The Least Desirable Skyline?
Choices, choices

If you had a chance to move to Japan for a while, what car would you pick up?  The choice would be quite difficult: there are so many JDM-only cars out here and a lot of them are surprisingly affordable. If you’re like Rich from Garagespec, then you would probably be looking at getting yourself a nice Skyline GT-R: an iconic domestic that has pretty much reached legendary status. Rich enjoyed every moment of the GT-R experience but when he realized his time in Japan would be coming to an end, he had to make some decisions. From this year the 25-year rule will allow import of 1989 cars legally into the US. As we all know, due to some draconian regulations people have failed miserably when attempting to bring their Rs into the good old US of A, with cars not properly certified getting impounded and even crushed. Meaningless rules aside however, this will no doubt lead to quite a lot of R32s making their way over, but not Rich’s car. His was a 1993 so that was just not going to cut it. Knowing that he needed to find new wheels, he quickly put the car up for sale and at the same time realised he fancied a bit of a change.


He did still want a Skyline, but something a little older, something a little more unique. The search ended up taking a good six months but then, one day he stumbled upon something that just looked right. What ticked all the boxes was a car ten years older than his BNR32: an HR30 – or san-maru as it’s referred to in Japan – Skyline GT that had already been previously modified. Rich liked the almost Hakosuka-like bolted on fender flares, the Watanabe wheels it was sitting on and the lure of the ’80s boxy lines just proved to be irresistible. The car was far from perfect however: it seemed like every upgrade that was done to it was executed pretty poorly and there were lots of details that had to be fixed up, but it was just what Rich was looking for.


He spent the next months working on the car, fixing it up, making sure everything worked as it should. Now, as you read this, the R30 is on its way over to the US where it will be legally registered and driven on Washington roads. It could well automatically become the most unique Skyline on American shores?


Back when Larry was over in Japan, we met Rich at Daikoku, where I had originally first seen the car months prior. Daikoku at night always serves up some nice modern industrial backdrops; a great place to check out the R30 in detail now that Rich is happy with how it looks.


So when we rolled in, there it was, sitting all by its lonesome self under a dimly lit corner of the Parking Area.

Fix up, look sharp

Much like Rich, I’m one that has always liked the ’80s JDM look, and even more so in the last few years as these cars continue to become more and more popular. Rich did tell me that getting into a kyusha, after a somewhat modern car, takes a lot of dedication and it really tests your love for cars. There are lots of rattles, lots of things that can and will potentially go wrong, so you’ve got to be ready for when they do. The car is pretty loud and a bit scary to drive on the limit, but then again, that’s the lure of these older cars, right?


The 15-inch Watanabes the car came with were in a pretty sorry state, so one of the first things that was done was to get them off the car, clean them up and have them freshly repainted. Rich threw in a set of new center caps which he picked up at the Nostalgic 2 Days show in Yokohama last year. Now they look like brand new wheels. The 8.5-inch fronts are wrapped in 205/60R15 Yokohama DNA GP rubber, while the 11.5-inch rears run 225/60R15 Continentals. 25mm bolt-on spacers significantly bump the offset of the wheels to get them to sit nice and flush with the flared fenders.


A ton of work had to be put into the car to make it shine again. The previous owner had really not looked after it at all well and after some serious compounding, polishing and general detailing, the paint was brought back to its original shine. People that had known the car before thought Rich had repainted it, such was the state it had been left to degrade into. After that was done, it was the time of the engine bay and Rich really had to put some elbow grease in there. Along with a lot of cleaning and degreasing, components were removed, replaced or repainted to color-match things up a bit and give a sense of coherence to it all. A unique ride was made even more unique with some cool touches like the cans of beer and chuhai – a Japanese fizzy shochu based drink – that double up as the distributor cover, radiator overflow, clutch breather and even wiper motor covers.


One of the main reasons Rich was so set in getting his hands on this fixer-upper was that it was running just the sort of engine swap he was really after. The stock turbocharged L20 had been replaced with an NA L28 out of a 280Z, along with the transmission. Plus he knew it was running a recently overhauled P90A head, with all the work having been done by a respectable shop – a great guarantee for future reliability.


On top of that, the motor is actually boasting upgraded internals consisting of an LD28 crank, 240Z connecting rods and KA24E pistons all good for a 200cc boost in capacity.


The raspy traditional straight-six kyusha induction sound bellows out of the 47mm OER carburetors which give an electrifyingly quick bark at the mere press of the throttle while the Kakimoto exhaust system does a hell of a good job of amplifying jut the right sort of frequencies! An aluminium baffle protects the velocity stacks from the heat that the wrapped headers underneath them generate, making sure that at speed, there’s always a cooler charge of air being directed towards them. Under the head cover that Rich had repainted sits a Tomei Powered 300-deg cam and adjustable cam pulley which is there to make the most out of the 3 liters of capacity and the OER carbs.  The 280Z transmission is joined to an OS Giken single plate clutch which is apparently pretty easy to live with and very well weighted for everyday driving.


The car now sits on R31House Zeal coilovers, the third set-up that Rich has tried so far on the car. He’s very happy with how they perform; a better solution to the custom built ones the R30 was running at the time of the shoot. Part of the extensive engine bay clean-up included the painting of the Cusco strut tower bar, new ignition leads, a complete rewire of pretty much everything and of course the aforementioned use of JDM cans which will no doubt  continue to remind Rich of his time in Japan every time he looks at them.


The two-tone ‘panda look’ makes the car look almost like an AE86 Levin from far away but it doesn’t take much to realize this is no little lightweight Toyota once you get closer. The exterior of the R30 has been finished off with a very well-selected series of additions, starting off up front with a Tekkaman front bumper and Jenesis front lip.


This really sets the tone for the rest of the details that spice up the exterior like the black Vitaloni mirrors, introducing probably the only curved surface on the whole angular, ’80s boxy design.


It all combines to give a lot of presence to the san-maru; the additions so well-integrated that you really have to look long and hard to figure out what has been done.


The rear couldn’t possibly scream Skyline any more than it already does thanks to those huge kouki ‘hotplate’ tail lights, as Rich calls them, and the Kenmeri trunk spoiler with the Prince Motorist Club Sapporo sticker on the side. After years of coming to car meets at Daikoku PA, Rich found his inner bosozoku and applied that newfound state of mind in making sure his number plates are as hard to read as possible. That’s some serious folding going on there!


It doesn’t get more JDM than this: an old school Skyline sitting at Daikoku PA, engine idling, lights on and ready to hit the highway for some fun.

Old school from the inside out

But before we jumped on the Wangan, there was something else Larry and I wanted to see.


Yep, the interior. Swinging the driver’s side door open, the thick maroon carpet-like upholstery on the door card was the appetizer to quite the epic 1983 ambience the HR30 has to offer.


The impossibly square plastic dash and stacked consoles have been mated to contrasting touches of modernity, starting first off with the pair of Bride Brix reclinable seats that replace the soft stock chairs.


Bu-ri-ddo is the right way to pronounce it of course, as the seats aren’t looking for a groom to get married to if you know what I mean!


The simple instrument cluster is nothing short of retro-goodness: two 3/4 dials for the speedometer and tacho, with the rest of the read-outs being graphically represented on four roller-type dials.


The points of contact between Rich and his R30 have been spiced up too, the T&E Vertex steering wheel joining a beautiful Varis carbon fiber shift knob.


While the ’80s dials might be cool too look at, they aren’t exactly that accurate by today’s standards which is why a few more precise gauges have been added: a triplet of GReddy items and a large Autometer rpm meter.


It might not be a GT-R, but what it lacks in looks, power and potential performance, it sure as hell makes up for in sheer personality. As someone in a well known pop-culture movie once said, “Personality goes a long way” and that is precisely why Rich will continue to enjoy his car for years to come.



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I remember one of these being for sale here in Washington a few months ago


I've always wanted a C210 Skyline, and right after that is the R30/R31. I'd totally take one of these over a GTR. Nothing against the GTRs, but I love the looks of these.


i can hear the soundtrack of Drive looking at this


I've heard the gossip from the street to the slamma', they're trying to see if Dino stays true to his gramma' ;)


loving the electric fan mounted in there lol! i keep thinking i'd like to make the radiator overflow for my car out of a mountain dew bottle, this is adding to the desire!


Awesome car very nice.


I'd rock an R30 in a heartbeat <3


Oosh I didn't realise that was under the hood... nice! <3


This is so utterly cool. Always had a bit of a soft spot for nicely modified R30s and 31s. This one is just so clean and nicely done as well.


It's about time Dino! I've been waiting for this article for MONTHS after seeing a photo of this Skyline! Can't really beat K.I.S.S. can you now?! Nice pictures, great post….as always! :D


So it's pronounced "Bu-ri-ddo". Dang! I've been pronouncing it wrong this whole time. Nice skyline btw!


love this rich! can't wait til i see it in person :)


meal stub Yup haha


TidalMAz :)


Hotcakes Sounds nuts too!


Taryn Croucher Yeah no asthmatic L20 lol

turbo BEAMS ae86

That folded plate looks really heaty.  don't u get pulled for that kind of thing?

Omer (beercoozie)

Dude. That thing is dripped in bitchin'.


yess! haha. i wasnt but when you said it i did.
now i cant get "nightcall" out of my head :)


IanMacdonald1 yea there's a fewDR30's  in WA. 2 super clean ones I know of. Mine won't be the only R30 in WA, but it may be the only HR and pretty sure the only R30 like this in the country.


Huge thanks to Dino and Larry for the hard work and time put in on this feature. The car has evolved since this shoot and will continue as it travels to the US. Thanks for all the support, definitely humbled and appreciative of it all!


Jeez Dino, you're freakin' relentless!
You know its only 8 days into the new year right?
Thanks for the Awesome car and thanks Rich for bringing this over
to the states.


familycar IanMacdonald1


familycarI was waiting for this feature. I reposted the first one on redgorillaz a while back and you commented on it.


familycarthat's one fine ride you've got there


familycar I think it came out great. It was nice to meet you!


Now you're gonna have to bring it down to slc and go cruise around with me and Brody. I'm happy to have one of the less desirable skylines, only 4 door in the whole state. ^_^

Gianluca FairladyZ

A really nice ride, compliments to the owner!


pleb_shit yes its mine haha. shipping depends on what company you go with and what option you choose (roll on/off or container).


Immediately caught my attention when it was on insta. It's soo perfect!


YES! posts like this are what drew me to speed hunters a couple a years back keep it up Jdm baby


Please make a video on this and other classic cars, the 240z etc
Love the work keep it up!


Thanks for posting some old japanese cars, this R30 is perfect !


From my first trip down the highway in tokyo extreme racer so many years ago, I have loved this Skyline model. So good, engine, body, wheels, tickin all the boxes, glad to see its in my home state, hope to see it in person. Nice work familycar.


danjapan13 Must do more!


Darren Eyre Can't on this car, it's no longer in Japan


tprodega JDM FTW!


Gvk :)


Rokurokuroku Nice!


vroomtothetomb Haha, wait until TAS!!


familycar Thank you Rich, and sorry for all the questions but at least I didn't ask why you drive a Japanese car in 15 different ways lol


familycar Thank you Rich, and sorry for all the questions but at least I didn't ask why you drive a Japanese car in 15 different ways lol


@turbo BEAMS ae86 Yeah good question, have you ever gotten pulled over Rich?




This is the only Skyline coupe that was locally sold in South Africa (called 2.8 GTX), besides the new very expensive GTR (which is not actually a Skyline)... The look of this one might just prompt me into a new project soon...

Thanks for this Dino!


speedhunters_dino Darren Eyre but aren't there lots of videographers in the states? work your magic dino. we know you can do it!


Nice car. So has your car arived state side yet? I currently have a HR30 on the boat. A '85 Paul Newman edition. I have been bitting at the bullet waiting for it to get here. Can't wait to go pick it up! Any one know if there's any R30's or R31's on the east coast? Mine's headed for Ohio wondering if there is any close.


I really wouldn't want to know the person who doesn't like R30 Skylines.


RacingPast No problem, and yes the new GT-R is not a real Skyline :D


I have always loved R30 / R31 generation of skylines. Great article. wouldn't have guessed the L28 swap! I personally would love one with the original RB20DET. One day!


The R30 is my favorite skyline. I'd import one, but I think I'm too tall. I'm 6'7


The R30 is my favorite skyline. I'd import one, but I think I'm too tall. I'm 6'7


The least desirable Skyline for me anyway, was the really big and slanty headlighted saloon thing. Late 60's I think. Nasty looking car. Most Skylines after that were perfect. Apart from the R33... There aren't many of those I like.


familycarIanMacdonald1Yea it was the only one Ive ever seen. The sad thing is that someone posted it in  a Subaru forum in the "NW Ugliest Car Competition" thread. A few people including myself, we are thinking the same thing, "why is this posted in here?" haha. I can understand why someone wouldn't like it, but honestly i think its great just based on the fact that its a bit different. It definitely has character even in stock form.


Love it. Especially the original dash!


That car looks downright fun. Favorite article of the year so far.


That car looks downright fun. Favorite article of the year so far.


@rabidbullfrog well, i believe there's one in maryland.


Seriously sick ride, Rich. Gonna go ahead and call this my favorite feature so far. Something about this car really ticks the boxes for me.


Any idea how much one of these in decent shape go for in Japan?


Brad_S You would fit, but not in the back seat... lol


Hey Dino, could you do a feature on a Nissan/Datsun Stanza SSS in Japan? It could have been called a Violet A10 over there, not sure though.

I found this image of an Australian rally car to use as a reference. RWD classic that was about the size of an E30.


About damn time! I've been waiting ever so patiently for this and did not disappoint! I may have to snag myself one of these while I'm I've there, but it is my goal to find a '89 R32 GTS-T type M because everyone knows RWD is more fun


I don't see why this Skyline wouldn't be even more desirable than the R34. Really, this is cooler and rare. I would definitely choose this over any other.


RacingPast @dino - Yeah Dino, I want also a full feature about the Soarer JZZ30 also. I will print it and put it on my garage wall. There is not many info about my car. It is right in between ages - a young timer to be loved. Pleeeeeaseee......I mean, thanks man! :)


Here is the Stanza in the 1000 lakes rally - check from 4:50


greenroadster the title is referring to something i said. no one wanted a hr30, they all wanted a dr30. barely anyone knows the difference, including half the people that own r30's so don't sweat it haha (hr came with l series, dr came with fj's. both NA and turbo versions for each engine). and thanks!


MikeDonnelly my car is RWD. and every military guy in japan is buying a 32, go for something cooler :)


LouisSoon for a nice one, $8-$50k depending a bunch of factors


Brad_S i'm 6's and fit just fine >_<. i think you could


scottcpynn HR's came with l20's ;)


@Jake Laird they're out there haha.


@rabidbullfrog theres a few in random places like georgia and TN iirc


@Whoshot thanks!


speedhunters_dino haha you were perfectly fine. i really enjoyed the article! i


familycar MikeDonnelly  well I'd really like to find a Mazda Cosmo and build it similar to this picture but I doubt I'd ever find one.


I always loved these skylines ever since the days I watched a couple of races where this one ate up all the competition :
This car *ruled* with an iron fist. At it's peak it was considered unbeatable.


familycar - No, I get it, the DR is with the cooler engine and the HR is with the larger engine. Still, I refer to the body, not the engine. This car, with any engine, would be cooler than any other jdm cars I know.


MikeDonnelly familycar I don't know if they're still there, but if you're anywhere near Washington State (and if so, know how to get to Seattle), there's a car lot down by South Seattle Community College with both a first and last generation Mazda Cosmo sitting in front of the sales office. I want them both so very, very badly XD


familycar. I was talking about a R31. which came with the RB2DET. But yes the R30 came with L20ET


Oh man those gauges!  The gauges!!!! Too cool it looks like something out of Air Wolf :D


Id take that over the R32's and R33's floating around here in Canada


I love almost everything about this car. It's fantastic...except for the stretched tires. Wish that trend would die.


familycar Well Dino is 6'5 and can barely fit in his R34 which is bigger than the R30. I don't worry about legroom so much as I do headroom


limefoxdog one of the best skylines...the best being the 1971 Harosuka....


UGHHH, i'd love to experience how this car drives


I would take an R31 over any other model in a hot second.  No bullshit.


vroomtothetomb while blasting through wangan lol. great, great car, love the original dash


msatlas the car has been styled this way since the 80's. that's one hell of a trend ;)


MikeDonnelly haha yea that would cool man . there are a few for sale here and there, but it is a bot of a collectors car


Brad_S haha the joys of being tall. i understand. i think just a test sit and some low seats is all you'd need


scottcpynn haha no worries man, i think i just misunderstood the post. i fail at the internet


@Mike speedhunters_dino Darren Eyre i have people contacting me already asking to film it, etc lol. something will turn up eventually.


Wow!! Really brings out the japanese racing culture :) Would love to own something like this...


absolutely frackin it!


Amin_nfs Great article, It's a cool looking R30 and the story of Rich proves that he's full of passion for his #Skyline.


Does anyone know what that boot lip is off? need one for mine !!
fantastic car and story!


Just wondering what camera was used since I'm looking to buy one on my trip to Italy.


Least desirable??? No way! I would die for this version of Skyline...


Least desirable my left nut. Love the R30s


My local speed shop here in the states has an R32 and a 4-door R30...they claim its the only one on american shores (or east coast at that) however i have my doubts......


TheDude69  i have a friend in utah with a 4 door. so your doubts are correct lol. I've seen a few others as well. also that r32 is illegal still if it's in the US


I'm always blown away by American car market, r32's are illegal but you can drive around in a semi-trailer sized "pick-up truck", and your modification/roadworthy laws seem SUPER lenient (fully built drag cars driving track-to-track for a race week? You lucky bastards...)
Also, I'm on the other side of the world and I've seen a few r30/31's rolling around the Internet with American plates, not many, but a few. I hate people who make broad claims like that.


That law has nothing to do with safety or modifications. In the US you can only legally import a car if it's over 25 years old. I believe that this had to do with manufacturers not wanting people importing cheap cars instead of buying new ones and I think somehow Mercedes pressured the government into passing that law. This may or may not be 100% accurate.


Brad_S I'm 6'4 & I perfectly fit in my R30 sedan


Brad_S I'm 6'4 & I perfectly fit in my R30 sedan


Where's the car at Dude69......this car is a DR NOT AN HR........from what I know, I'm the only one with a HR in the U.S.


Ken Meri


Oh and my HR30 is in NC


HR = 4door
DR = 2door
I own a HR.....stationed in Japan for years


Congrats, so was I. I'm also able to read my vin plate and title, which clearly states HR. The GT badges aren't from pepboys either. the HR and DR designations are as previously stated. Living in Japan doesn't mean you're right. If you'd like to learn anything else about your car, lmk. I took the time to actually research vice making up something on my head and calling it fact. Sorry to burst your bubble that you thought you had the only HR in the states.


And in case the title and vin plate aren't enough for you, here's the firewall


Not even gonna waste my time on here anymore.....with all the internet "experts"
My mechanic who restores them for a living in Kanagawa says so, I believe him.....Koyama has never been wrong so far......once I get the RB26 N1 in and my RB23 (


Not even gonna waste my time on here anymore.....with all the internet "experts"
My mechanic who restores them for a living in Kanagawa says so, I believe him.....Koyama has never been wrong so far......once I get the RB26 N1 in and my RB23 ( out......I'll shoot us pics
Fortunately for my I'm working on my 69 A12 Mopar car( and you thought HR parts are hard to get)
Good luck with your car bud......looks nice.


This is my car. I literally showed you that he is wrong, not sure what to tell you man.


Hi, not sure if my last post made it through. How can you tell the difference between HR and DR. It looks like and HR L20ET Turbo instrument cluster (6000rpm redline). I have 2 dr30's with fj20et but don't know what other differences there are (other than engine's ETC)


Here are my 2 babies. The White one is fairly stock standard. Has exhaust and wheels. The silver one has a list of mods as long as my arm and is only a month off getting back on the road (full engine rebuild/upgrade). Hoping to get 400rwhp (or close to). I'll post some dyno pics when we finally get it up and running again if anyone's interest


No, it's not a DR. The L20 is the HR engine. The DR was an FJ20. The instrument cluster gives it away too. The DR went higher than 8K on the tach.


HR=L20 straight six in "GT" badging.
DR=FJ20 four-banger in "RS" badging.
There was also the Ti which came with a lesser four-banger, a Z engine if I recall and did not have IRS.


gizzih74 Sexy DRs you have there. White was always my shit. If you need RS side stickers, Jenesis still has them.


@j_kouki The suspension geometry will make you wish it had all the tractability of a Fox-body Mustang. </sarcasm> They look good and the had decent power, but the suspension tech was so primitive. The semitrailing link would squat on launch and throw camber all out of whack. Saurus figured out how to graft a, I think it was an R33 rear member under one to get the multilink. That must drive awesome.


Your car looks awesome. I hope you are still rocking the L. I've owned both Ls and FJs and while the FJ is the one that gets all the attention, even my humble boosted up L20 was great. I still have a couple of 28s in the corner, but I'm rocking all DRs these days so I don't see getting a chance to hear that rumble of a 3.1 through sidedrafts. Guess I'll have to crank up the FJ and see what trouble I can cause. Hit me up if you need any R30 stuff. I've been scrounging R30 parts for 20 years and have a huge pile of stuff. Glad to help another R30 guy. (>.^)


Thanks for that! Yes I would love to get the stickers but I have no idea out to translate into English? I might try to ring them and hopefully somebody there speaks English. Do you have any of the boot lid badges?


gizzih74 I have a parts car I'm tearing down. The badges are a little crusty, but could be cleaned up. Shoot me an email.


its in washington!!! washington state? if so i need to find it!!!! i prefer the R31 GTSR but i love the HR30 as well ( not much a fan of the R30 (the other one) though)


Im amazed that these R30 models are so rare........plenty of them here in South AFrica (2.8 GTX....L28 powered coupe)! No turbo models though....


idk how you make such a nice triple carbed l28 build and not record audio. Massive fail.