Speedhunters’ Winter Is Coming:</br>Get Your Jacket On

You’ve had stickers. You’ve had T-shirts. Hell, you’ve even had an entire bodykit design by Kei Miura. However, you may need more than a T-shirt at the moment if you’re out and about, particularly if you’re in the northern hemisphere. So until we perfect our Speedhunters ski range or (for where I am in the UK) an inflatable dinghy, we’re releasing this stylish, super high quality woollen jacket to guard against the chill.

Fredric Aasbo Speedhunters EDTN Club Jacket-1866

As ever we’re using a top drawer American Apparel product, modelled here by our own Norwegian Hammer, Fredric Aasbø. The plush exterior is 80% wool to keep you warm and 20% nylon to keep you in perfect shape. The collar, waist and cuffs are ribbed, with snap-fastener closure down the front so you can button up tight. Dual side pockets are ready to be stuffed with keys, RC controllers, stickers or hands as necessary.

Fredric Aasbo Speedhunters EDTN Club Jacket-1819

Our winter jacket is one substantial item. This is one time when thicker is better, as the luxurious interior is made from stitched, heavy duty quilted twill. There’s an interior breast pocket for keeping your Speedhunters keychain and other goodies safe.

Fredric Aasbo Speedhunters EDTN Club Jacket-1510

On the left breast is the stark Speedhunters initial badge. The logos are printed in a soft, flexible flock that matches the feel of the jacket. You’ll have people stroking you before you know it. It’s just what happens.

Fredric Aasbo Speedhunters EDTN Club Jacket-1530

On the back is a maximum impact classic Speedhunters logo print running right across the shoulders. So if you want to look good on the street or at the track, keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, our woollen jacket is for you. Each deluxe jacket is custom crafted: it’s a fitted item, so be sure to carefully check sizing before you order. Refer to the sizing guide for details.

The Speedhunters winter jacket is available now in our store, priced at $210 in the US store or £150 GBP over in the EU. Sometimes a bit of luxury is worth the price.

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Little late don't you think?


Little late don't you think?


Who cares if it's late by a mere two weeks? Just look at Fred. What a pimp he is!


i dont know about your +5 C winters but thats not a winter jacket


I'll wear my cerise pac-a-mac over the top for waterproofing...


LOL this is exactly like my ILLEST winter jacket, really only differences is the ILLEST one has four pockets it's black and white and the ILLEST jacket was way cheaper LOL... Hopefully i can get one...


When are you guys gonna sell stuff cheap enough for the average joe to get in on it? Frustrating @ the price gouging.
Love your stuff, but damn. really?


@average joe second this. 210$ seems questionably high.


He's so dreamy.


thinks the logo on the back is too wide. looks very elegant though.   ;)


HAHA "winterjacket". Bullshit. More like a spring / fall jacket. Wear that when its snowy and -15c and you would freeze your ass off. Don't advertise stuff wrong. Just make you look silly.


Fimpish I thought SH brand is global and available to all... Not every country have snow during winter. I think that your response is narrow-minded!


I can't wait till monday so I can have a man crush on Fredric Aasbo.


132000 Agreed... i'm all gooey inside.


I can't believe people pay these prices for SH products. When i see these prices I have a tendency to scream R@PE!
I rather spend 210 on car parts.


Fredric, just so you know if this "drifting" thing doesn't work out for you I think you have a real shot a being a male model.


RacingPastFimpish You don't say. But you don't advertise a jacket as a "winter jacket" when its clearly not a winter jacket. Generally when you see a jacket on sale that's advertised as a "winter jacket", its very warm and made for winter. Not some "collegestyle-wannabe-winterjacket".


hilariously over priced!
id rather freeze my bum off!
Sometimes a bit of luxury is worth the price...cmon now...thats taking the biscuit!


A tad bit pricey D:


Larry Chen See you soon!


I haven't seen anything else in the store close to or over $100... I like it a lot but the price is ridiculous...


NoLabelNo1I bet it's made by the same people too, considering their US stuff is shipped from Fatlace.


Fimpish RacingPast You still didn't get it? That is a winter jacket where I live... If you don't like or need it leave it.


will it add an extra 5 horsepower to my car when i wear it


RacingPastFimpishdont feed the trolls lol