So Long, Modified Magazine

While we have a network of readers and fans that are spread across the planet, the truth is that those of us who work in automotive media are part of a very tight circle. While some might see us as competitors, we are often very good friends with the die hard car enthusiasts that are part of various auto publications around the world. That’s why it was especially sad for us to hear the news that Modified Magazine is being shut down.

The loss of Modified comes amongst a wave of internal changes and lay-offs at Source Interlink Media, the company which runs many of America’s most popular car publications. While it’s sad to see any car magazine go away, we will especially miss Modified’s unique take on the import performance scene. More importantly, we send our best wishes to long-time Modified editor Peter Tarach and the rest of the magazine’s staff and contributors.

Thanks for all the great content over the years, and here’s to a brighter future for everyone affected by this.

Mike Garrett
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an era comes to an end, very sad to hear, even down here in australia i was influenced but the magazine, my best wishes to all the staff.


:( Always enjoyed reading their articles.


Always sucks to see a good magazine go away. Best of luck to all the staff at Modified...they did a great job with that publication, and will be a great addition to any team.


Super sad to see this. Good luck to the staff and us, keeping automotive journalism alive is important to customers and enthusiast like me round the global, not to mention allowing those fine people to feed there families.


what all mags got shutdown?  i know modified and minitruckin but what else got the axe


It think it would be intersting for everybody abroad (specially outside the US or the inner circle of editors) to know where our beloved writers, editors and such went after the dissolution of those magazines... Could you give us a heads up here or on facebook? A small article just like this one will be well worthy


Nooooooooo. Another import magazine shutting down :(

Im happy at least my favorite DSPORT is still around to deliver great content.


u53135588 turbo mag, and a few others that I cant think of right off the top of my head. I think Nissan had a performance magazine at one time also.


Sad to see them go. They're joining a long list of Mags: Max Power, Redline Mag (UK), VMAX (Denmark)...


It's a great shame to see them go - I have had subscription to their magazine and had it shipped to the UK for a couple of years back now & then transferred onto iPad when that arrived.
It will be Sorely missed.


Project 350ZTT  Here in Malaysia we have the English-language-d Option Malaysia. Hope it helps.


Project 350ZTT u53135588nissan never did nissansport was unaffiliated with nissan.  Turbo closed down a long time ago.  These magazines all were combined under 1 roof to survive, but they never changed with the times.  But with so many avenues now to deliver content, there are opportunities out there


Sad news!


Definitely sad news, but the signs were there for a while. Just like Sport Compact Car, Modified kept getting thinner and thinner in page count. Then they fell from 12-issues to 9 -issues.

Also didn't help that all the automotive news that they featured would be old by the time you recieved it in your hands compared to blogs like this one or jaloponik. I really enjoyed Peter's work.  

I wish they had the opportunity to integrate the magazine with their online presence adding video features, short documentaries, additional photos, etc.


Argh.. this was the ONLY car mag I subscribed to!  What a shame!  Maybye I'll take a look at Super Street as another option.


Been a subscriber since I was a wee-lad, sad to see such a refined and straight-to-business group of enthusiasts go under..

Modified <3


Sad to the mag!


Source Interlink's piss-poor management decisions are to blame for this one. Like most I'm sad to see it go. It was Source's last performance-based import magazine, they still have the lifestyle magazines left though, Import Tuner and Super Street. Best of luck to the staff, Pete and Nate especially. You'll be missed.


zephoto Take a look at DSPORT, I prefer them over super street anyday. Been subscribed to them for a few years now and love the magazine! Great tech articles also, but yeah another performance import magazine gone just sucks.


I'm sad to see Modified and the Street Car Shootout go.  I've been reading them since the beginning.  Thats my evo on the cover you posted.  We were just gearing up to try and repeat our win at the shootout when we heard that Modified was no more.

RIP Modified


They're all garbage.


It should've been Super Street.


What a bummer; this is one of the mags I actually subscribe to. However, I have to say, I was not planning on renewing anyway--I just can't stand the writing in the car features anymore. The photography is definitely worth looking at but I find myself starting to read the articles and then giving up because the writing style is so annoying; it's usually either trite, pretentious, or a combination of both. I do enjoy the tech/build articles, but that's not enough to keep a publication afloat. Just because I'm interested in tuner cars doesn't mean I'm not interested in's quite the mystery to me why quality journalism and American tuner car literature seem to be mutually exclusive, while at the same time photography standards seem to be at an all-time high.


FunctionFirst  Nate left Modified a while ago, took over my spot at Super Street for a stint and left source altogether early last year. He's now on to bigger and better things, like shooting the official press photos for the new Toyota FT-1 concept!


This sucks.  Modified was the only one I enjoyed.   Sure there's online car news/blogs and whatnot, but there's something very cool about looking back at old issues of magazines for some nostalgia...


Modified was my only solace when they cut off sport compact car. Now modified is gone too? :-(


Let's face it - car magazines, especially the import scene, has completely shot itself in the foot. More girls than cars, and more rub downs for advertisers than actually promoting the best content/parts available in the market. Not to mention the insane price of advertising. If the quality of the mags is decreasing, how can the price of advertising go up?? Especially in today's digital world of short attention spans and instant information.
- Sema coverage?? Wait at least 30-60 days to see a couple pages of blah or get in depth coverage online the day of for free online. Duh!!
The only 2 respected import mags left out there, Dsport and lesser know S3, which is a legit mag for people who don't know about them. Their passion and writing actually make the editorial content worth buying, and not just a skip through to the specs.
- this is an owner of a high performance company who opted not to do any print advertising last year, and went pure digital.
- when I first went to SORC to talk about advertising they wanted $108,000 for a complete package of ads in super street, import tuner, and modified. I almost fell off my chair. No thanks!


Glad to hear he's got something else going on.


Very sad indeed


Sad, the end of a legacy of really top car features, always the cream of the crop like the Starquest above. I hope everyone involved can find a way to evolve like the Sport Compact Car homies, who were gods to me once.  Makes one think of the impact they all had, at once the very centers of import tuning culture and ad revenue.


This is incredibly reassuring news for aspiring automotive photographers. x__x


jah1mon  I subscribed for years back when they were 200-300 page issues, they used to be like a damn book....I cancelled my subscription once they got down to a third of that size but still sad to see it go. I would flip through one occassionally, they always seemed to have awesome feature cars.


First Sport Compact Car, now Modified. I love Super Street as much as the next enthusiast but seriously why does Source think that sticking with mags that cater to a lower common denominator should be kept.


Just a sure sign that print is being affected in so many ways by online content.  Slowly and surely we'll see more print go away.


Super Street's pretty good for a casual relaxing Sunday read. I buy it monthly and enjoy it.


FunctionFirst  D-Sport is a great Mag, I'm on my Second year subscription


Could not agree with you more on the dsport mag recommendation. That was my recommendation to someone else. Lol. I picked one up a few years ago and the content has only gotten better since. Definitely my favorite magazine between the tech articles and special issues. I'd pick it over any import mag and now they have a full shop to test the product in!! Stoked! :):)


Project 350ZTT  Also, support the small guys, S3 mag is always improving, while definitely more lifestyle-based, it's still pretty sweet.


I've never heard of S3. Where are they based out of? I live in the US. I was just checking them out online


Project 350ZTT  The South. I believe Georgia, but don't quote me on that. I got in on their $15 lifetime subscription but that's over now.


NO WAY! Turbo, Sport Compact car, and Modified....Come on stop killin all the good ones dammit!


This sucks.  SCC was one of the best import car mags of all time.  When
Oldham, Coleman, Jacquot and the rest of the gang ran it, that was the
reason I studied Japanese and journalism.  I still have the issue with
the Smokey and the Bandit STi, those guys had balls.  Now another one of
the great car mags is being shut down.  Thank you Speedhunters for doing what you do and continuing in the footsteps of great car mags!