Sixth Appeal: 2015 Mustang Revealed

Mustang is a word that car fans the world over can still get misty eyed over. It’s a car that resonates across automotive culture, so the release of a redesigned model is always big news. That the Mustang will be ticking off its 50th year in production means there’s even more expectation, so the fact that FoMoCo are saying that the 2015 Mustang is aimed at a global audience shows their confidence in the latest facelift to their halo sportscar. It will be the first Mustang to be officially sold in Asian and European markets as well as in the traditional US homeland.


The press release contains all the usual hypobole (world class performance, dynamic driving, etc), but realistically I’m not sure many people will care about the minutiae – with a Mustang, it’s just got to live up to the name. There’s a reputation at stake. It’s about the looks… and ticking that V8 box.


For the former, it looks like another step in the right direction, with equal steps taken in design terms backwards and forwards in time. Where it’s retro inspired it’s even more classic, taking cues from iconic Fastback and Notchback designs of yesteryear. Where modernism takes hold there are even more straight lines and technology-inspired detailing. I’d say there are definitely Euro influences as well: I’m getting Jaguar XK-R from some angles. It depends on your view as to whether that’s a good thing…

Although there are superficial similarities with the outgoing design, the chassis is new and the 2015 Mustang is a couple of inches wider and lower, with the wheels pushed out to be flush with the fenders.


Shockingly for a Mustang, it now has independent rear suspension for the first time, replacing the solid rear axle that’s been a standard for so long. Control is described as being ‘more predictable’, which perhaps says something about previous models.

The entry level (which no one sensible will consider, gas prices aside), is the 3.7-litre V6, putting in around 300 horsepower. Next up is the morally ambiguous 2.3-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo, with about the same power but a dollop of extra torque. Then, if you want to live up to the Steve McQueen-featuring adverts, there’s the five-litre V8, with 420hp.


Ford are smarting from the Mustang being outsold by Chevy’s Camaro, so of course the hope is that this major relaunch will turns things round. The question is out there: they’ll have to wait a year to find out the answer. For the rest of us, we’ll be more interested in what happens once Vaughn Gittin, Jr. gets hold of one: then we’ll see what this new Mustang can really do… After all, going sideways with smoking rubber and V8 pushed to the limit is the only fair way to judge it. Watch this space!



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Great design, I really like the looks and the different drivetrains available for this mustang.  I'm curious to see the performance numbers of the ecoboost 2.3l in this car as I'm not sure how much weight they shed from the previous model.


It looks good on the outside, I'm not feeling the retro interior honestly. However this car looks worlds better then that new WRX.

Gianluca FairladyZ

It makes me wonder what Suspension Setup FoMoCo choosed for this new Version....Especially the rear axle!!!!!


Looks great! Nice that they've stepped out of the Victorian era and fitted it with suspension not from a horse and cart. I wonder if they'll offer the V8 in the UK? Probably not....


Why did they have to change it so much, all the world wanted was the current exterior styling with an independent rear suspension I don't think it will be as successful as the current retro gen, while I'm at it why did ford do with the falcon and mustang what GM did with the Zeta platform, it would have worked. It looks like a halfway version of the ford evos and th current mustang and as such it just fails.


One thing you shouldn't get from a Mustang is Euro influences. It's supposed to be an all American icon. I would take a classic over any new generation Mustang anyway, but I much preferred this one's predecessor. The 2015 model looks like its gone all round and soft. It's also starting to resemble the Mustang's of the 90's (bleurgh) rather than the original. I'm sure it will grow on me once all the hot versions start to appear, but at the moment, I do not like it.


Qu1N7 Turbo-charged four cylinder, apparently


jah1mon Ford said this new Mustang shed around 200lbs, give or take. But my guess is that it will feel like more, due to the fact that it's an entirely new chassis architecture. The chassis is almost two inches shorter in height at the roof; 1.3 inches shorter at the hood; and 2.5 inches shorter at the decklid. The chassis is also 2+ inches wider than the previous.
With the new chassis, better COG, IRS, and a boost in power from all engines, this Mustang should put up some great performance numbers.
I'm actually extremely interested in how the EcoBoost 4cyl performs, and how much more power can be squeezed from it. For road course applications, the lower weight of the 4cyl may provide a better balance to the car, and if HP/TQ can be cranked up, the 4cyl could be a serious surprise in performance.


ish, I think Ford just shooted themselves in the foot... I don't think they will get better sales with this Fusion/Taurus coupé.


Jordan_Burgess You might want to do some learning about the history of the Mustang because originally it was built with European designs in mind.
a quote direct from the design chief.
Having set the design standards for the Mustang, Oros said:“I told the team that I wanted the car to appeal to women, but I wanted men to desire it, too. I wanted a Ferrari-like front end, the motif centered on the front – something heavy-looking like a Maseratti [], but, please, not a trident – and I wanted air intakes on the side to cool the rear brakes. I said it should be as sporty as possible and look like it was related to European design.


Qu1N7 4cyl ecoboost engine, which is disappointing...


Jordan_Burgess  AdamBasing Qu1N7 I had a feeling that would be the case. It's understandable from Ford's perspective as selling a thirsty V8 coupe in Europe is nigh on impossible (just ask GM) but a Mustang isn't a Mustang without a V8; it's just not suited to the European market I guess, shame really.


PowerTryp Even if I had known that (and I'm not scolding myself for not knowing) I stand by what I said. Regardless of that the Mustang has become an icon of American muscle, so why try and make the new one look more Euro? To appeal to more Europeans? It wont. The Mustang has always been too big, too thirsty and up until now at least, way less sophisticated than anything already on offer over here. We don't need them, and only a handful of people will want them. Even less if the rumours are to be true and we in the UK won't even get a V8.


Gianluca FairladyZ  Independent Rear Suspension, no more live axle


Love it!


Jordan_Burgess PowerTryp The Europeans adore the Mustang, though. If you watch one of the videos by Downshift, one of the designers says that the Mustang has more Facebook fans in Europe than it does in America. Plus, I don't get where you think it doesn't look like a muscle car. Just because it's not the exact same design as the '67 except with some LEDs tacked on doesn't mean it doesn't look aggressive and muscular.


You guys need to learn proper grammar.Anyway I don't mind the look of this new Mustang, but it just doesn't look like what a true muscle car should be. It'd be a better concept for a Taurus or so.


zuberbomb Lol it looks almost exactly like the current one on offer


im interested that the 6 cylinder is the entry level and the 4 cylinder is the next level..


@Jake Laird Jordan_Burgess PowerTryp Nowhere have I said it doesn't look like a muscle car or that I expect it to look exactly the same as the '67, so I don't know where you got that from. I said it looks soft and rounded, hence not as aggressive as previous versions. It may have more fans, but I bet a small portion of those do or would even consider owning a Mustang. I am a fan of the Aston Martin One-77 on facebook, do I own one? Of course not. I'm also a fan of the new generation Dodge Challenger. Would I consider owning one? Not at all, for the same reasons I gave for not wanting a Mustang. Statistics like that mean nothing.


Jordan_Burgess PowerTryp Honestly I've been dying for a return to turbocharged 4 cylinder Mustang and I'm even more stoked that it's going to be 2.3L just like the SVO released back in 1984. As for your complaints on the body I just don't see how it's softer looking with the sharp fender creases at the top which do an amazing job of hiding the hood shut line and the tri-blade taillights at the back.
Honestly to each their own although I like it but now that Ford has done the Retro thing since 2005 and must now adopt some euro design pay homage to it's history and start looking forward again. 2015 is the Mustangs 50th anniversary and I think this is a fitting tribute to a vehicle that's been half a century in the making.


Dear Ford, if you're reading this please badge all 2.3L Ecoboost Mustangs as SVO just as you did with the Taurus SHO.


Wow, independent rear suspension AND a turbo 4 cylinder? My my Ford...


Euro influence stops with the unattractive grille.  The rest is Korean influence, as if they hired Hyundai's design chief to do the job (Hint: Not a compliment!).  The previous two generations were good looking cars.  This one is very definitely a step in the wrong direction on the styling.  The canopy is completely nondescript without any relation to Ford or the Mustang lineage.  The tailgate blackout and tail lights appear to have been applied by force to a shape that they were not intended for.  The grille references the other unrelated Ford models, but no previous generation Mustang.  The headlights could be on nearly any other car and convey no relation to Mustang or Ford at all.
And a four cylinder engine again?  Didn't they learn anything about the previous attempts to do that?  They should probably get out the Roman numeral "III" for this one, just to put the final nail in the coffin.


PowerTryp Jordan_Burgess I have always admired the aggressive, square stance of previous Mustangs and I think it has been lost. It definitely looks softer to me and I think that is actually partly due to those new creases and folds. It looks more delicate somehow. And as Jonathan likened it to the Jaguar XK, I can't help but see anything else when I look at that roof line. Some people might like that, but I'm not one of them. As you say, to each their own.


@Honto Ni Hahaha...this guy


i guess my new favorite mustang is probably the one that will be featured as the hero car in NFS movie. whats interesting to me is the new engine options and the interior. the outside of this current car will take some time getting used to looking at.




Hey look at Ford finally putting in suspension that was around before the first Mustang was built... They were originally planning to use IRS originally but didnt want to jack the price up an extra 100 dollars (not exactly cheap back in the 60's I suppose). It only took them what, half a century to get on the band wagon for sport suspension?
Furthermore the rear ends on these cars are absolutely DISGUSTING lately. The first throwback Mustang was a handsome looking car, but now I dont know what the hell they are doing. Fusion/Lancer front end that everyone is pulling off nowadays looks out of place, the roof line is like a hacked up porsche, and the side is just... Yawn... I have no doubts that the car will be absolutely killer and the handling (and this pains me as a BMW guy), will probably be quite awesome. To the old school crowd who might cry about IRS, I would say that we have come a long ways, you can still smash off a killer quarter mile time these days with indie rears!


I don't think it looks too bad(runs for cover)


This is my opinion on the new Mustang.
 I don't like it.
Then there is the objective design review of the new Mustang.
It's not a bad looking car, in the same way that Starbucks' espresso is not bad.
It's just "some car" , not a hint of personality.
Front: It's hard not to see Germany in that bumper, or in the headlights, or in the grille...
Side: Germany, again...
Rear:Oh the three-stroke taillight, so Mustang...aaaaaand Germany again...
I really think they should have taken more time drawing, and less time visiting Munich and Ingolstadt.


with that curved hood and headlight design it's starting to look more
like a luxury coupe than a muscle car. I feel it's lost some of it's
character.But that being said, I'm excited to see what Vaughn does with it!


Looks like brembos are standard after looking at the one that debuted today. I wonder if that is for the 5.0 and above or fall to all of the models.
I like it. Looks good.


They went irs in 1999 and 2001 with the cobra, but quickly learned that the enthusiast did not want it. They pull them out and swap them with straight axles because the mustang community loves drag racing. Now they have decided to go back so people will still remove them to make a drag going car.


Did Ford partner up with Mazda? The front looks similar to the new Atenza, which I personally like but lacks originality.


I'd hit it...


A lot of opinionated art school rejects on here lol. like turbo BEAMS ae86 mentioned: this is the same car just better.
Every model thats lasts more than 1 generation always gets more refined and toned R32,R33,R34 GTR; c4,c5,c6 corvette etc. Youre the quacks at art galleries looking at some "artists" vomit and saying dumb shit like "i really feel his passion".
I dont see or maybe I dont want to see this "EURO" influence...but i think they are going to love it! Im into hatchbacks and small cars but I drove a friends Mustang and its just a different experience.
Its WIIDE so you feel like youre sitting on a throne and instead of a granola bar of an engine, you get a whole banquet to feast on. You take your time digesting because Torque!
Now it has a 4cyl, 200lbs lighter, IRS and a timeless style against a sea of German and French hatches and sedans...This could be a game changer in these new markts = more RWD :)
Also, theres people saying its not tough enough - gtfo! Is it that hard to imagine some racing stripes, a lip kit and some driving lights? Vaugh Gittin Jr should have you guys covered with the next RTR


I see some of this in it

but i also see some of this in it:

I dont like it from really any direction...

any news if they are sticking with a solid rear axle still? they probably will because the drag racers want it, but i hope they move on!


I wonder if you spew that same retarded bullshit about ae86s, you know, the OTHER popular cult car that has a live rear axle as a defining characteristic.


So you're an ignorant idiot, and you proudly stand by your ignorance. Nice.

Guess what, dumbass. Like the other guy said, the original '65 Mustang was DESIGNED and marketed to evoke "European style". And later, the 1979 (Fox Body) Mustang was conceived and marketed with the exact same intent.  And, to consumers and compared to contemporary domestics, they DID look kind of "European". And clearly, to a lot of the whiners in this thread, this one pulls it off as well. "Boohoo, it looks too German!"

As for you snivelling pommies not wanting them, speak for yourself. The Richard Hamiltons DO like it. Furthermore, your decayed cesspool of a nation and civilization is hardly the most important market for ANY car company (since the demise of Rover).

Its meant to appeal to Russians and Chinese as high performance status car. There is a reason Ford has never offered it to Western Europe or Japan. You guys think you are too sophisticated and smart for such a car, so why even offer it to you.


Funny (not really) how Mustang topics always bring out all the snide negative comments about live rear axles and how Ford is just now discovering ancient technology. Yet none of these braindead talking-point morons will ever say shit on an AE86 topic about how Toyota was a totally primitive company that was using 19th century technology. Nor does anyone claim that an AE86 live axle makes the car handle oh-so-horribly.

You guys are a bunch of dumb hypocritical fanboy dipshits.
A good live axle design is superior to a mediocre IRS design. And guess what, quite a shocking lot of IRS designs are poor or mediocre and prioritized for driver comfort instead of aggresive handling performance. There are a shitload of Mustangs and AE86s out there that can outhandle your sad pile, now matter how much you boast about your "sophisticated" IRS.


Chevrolet Corvair fan to Supra/300ZX/911 Turbo fanboy: IRS and a turbo 6....Welcome to 1962 finally.



Mustang w/ a 4 banger turbo? LOL!  Certainly interesting... can't wait to see a modded one buzzing down the road like an Evo.


To do that they would be heavily pushed to make it a limited addition model just like the original SVO (just over 9000 built from 84-86). With they way they are plowing ahead and pushing the ECOBOOST line I can't see them doing that. My buddies dad has a lightly modded SVO and my god do I love that car.


Excuse me? 4 cylinder, next level?!

Really? REALLY?!


straight away it's hard for me to get used to because i don't like anything remotely modern. but i have to say i think Ford have done a Killer job of this. they are using it to replace the falcon in Australia, which disappointing me being somebody who owns four falcons, but i think this will do very well over here and i can see myself buying one as a daily one day.


envyxf250  yeah if only ford had done what gm and holden did with the zeta platform with the falcon and mustang but as we're seeing now with the commodore it would have only bought time


four-cylinder ??? WTF
Ceci n'est pas permis...


Its not a bad looking car in itself, but somehow it doesnt feel like a Mustang anymore. Somehow the design is a bit too "busy", and I liked the previous generation because of that. The new one will propably sell really well, considering how cheap these things usually are. Interested to see how these will look with a bit of tuning though.. :)


Last time Ford wanted to redesign the mustang after the classic GT500, gt350h, and the Boss days, the mustang the reinvented was awful, and people forgot that the car existed it was that ugly, and a few years ago they managed to make the mustang back into a real muscle car, but i think this is goig backwards again! JUST KEEP THE MUSTANG CLASSIC AND SIMPLE, thats the best way, the dodge challenger hasn't changed since it was redesigned, why change the mustang?


@pstar But the AE86 is thirty years old.....


@pstar Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I was clearly just stating my opinion, which I am entitled to stand by. That doesnt make me ignorant. Then you attack me and my country for what reason? And you call me ignorant and dumb?

Jog on


6 cylinder is NA, Ecoboost is more efficient and more powerful, it's a better engine... Will be the easiest to extract power from too.


I like it, reminds me of an SN95 Mustang, has some very similar lines. Remember the fox body SVO turbo 4 cylinders? this will be a popular car!


It's a pity that Ford never went the 4.0L I6 Turbo in the Ford Falcon car over here in Australia. That's an engine with tuning potential, considering it puts out stock 270-310 kW and 533-550 Nm of torque in the Australian car variants.


No, they didn't partner up. All the car companies have those same up-swept fog light grilles now, likely after seeing them on Mazda's Shinari concept a couple of years back and not wanting to be beaten. Other than the "angry eyes" I don't get why people think this looks like a 6/Atenza. If anything, it looks like an Aston that had an angry stroke.


FunctionFirst Turbocharged Mustangs were sold in 1979.


@MarloStanfield I don't get it, everything Honto said makes sense. What are you trying to communicate?


Yeap, not the first time either
Look up an SVO mustang (4 cyl-single turbo)... they have been way faster than any 6 cylinder mustang


never would have guessed the next gen turbo 4 cylinder rwd "cheap" sports car from . . .  ford? come on japan this is just sad.


@alex Mark Clark 
The Challenger won't live on. The Mustang has always eveolved. Look at the departure the Mustang fox body was (79-93)! Sold more of those than any other Mustang produced and still crazy popular today. I think people need to be a little more open minded and wait until they see this new Mustang first hand. By the way, the Mustang II although not popular today did extremely well for Ford back in that time period. I'll place faith in Ford...The Mustang has never gone away while all others have at some point or just stayed dead,


Dude you had me crackin up with the granola bar vs. feast. RIGHT - your comments nailed it.