A 550-Horse Jag To Haul The Groceries

Is there anything cooler than a high performance station wagon? Whether it’s a homebuilt special or a rare factory piece, there are just few things more satisfying than burning rubber in a family hauler. Because there aren’t a ton of fast wagons available in showrooms these days, it’s big news when someone brings out a new one and today Jaguar has unveiled its impressive 2015 XFR-S Sport Brake.


The formula for this car is a simple one – taking the proven performance of the XFR-S sedan and putting it in an even more practical estate car package.


Up front, the Sport Brake is identical to the sedan, with a 550 horsepower supercharged V8 along with all of the suspension and chassis upgrades that have made the four-door such a thrill.


But of course rather than the traditional rear boot of the sedan, the Sport Brake’s rear compartment will offer 1,675 liters of cargo space.


Even with the added cargo capacity, Jaguar still claims a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds. Not bad for a family machine!


We can expect to see more on the XFR-S Sport Brake when it makes its official debut in Geneva next month.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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Best looking Jag on the market today.

Even better than the F-Type :o

Omer (beercoozie)

Is it me, or does the XFR-S sedan look like a Civic SI sedan?


Looks Good! The front is classic Jag muscle styling and I quite like the blacked out rear pillar, give the rear a very nice wrap aroud look, like there is a little something Audi in there. Definitely one of the best Jag rear ends of late.


This is pretty much everything that the Holden Commodore VF wagon should have been. On one hand it looks darn sporty but on the other it's missing the class that you expect from Jaguar.



Another reason for BMW to start making M wagons.


@Casper  The HSV sports wagon is this and then some when you tick off the walkinshaw extras.


Omer (beercoozie)  Just you.


Jag's new vigor in the design department is just staggering. This is nothing short of a Aussie V8 super car that we can buy in the US. Only thing I can think is: I want one! 

I love the new Jags. Although, I refuse to say "Jaguar" like a British person (Jag-U-ar).


Omer (beercoozie)  stayshift but it kind of does though...


im not a jaguar fan.. but this might convert me.


The car looks brilliant, it stands up to the Jaguar mantra of Grace, Space, Pace. 

However, that road will be really awesome to drive on!! Take the dogs for a walk in the mountains, but use the Jag to get there... Mmmm

When will they start making seat belts for dogs? I wonder...


Tinj Omer (beercoozie) stayshift No, just you...


Wildcardfox  That's not how we say it. We say "Jaaaaaaaaaag". ;)


I don't think I've ever wanted an estate so much...


Ha ha. I knew writing that was like having in big bright letters "Suzy Wallace respond!"
The commercials when I was growing up all said Jaguar like how we say it in America--no emphasis on the "u": "Jag-war." Then about 10 years ago Jag decided to pronounce their name in their ads the British way, I guess a form of rebranding, so it changed to "Jag-U-ar." For me that's like when Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy, or Snoop Dogg wanted people to call them by another name (J-Lo, Puff Daddy, Snoop Lion). I refused to because "I already learned your name!" So for Jag it's like the same thing. Also, I'm proud of the American accent of saying things. Lol.


I'd buy it... if car companies stop making wheels like these. Black gloss is soooooooo Halfords.


can see  that version at police estate patrol car or BTCC


SuzyWallace Longleats nice but not as much fun...


Omer (beercoozie) sdxcjkl Tinj stayshift  the 3 center windows, the wheels, the parting line for the front door. That's the only similarities I see. Overall though it looks nothing like a civic. I like it, I don't like the civic.


nowadays  jag is taking the corret performance way


the dessing of jag cars now is awensome, there was a time when jag was one of the coolest car maker, this cars will write a new jag age