Ride The Lightning: F1 On-Board In 360 Degrees

Formula 1 is heading into a new era in 2014 – and so is how you can experience it. Check out this stunning 360 degree video just put out by the Mercedes AMG F1 team, that allows you to get up close and personal with Nico Rosberg at the wheel, watching from any angle you choose. It’s as if you’re hanging onto the sidepod of his new-for-2014 turbo-charged W05!

The stunning footage was captured using a special rig of half a dozen HD cameras strapped to the sidepod, and you can spin round every angle as Nico blasts around the Silverstone track in the UK. Red Bull did a similar thing last year, but here you also get the chance to experience what the new generation blown F1 cars sound like: you can hear Nico’s car whistle whilst he works, so to speak.

There’s also a bonkers ‘Little Planet’ view, that means you can get a crazy fisheye view as though you were hovering above the car, though in fullscreen it will make your brain explode.

The laps were put in during filming days so as not to upset F1’s strict testing restrictions, so Nico isn’t really pushing and he’s only using the short National circuit, but it’s still an awesome piece of footage. Check out the accompanying video they’ve made of Lewis Hamilton hooning about in a Mercedes E63 AMG S, also filmed with the same 360 camera tech.

Can you imagine this kind of footage during an actual F1 race? It’s enough to make your head spin as fast as this video…

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan



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This is pure and utter witchcraft.


I've asked everywhere else so I'll ask here too...
Am I right (probably not) in saying "Honeywell" are providing the turbos?


PaddyMcGrath  I'm working on a ghetto version with a bunch of GoPros, a Rubix cube and a couple of RC servos. It'll be mega.


Scratch that, yes they are. V


So they are Garretts.


Wildcardfox  yep :D


Wildcardfox  I heard a rumour that zircotec are ceramic coating a lot of stuff for F1 atm, So thats a Garrett, Ceramic Coated snail/manifold and a 1.6 engine...... are we sure they are not driving ford RS Escorts with extreme body mods? ;)


TarmacTerrorist Wildcardfox  When I heard they were going back to turbocharged engines, I was hoping that they would be the v8 twin turbos like they had in the early '90s, but a v6 will do. I know that F1 is trying to be at the leading edge of innovation with  powerful, green energy technology—they're trying to set a good example for the cars of the future. Should be fun to watch. Hopefully with the new car tweaks the series will be more competitive (i.e. Redbull not winning every race). Who knows? but I'm excited to see.


Someone go grab a McLaren MP4/4 and strap one of these thing-a-ma-jigs on it please. thanks.


F1 never had twin turbo V8s. In the early 90s they ran 3.5L NA engines in a mix of V8, V10 and V12. The last turbo engines F1 used were in the 80s, until 1989. They were 1.5L and a mix of twin turbo V6s and single turbo inline 4s.


Well then it is back to the future. I look forward to it.


Wildcardfox  When you have the time google BMW M12.


I looked it up. Turbocharged inline 4 that raced in F1 in the Benetton Among other teams. Why did you want me to look it up?


i can see the future in videography and video games in this..utterly witchcraft in stunned lol


#KeepFightingMichael.......they put that on the car. Didn't expect that. Yes, keep fighting Michael.


AceAndrew2 Wildcardfox  Ah, the Megatron? We saw a few of those recently in a workshop tour. Story next month... :)


AbdHadieHR  It's possible to do it in videogames already, although it's rarely offered as a feature. Makes it a bit hard to drive! :)


ComplexFantasy wow the engine note is definately more mutted, you can hear the faint whistle of the turbine


imperialmetric yeah loving that woosh. I was expecting it to be more of a high pitched shriek. It being smaller than 2013 & more tuned.