It’s the Top Gear syndrome: for those of you who are unaware of the global phenomenon, the original UK television program has pushed the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect on our screens. The first time they raced across a country it was impressive; now they have to cover whole continents, backwards, on fire, in costume, to even garner an applause. So it is with Ken Block – the man who raced snowboarders in a Subaru and spawned a whole raft of parody type videos is back.

After using a whole city in his last effort which debuted nearly eighteen months ago, Ken’s branding his sixth effort as going back to basics. We got a sneak preview at SEMA last week, in a packed bar at the top of a hotel with Vegas as a twinkling backdrop. So it was actually refreshing to see Ken take things a step back, just setting up a technical course and going for it. Sit back and watch some close proximity driving from the original Hoonigan and if there aren’t enough flames, explosions and cities involved, just remember, you’ve seen that already…

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_bryn

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Back to the old school


Finally, a Gymkhana vid without pre-existing black tire marks!


DaoTran There were a few, but not nearly as many as in previous videos. The Segway scene had some. Maybe he's getting better haha


luke_greensill DaoTran I think they listened to the comments on the last one and realised they needed to address it!




Those turbo fans!!!! I've watched it twice in class so far with no sound and it's still awesome. I can't wait to here it too!


if i was rich i would be doing the same thing hes doing every morning after my bowl of shredded wheat (with sugar on top of course). god that looks fun.


Block was Baller in Gymkhana 1 and still is.


DaoTran haha, I had the same thought. it seems he's doing it all in one run. no more failed attempts. (then again, it's probably just the look.)


DaoTran honestly if you look closely in some of the above shots 2:28 for example, you can see faint tire marks... Looks like they spent some time cleaning up between takes...


hanablemoore I prefer the pre-frosted variety. Less work, same end result.


Man this one just ranks at the bottom. It took a long time for him to beat the original when he did Gym 5 but I guess one day he'll do it again. Today just wasn't that day.


Speedhunters_Bryn luke_greensill DaoTran you can actually see some lighter marks from practice runs or did they clean them up? in my opinion the stunts in this one were the easiest. He has done more dangerous jumps out in WRC. The back lambo actually slowed down and left more space for him when he went around the front one.


PaddyMcGrath hanablemoore where's the satisfaction in not doing it yourself? Seriously man.


Same 'ole same 'ole. Snooze.


The_Stig_Farmer hanablemoore I can never get the wheat to frosting ratio just right. Always end up with way too much, or too little.


EricSeanDelaney maybe you should be paying attention


reno808 EricSeanDelaney Naw, no one pays attention in that class.


stikitnowcom DaoTran Totally agreed haha


Trying to impress the still suck at WRC.


Τhe greatest GYMKHANA!!!!!!


Loved every minute of it, to build your own course just makes it more exciting on the possibilities for Xgames or other gymkhanas.


I saw this just this morning. Very cool. :D


DaoTran I actually saw a few. The Segway part was the most obvious.


FunctionFirst I believe it was called "Gymkhana Practice"  ...but you already knew that, right?


@crossie DaoTran If they had to shoot this in one take, they would need a serious amount of cameras and crew, and you would see them in all of the other shots. His tires would never last that long either. One take is just rediculous.


Ok, Ken block gymkhana. I would love to say this was awesome. But honestly it wasnt. He has set too high of a precedent with the 5 other vids. This didn't really exemplify the true skill he has as a motor sport driver.....Notice I said motor sport driver on account of the fact he hasn't been successful as a pro rally driver, and I liken his freestyle type shredding to a street skater. He is better with no course or set run. Don't get me wrong. He is an incredible business man who has made himself an action sports mogul, with DC and now Hoonigan who has made enough money to just do what he loves and drive the piss out of cars. He should just stick to that.


JDMized lol, well if you had the money that he has at 43yrs old you would do the same thing. He knew he was never going to be fast, he just went out to have a blast.


Mfabs So coming 2nd to Higgins in the US rally series, makes him a dud rally driver? And with his multiple rally wins in the last several years in the US. Fine he didn't go that well in the WRC but when your 43 years old and have the money he has you would be doing it too.


You have a point sir...I retract part of my previous statement. And you are right, if I had the millions to finance my own race career, I would.


But Dave Oliver you have to agree that this gymkhana 6 was a let down.


Mfabs In a way yes, only cause everyone expected explosions, jumps, jumping apes etc. but I liked the back to basics approach. Last one I truly liked was the one in france (so gym3, first one with the ford)




DaveOliver Mfabs I wouldn't waste my money into WRC if I were 43. Too late to do well.
He did well at Higgins? LOL.....yeah in the US, where rally is pretty much non existent. 
Instead of spending million of dollars on those gymkhana videos trying to impress the young crowd with Dickies and flat-bill caps, I would invest my money into DC where he excels.


DaveOliver JDMized I do have the money he has!
"He knew he was never going to be fast"? Suuuuuure, lots of sponsor and endorsement backing him out for nothing in return, you sure understand how business is done!


JDMized DaveOliver Mfabs "I wouldn't waste my money into WRC if I were 43. Too late to do well." Perhaps its something that only a motorsport fan understands then: if I had the chance to drive the best rally cars in the world, at the best events in the world and sponsors willing to back me in my attempt I would take it in a heartbeat.
Block was never going to win the WRC and, from the many interviews he has done on the subject, he knew that as well as anyone. A chance to compete against the best in the World: thats FAR from a waste of money in my mind.


JDMized DaveOliver Check out the "Drive" interview with Block on You Tube, or his segment in "Easier Said Than Done" JDMized. Block never expected to challenge for the Championship, but it was his chance to run at the peak of a sport that he genuinely seems to love.
From what I've seen Block does seem a genuine motorsport fan who is living the dream that most of us would jump at. Sadly I think he is a victim of the marketing that allows him to race in the first place.


I enjoyed it, though its not my fave in the series. The odd numbered Gymkhanas are still the best in my opinion, with the first one my pick of the bunch.
Bonus points to Block for a bit of Slayer over the credits!


JDMized DaveOliver Dude owns DC shoes, he started his rallying career by sponsoring himself.


DaveOliver Mfabs they can call it back to the basics all they want but he drove better and entertained better in the first video. The first video wasn't even his rally car, it was his personal car he drove to subaru meets! It had a stock transmission. Highly modified car, but not built to the level of a rally fiesta. Back to basics didn't look like a failed need for speed commercial last time I checked.


tbtstt JDMized DaveOliver When you love something, you don't have to showcase it and slap it on everyone's face. You do it FOR YOURSELF. Advertising it, causes the audience (us) to see someone who's trying his hardest to "make it", to make a point, to prove something; and like I said, since Ken Block has already passed his prime, he has no place in the lime light, and never did. So why trying so hard?
You follow you passion FOR YOURSELF, or to please others? I thought so.


Fresh rubber, shipping containers, and Slayer. I hope G7 is shot with a stock Ford Focus ST and in Detroit - GO MERICA and gosh bless Block.


JDMized DaveOliver So JDMized, you have the same money as Ken.
He gets out and has a good old time with money he has worked hard for, always makes himself available to young (and old) fans. Makes cool clips for people to see for free and sponsors athletes.
You are sitting there with your Platinum Visa up your ass hammering away at a keyboard giving non-stop grief to the team here that provide us with awesome, free content but somehow think you're the right person to criticise him?
I love the banter, back and forth and contrasting opinions on here but you are just a cock. Please get your money out of the bank and choke on it.


JDMized tbtstt DaveOliver You've really touched upon the latter part of my previous post, specifically that I think Block is a victim of the marketing that allows him to race in the first place.
If he (or his media team) weren't "slapping it in everyone's face" he wouldn't be in the position to do what he is doing. Blocks media savvy approach has obviously won him a lot of sponsors, but I daresay its alienated a lot of motorsport fans as well.
As I mentioned in my previous post, check out the "Drive" interview with Block.


HLB JDMized DaveOliver He use too, and is now a "consultant"


i know there was a special on SH about the turbo wheel thingy.... is there any useful aide to having it like cooling or does he have it for style?? and where are the explosions?!??!?!