. You know, the cars that are sometimes tucked away in the corner or the ones that are maybe overshadowed by some of the bigger builds.

Of course, we start with a Golf, but not just any Golf.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-26

Our friends at Rotiform teamed up with Players and Euro Magic to bring us only the second Euro Magic-kitted Golf MkII on the planet.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-27

It’s a look that rather suits the Golf MkII and provides an alternative to the G60 arch extensions. Sticking with their own rolling stock, 15″ Rotiform USFs sit tucked thanks to Air Lift Performance suspension.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-28

The overfenders are period inspired and look, dare I say it, rather timeless against the white bodywork. Definitely one of the more subtle over arch applications.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-29

The rest of the exterior has followed the subtle approach too – even the chin spoiler could easily be missed on first look.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-30

In the mint engine bay currently resides a DOHC GTi engine, but I’ve a feeling that’s probably not going to stay that way for too long. The car was just about finished in time for the show and drove there under its own power, so I think there’s still plenty more to come from this particular Golf.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-1

Of course, Ultimate Dubs is not just about the VW brand. One of the cars that really stole my heart was this concours specification Audi Ur-Quattro.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-2

The car has been restored to completely stock using new panels where required and repainted in Tornado Red.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-3

The famous five cylinder engine is still under the hood. The 2.1 litre 10v engine produces around 200hp and 210lb-ft. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, especially compared to its rally brethren, but this was a mighty amount of power in the 1980s.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-4

The interior, to fail to avoid the ol’ car journalist cliché, was like going back in time. Digital clocks have never look better.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-5

The owner, Lee, filled me in on the details of the car and even remarked about the digital dashboard’s electronic voice synthesiser which talks to the driver over the car’s radio to advise of any issues.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-6

In keeping with the theme of the car, the original Ronal wheels were refurbished and powder coated white. It’s funny how a completely stock car is the one that leaves a lasting impression. I’ve been stuck in the classifieds ever since, dreaming of finding one…

Typical and Type 2
Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-8

Well, I could hardly make it through the halls without finding a Golf MkI on BBS splits, but this is a great example of why it’s such a good recipe.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-7

The immaculate clean and smoothed bay has what I believe to be a two litre 16v on twin-Dellorto carburettors. It almost feels like the words clean and and smooth just don’t do this any justice. Can you imagine the amount of work involved in cutting, welding, filling, smoothing and painting to get it to this stage? Let alone relocating wiring and hiding everything possible. Colour-coded stacks?

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-9

I couldn’t find evidence of an air install, so will just have to assume it’s static. I quite like the tucked look, certainly I find it more appealing than poke.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-10

Porsche door handles are quite a common change. Subtle, but a nod towards just how vast and all-conquering the VW family is.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-11

It would appear that same attention has been carried out through every nook and cranny on this car. I’d love to see it up on a lift, wheels off, to get a proper look at it. The interior in particular was special, a mixture of leather and suede, colour-coded to the exterior.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-12

It might not be for everyone, but I can’t get it out of my head just how much work is involved in getting a car to this standard. For that alone it deserves some respect.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-13

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and yet still equally enjoyable was this Type 2.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-14

Built by its owner as a place to chill out with this friends, it has immeasurable quantities of natural character.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-15

The air ride set-up was home-made too. It’s only when you see people walking past and the roof is below shoulder height, that you realise just how low this Type 2 is.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-17

The owner describes the bodywork as being created by ‘mother nature’ such is its natural patina with a few choice and subtle additions by himself. Obviously, the Type 2 wasn’t originally designed to run this low, so the body has been modified to allow this. The front end is tubbed, which can just be seen with the front door open, so normally the seat would sit at the same level as the arch.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-16

The motor is a 1.8 litre unit on Webers, producing in or around 100hp. Well, they can’t all be Race Taxis I guess. That metal rise is a great indicator of how much lower the bus is.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-18

I was never a Type 2 sort of guy growing up, but there was something about this, sat amongst a plethora of immaculate builds with pristine paintwork, that just made me smile every time I walked past.

Street legal
Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-19

So far we’ve had a Golf, a quattro, another Golf and a Type 2 split. Not too bad in the diversity stakes I hope you’ll agree so just to finish things off, I want to show you this Beetle.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-20

It’s not just any Beetle mind you, but rather a 673hp street legal drag car that runs in the VWDRC events in the UK. I’m going to try and bring you more on the mid-engined Caddy lurking in the background in the future too – I’m not forgetting about it.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-21

All that horsepower is created by a 2.35 litre Impreza turbo engine with a Garrett blower boosting to 2.0 bar on a mixture of pump fuel and 20% methanol.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-22

For Ultimate Dubs, the Beetle was on its street wheel and tyre combo. That is, 15×8 Centre Line REV wheels with Mickey Thompson Street Radials on the rear and 4″ on the front with Continental 145/65/15.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-24

With a cage rated for up to 8.5 second passes, it’s probably worth pointing out how pleasant the rest of the interior is. Leather – albeit wrapped over Jaz lightweight seats, a Sony CD player and even windows that go up and down. The rear seating area has been removed though, to allow room for the turbo and charge cooler, so it’ll just be the one lucky passenger who gets to experience things from the second best seat in the house.

Ultimate Dubs Spotlights PMcG-23

This eclectic mix is really only scratching the surface of what was on offer at Ultimate Dubs. There were certainly more cars, including some very special ones, but we made a decision to not give everything away with one event. Instead, we’ve already started the process of tracking down owners and shooting cars in far more detail for full features.

Essentially, this is just the appetisers. Bon appetit.

Paddy McGrath
Twitter: @PaddyMcGrathSH
Instagram: speedhunters_paddy



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When I saw the beetle I got a little excited, until I read it's boxer powered. Not taking anything away from the build, it's outstanding, but I was hoping for at least 1 air cooled bug. They're a very rare species on this site.


Wasn't that MK2 kit produced by Euro Magic for Rotiform....or is that just another version of the Liberty Walk/TRA Kyoto/Rocket Bunny conglomerate? Couldn't they have at least rattle canned the alternator black or something....nice car otherwise!

Love the creamy MK1 and that bus looks like it doesn't even have wheels and is just straight on the floor in some of the photo's!


Spaghetti  You're right, it is a kit for Rotiform by Euro Magic, but as everyone was referring to it as Rocket Bunny all weekend, it got stuck in my head. Kei Miura could well be involved, but I'm not 100% sure TBH.

I'll take myself outside...


Nice pics, I like the variety you chose.

The Kombi (type 2) is an early Bay window or lowlight, not a Splitty.


3nigm4  Then you'll like where I'm going at the end of the month, the Volksworld Show at Sandown Park in the UK. Quite possibly the finest line up of air cooled VWs anywhere in the world :)

There will be an article in the first week of April :)


That MkI Golf is stunning! Great shots with the blurry people.


That MkI is so immaculate! Never tire of seeing such builds.


Great article paddy, and that white MKII is beautiful!!  Just one thing, the sand colored MKI has an 8v in the bay...


Am i the only one on planet who's tired of seeing all these "customized" vw's? Owners put a lot of money into the project, but in the end they all end up having the same car, maybe with a color difference. I mean golf1 on BBS wheels? How unique. :)


Speedhunters_Bryn Can't wait for that article! I got to go to VolksWorld back in 2000 and it was a blast! I've many UK friends who bring their VWs out for it.


I'm on the verge of selling my mk2 Jetta. Those fender flares are seriously effecting my judgement! God I hate it when a product is sooo alluring.


You're going to Volksworld !?!? ... AWWWW MAN this is VERY good news!!


Not really crazy about VW's but I'll admit that MKII is changing my mind.


The one on Rotiforms I mean.


AdamBezzegh They're not building cars for you...those cars are unique to them and that's all that matters.


apex_DNA but they aren't unique in any way O.o
i mean i can go to a friday evening car "meet" with 10 cars from the block, and the probability of finding one of these is like 80%.
but this is just my opinion. :)


Did it ever occur to you that maybe some of them ARE trying to relive the 80s, like Honda owners do with the 90s, and old Toyota owners with the 70s and so on? You must be living on the East coast then, because I just don't see that many "customized" VWs period.


AdamBezzegh apex_DNA  It's a fair opinion, and kudos to you for presenting it in a respectful manner. 

Hopefully, at another show later in the year, I'm going to try and shoot a selection of spotlights on five Golf MKIs, all on BBS RS. The aim will be to show how subtle the differences are and how no two are truly alike :)


PaddyMcGrath respect, sir! I think i'm not the only one with this opinion, please surprise us :)


"So far we’ve had a Golf, a quattro, another Golf and a Type 2 split."
I can see a bay window Type 2, but no split! ;)


oops, I'm a dumbass.  You are right, 16v.


I agree, I've too have had enough with all the mk1s on bbs wheels. Thus, more widened steelies for me pls :)


Great article, about my Quattro and pictures Paddy!!!