Bringing Back The Seventies: IDx Freeflow
Datsun 510 roots

Is this Nissan’s answer to the Toyota 86? Whether or not it might be, there’s no arguing that Nissan has provided the biggest surprise at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. I don’t know if it was the same experience for others at the show, but the ’70s-inspired IDx Freeflow proved to be initially confusing. Like a lot of people attending the event, I was expecting to see a concept of the next generation Silvia, but instead there we were, looking at this strange, angular creation that Carlos Ghosn so proudly unveiled.


I initially didn’t know what to make of it. That square, almost flat face with differing surfaces looked alien to anything Nissan has created in the past. But that was before it rotated around on its display…


… where right at that point it made complete sense. The obvious inspiration had been the Datsun 510 – an iconic car and a favourite with enthusiasts around the world.


While Toyota looked to the ’80s for inspiration with its 86/GT86/FR-S, Nissan wound the clock back another decade and embraced those angular lines to create something different. And it’s precisely here where I think it got it right. Had Nissan looked at the ’80s and the Silvia, it wouldn’t have made as much of an impact, and perhaps been seen as following in Toyota’s footsteps. That said, however…


… there’s no denying that the IDx Freeflow does channel some obvious CSP311 Silvia traits in its innovative design DNA.

Nismo and the BRE influence

Nissan entrusted David Malcolm Beasley, working out of the automaker’s London design studio, to come up with a car that would allow the manufacturer to make a bold statement. Here is Beasley explaining the finer details of his creation to Peter Brock of Brock Racing Enterprises – a man that won two Trans Am championships in his BRE Datsun 510 back in the original car’s heyday. While the homage to the BRE wasn’t quite spelled out…


… the Nismo version of the IDx didn’t need to wear the BRE letters for those in the know to understand the obvious linkage. David stays well informed with current tuning culture around the world, and has relied on his knowledge to take the IDx and give it the Nismo treatment. Needless to say, Nissan couldn’t have picked a better designer to come up with a faithful interpretation of what enthusiasts really wanted to see. There are lots of touches that add further aggression to the design, from the different headlights and that bucktooth front spoiler…


… to works-inspired pumped front and rear fenders. The red-on-white Nismo motif is carried out throughout the design, and that C-pillar detailing which truly links the car back to the 510, wears a Nissan badge.


There is copious use of carbon fiber throughout, especially at the rear of the car around the taillights and the trunk.


Contrary to what many assumed, both these cars are actually built on running chassis, but there is no indication what engine and transmission configuration might be used for production. We weren’t even given a straight answer to whether these cars would actually make it to production one day. Judging from the runways success these where however, it goes without saying Nissan really, really needs to make the IDx. Oh and no CVT transmissions please. Seriously – no CVTs!


Wanting to take a closer look, the cool guys at Nissan allowed me to hop up on the display…


… so I could take a little nose around in the Nismo version of the car, which of course is the version we’re far more interested in.


Red suede race seats flanked by Nismo harness feature at the centre of the two-seater cabin, hinting at the intended use of the car.


The interior layout is very simple and very driver oriented with a carbon fiber dashboard and brushed aluminium-look trim to brighten things up. The simple analogue instrumentations is combined with a GT-R-inspired Multi Function Display at the centre of the dash and minimalistic switch gear. That might be all good stuff, but the two pedal layout worries me a little. If Nissan are planning to use a dual-clutch transmission on the production version of the IDx then, good – very good. But with a lot of rumours hinting towards use of the Juke’s 1.6-litre turbo four-banger, then the obvious concerns for the CVT transmission continue to mount.


I really don’t want to see Nissan coming up with such a cool and forward-thinking design, and then spoil it all with a continuously variable transmission. Hopefully its engineers know that such a transmission has absolutely no place in a car like this. Oh, and of course we want a traditional manual too. Luckily the Juke does have a manual gearbox option, so there is no reason that couldn’t be used in this car.


So there you have it. Nissan showed us it has taken notice of the 86 and its runaway success and is planning to do something about it – and in a very unique way that is getting lots of thumbs up from enthusiasts around the world. The IDx and its Nismo counterpart was such a showstopper it sort of stole some of the attention away from the 2015 GT-R and the Nismo version which managed to set another record at the Nürbugring with a 7:08 lap of the famous Nordschleife. Fear not however, I’ll be driving the Nismo GT-R next week so you can expect to see much more on that then!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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I can see what they've tried to do, but it looks terrible. Sorry Nissan!


I love the concept but to me it still needs some work.  Rather than 510 I think they should look more towards the original Silvia for inspiration.  This concept with a more flowing design would be a home run.


Nissan would do a better job if Renault just left them alone to do their own thing.........


Love it, exactly what Ive been waiting for. As long as it comes with a proper clutch and manual, light and reasonably cheap in Oz (doubt it) then ill be putting a deposit down quick smart.


concept is gorgeous, but it is totally, ridiculously, not what a production version would look like. Centerlock Wheels? Carbon everything? yeah, i call total PR building bullshit.


For a concept I think it's brilliant. For day to day driving, not so much. I don't think I could handle that interior everyday.


3nigm4 Well they would obviously tone it down for production, it is a concept, a running one, but still a concept.


chronsbons Don't look at the  Nismo version, the Freeflow is the one what would spawn off the production car


albo13 Yep, it's a great move by Nissan. They were becoming boring, now they are exciting again. Mind you, that's if they make it...


Make the base version brz competition and nismo focus St and mz3 competition. With the turbo engine they can do that easily.
It will slot in under the Z and be a perfect 20k-27k car.


zackspeed333 It does have some elements of the original 60's Silvia


It will probably look like a smushed retro sentra with the production version


cool idea, but that front looks about as aerodynamic as a shoe box


Or hell if they feel Cheeky they can even throw in a VQ35HR motor in what I'm guessing is a 2700lb chassis and make a great nismo-rs version


Lachlan Salter It would need to be refined for pedestrian safety. Mind you the Camaro seems to get away with it lol


TarikLaaraj Now you're talking :D


speedhunters_dino 3nigm4 I realise that, and I'm hoping that if it does see production that a retro styled interior based on the original 510 finds it's way inside. That would be brilliant.


TarikLaaraj someone fund this


Let's take the z. It's silhouette is similar to the s40. An attractive car. This is questionable. I wish it looked more like an s15 Silvia. I know they are common outside the us but I think it would be more exciting to see Nissan bring back the Silvia instead.


Why does the Nismo have exposed rivets when it doesn't have bolt on flares? It's doing my head in.


Love every inch of it, they should produce it just like that, it looks very Pinifarina. Lets hope they make a proper manual though.


speedhunters_dino chronsbons Good point.  Freeflow is still total PR Bullshit though. Those mirrors = illegal. Those door handles show up on every concept and only see production on cars like the GTR and oddballs like the Fiat Barchetta. And finally, the bumper. In order to pass modern pedestrian safety standards the bumper will have to grow exponentially or the hood profile will need to be modified massively. It's a nice pipe dream though :/


The Nismo version is the only thing worth looking at though!!! The base model is sort of an eye-sore!


Yick! I'd have an 86 over that any day, and I loathe 86's.....this thing just looks awkward and strange.




I actually like it- ays homage to the original to the original Datsun 510! Biggest the biggest Nissan Fan (having grown up with them and owning 2 myself) feel that Nissan have for the last past decade THINK about what us enthusiasts want. "NISSAN don't THINK about what we want, GIVE us what we NEED"


I like the concept, but if that's what the finished product is going to look like I'd have to pass. Ain't pretty enough yet, but if she moves I could get over that. Still hope they smooth out some of the wonkier aspects of it aesthetically. I will put some faith in Nissan.


Nismo version looks closer to something I'd spend money on.  Either way though, once the angles are softened and the interior gets sorted out I think Nissan's got a money-maker on their hands.  The original 510 was a legendary car because of how it drove, not necessarily how it looked.  That's what's going to matter here as well.
Looking at this concept though has me thinking; to hell with an RX-7 resurrection, bring on the 2017 Savannah RX-3!


Thank goodness this is a concept, the styling is way too complicated... Rather have a simple design, with a simple engine and transmission.
BTW - That transmission tunnel is way too high if they are running that side exhaust (how wide will the door sills be?)... It seems Nissan created this to show their design skills and failed miserably. If the engine is in front then it will need more space between the dash and the front wheels. Rather make this a mid-front engined coupe with boxy styling... then it would perfect!


It's cool, but definitely a little overdone and "concept-y". Look at the dilution from the original Toyota 86 concept to the production car. It does look cool though, and it's at least nice to see another mainstream manufacturer latching onto the lightweight RWD concept after the success of the 86/FRS/BRZ.


New Old School Design


RacingPast Don't forget it is literally just a design at this stage, doesn't have an engine or anything.


I really like it personally, the front end has a real muscle car vibe to it which I totally dig.


LilGuyDoingIt Nice way to put it :)


@Brian Spilner RacingPast It has an engine and it is a rolling chassis, both of the cars :)


Simply P Yeah but Mazda has pretty much said it won't pursue the rotary as it's just way too inefficient and polluting. So that's probably not going to happen :(


japanophile25 I think they will do a cool job, I'm certain of it! 4-spoke wheels need to stay on the Nissan model too!


Mclaren F1 Thumbs up to that!!;)


koko san Well David Malcolm Beasley used to work for Pininfarina, so a very good observation. He has designed elements of some pretty nice cars currently in production and I think Nissan should really make him design a lot of new future Nissan and Infiniti models!


James1010 Design...


Really not a fan of this concept,  would of much preferred a new Silvia design...


Manual Juke is FWD ;) So they'd better not use this box ;) We want RWD coupe !

Gianluca FairladyZ

Wow a friend of mine has a mint Datsun 510! This hits the design of the old one a lot! Hope they'll make a true blood Hakosuka Retro Concept, so that a customer like me in Europe can buy it !!!!


TomekZellSzopa I agree, we do not need another beetle... all it needs is a longer wheel base, not for more interior space, but to get all the heavy bits between the front and rear wheels. Already the front has grown on me since the upload.


Argh - I don't think I've ever been so on the fence about a car before. It's making my head hurt! lol


it has potential but i think its too "upright" or tall. but hey, its a concept at the moment!


I'm waiting for a version that is uni colour before I can decided whether or not I like the design. Some angles seem a bit strange and the car looks very tall when looking from the rear, but most of that is deception of the eye I think.


fender mirrors on the nismo look hella tight, other than that i'm glad this is still a concept. lets hope the finished version will look more like car and less like lego


daskulthomas They are cameras BTW, would never make it to production obviously


westhave I had the same thought run through my head, just wondering what it would look like in one single hue.


RacingPast TomekZellSzopa How about AWD?


speedhunters_dino TomekZellSzopa AWD could work (with NO electric motors though)... maybe 15/85 split :) but then it is not so simple anymore...


I actually like this, a lot. Needs a simpler color scheme and the c-pillar needs some work. Front and rear look awesome.


Did he use the word beautiful? This post has to be sarcastic because that looks like something Dodge would design #SimplyUgly


of course they're going to sell it with bloody automatic.... what a waste of time and energy. the concept car only have two pedals


what a insult to the Datsun 510


speedhunters_dino RacingPast TomekZellSzopaHow it would become GT86/BRZ competitor then ? With AWD it would be a lost battle against EVO's and STi's or even lower tier WRX. I don't suppose that the design will go with most non-enthusiasts and the enthusiasts would like Nissan to make it RWD. Plus I don't see a point of making a baby GTR since the normal doesn't cost that much (just the servicing, but still cheaper than any Porsche etc.).


I think this car looks phenomenal!  I can't wait to see if they take it further and how they proceed with certain aspects of the car.


I think the Nismo is kind of overdone, I like the regular version much better.


The idea is so simple that it has now become so great ... I'm glad that nissan has dusted off the line of his coupe 70s. I hope that the European homes will wake up and put in this new production concept sports car for everyone!
L'idea è talmente semplice che ormai è diventata geniale... sono contento che che la nissan abbia rispolverato la linea del suo coupe degli anni 70. Spero che anche le case europee si sveglino e mettano in produzione questo nuovo concetto di auto sportiva per tutti!


Brilliant write up, Dino! And it was great to see you work! And yes! NO CVT!! Leave it to scooter wannabe eco tin cans!  NO CVT, hear that Subaru?


Kickstarter anyone?


That C pillar is hideous!!!!
Still don't like the super duper angel eyes and the front bumper and how the front fenders match with the hood and bumper, maybe is a matter of getting used to that kind of lines. The roof resembles a mini cooper ewwww and the rear (tailights and bumper) are too concept-like and need a new styling.
I like the mirrors in the nismo version, the grille and the lines of the hood in the normal version.


That's fucking horrible. I have pretty much lost complete faith in the automotive industry to produce anything worth my money these days.


can i be the first to say I actually like it from a design perspective. get rid of the chrome and matching paint all over and this would be sweet


Thank you Dino for the in-depth coverage on this car.  I like the design of it as well and I'm in agreement that it NEEDS a manual option.  Sometimes it is just hard to visualize how these concepts will/if at all transfer to a production car.


Now if only it weren't so ugly


Amen to that brother, those four spokes and the quad headlights are the best parts. I'm tenative, but excited.


BAD ASS and right on the money for what we needed from Nissan.  Something retro but also futuristic, something small but in big modern proportions. Total home run with the pair of IDx cars!  Cool to see the tuned version come together so well and the pedestrian version hold its own.  I can see Nissan selling millions of these globally with the right pricing and good powertrains in them.


Cant they just take classic design and rebiuld it with different engines, different materials etc. I doubt we need box shaped cars that are trying to be something more than a box..


@jjjjj sadly impossible with todays safety regulations on new cars (esp. pedestrian crash safety)


The size of the transmission tunnel hints to an RWD layout, so I'd think, even if it gets the Yukes 1.6 turbo (with its Deltawing racing pedigree) it won't get the Yukes transverse transmissions.


Acc what about the equus?


The BRE Stripes are actually vents! Cool! 
And I love the rivet holes for the fender flares, even though the flares are actually molded into the body. Very throwback. 
It needs some work, but as a Datsun owner, I'm glad they have not forgotten their roots. I think when they tone down the design for the production model it will be just right.


I want to like it, but I don't. I like the idea behind it, but it's too futuristic and concept car-y for me. Looks like a Hot Wheels toy, like it isn't a real thing, if that makes sense?


Such an inviting interior...


KO_pandarsis Acc What about it?


Wow! I think that is the only retro design that I actually like, and like a lot. I'd start saving my pennies now if it wasn't for the press release saying:
"1.6L direct-injection turbocharged engine together with a sporty CVT with 6-speed manual shift mode and synchronized rev control. The result is no less than an appealing mix of racing heritage with the finest of modern know-how."
My faith in automakers is nearly depleted, I'll keep looking for a proper 510 from the 70's thank you very much, when cars were real cars.


d_rav They're not gonna make a new Silvia...I mean who's gonna afford it? Young people are for the most part broke and are not interested in cars, but the older crowd will surely have the means and desire to buy the new "510"'s all business, my friend.


hated it 12 hrs ago.  love it now.  I dont like new car styling at all.  this is good.  FRS looks like a hyundai and nothing like the ae86.


Looks like Nissan took the liberty of redesigning the 70's Celica! Thanks Nissan! Now we know why Toyota hasn't done that yet! Yuck!


Okay this may just be me, but the front end minus dual headlights looks way more similar to the 2002 than the 510... I stare at mine everyday and that shark nose screams BMW. To be honest though, this has my eye! I would jump all over this if they released something similar to the nismo version!


apex_DNA KO_pandarsis Acc The Equus disproves your statement - SURE there are new regulations regarding safety, but you can produce a car with modern technology in an old design and still have it look classic with modern touches.


it better have a freaking clutch peddle in the production version!!!
but otherwise, hell to the yes. Give me a 4banger turbo with 300 ponies that weighs about the same as an actual pony, and I'm sold!


@turbo BEAMS ae86 lol. i just hope it performs better than it looks.


If Nissan actually build this thing, and I hope they do, I foresee this as being the first Anti-Resto Rod. Instead of taking an old body and updating with modern engine, drivetrain and chassis, I would take this modern body, strip it clean and add an L20B inline-4 with twin sidedraft weber carbs, a proper 5-speed manual gearbox and make sure power went to the rear. Hell I might even put a solid rear axle in out of spite. Might keep modern brakes and suspension though.


I like this A LOT, with a manual, RWD or AWD, eventhough it is a retro-thing, but I rather like it when they say that they got inspiration from an old model, that you actually can see which model. Not just saying that your new car is a new version of an AE86 and then just mixing a Hyundai Genesis and a Toyota Paseo together.
Funny that most of the time people are complaining that production cars are boring compared to their prototypes and that now people are allready asking to make them more boring,...
I just hope that they take a max 2 liter engine from themselves or in collaboration with their partners Renault and Mercedes (Megane RS? 250hp or maybe a full-on Nismo spec b with A45 AMG-power??? 340hp)
Maybe they even can find a chassis (CLA???) or make together a new chassis that can be used to revive a Alpine A110? or a new Simca Rallye???
Dreams, dreams, dreams


speedhunters_dino Simply P Yeah, SKYACTIV appears to be the future of Mazda powerplants.  The direct-injection rotary was giving us hope for a short time, and I still think it could return in a hybrid form in the future, but you're right.

So how about this then; 2017 Mazda Capella (powered by the MS3s MZR engine)?  2.3 liters of turbo power in a RWD RX-2 inspired body would make so much money that a new RX-7 would almost be guaranteed to follow.
Mazda, are you listening?


I think with simplified facias this would look better. Rear pillar looks great. Love to see this in production.


Aww I wanted a new silvia


@Azlian I think this is all we might get...


Tung First concepts are always very extreme, they have to be in order to get a reaction.


nickmmele Seems roots are important to Nissan once again. Let's hope this makes it to production!


jah1mon Thanks man, I'm glad this went down well. Aside from the Nismo GT-R, the NSX and the 660 there wasn't much excitement this year at the TMS. I'll have another post from the show to show the rest so stay tuned for more...


JakWhite It takes time to appreciate. I dismissed it too as soon as it was shown but the more you look at it the more it makes sense!


AndresBarquero I think it's the coolest aspect of the design. Each to their own then haha


TokyoCarGuy Thanks dude! ;)


MattClarke Oh come on now...


@blitz I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.


Justjulian Beauty is in the eye of the beholder lol


i love this concept! nobody has embraced that old school feel/styling with modern technology as much as this nismo 510!


Keep it in the mid-20k range and dont screw up the drivetrain choice and I will buy my first nissan.


Hyundai Equus does not look classic at all, mid-'90s at best, unless you're talking about something entirely different...if you are comparing low hood lines (assuming that's what you're referring to), look no further than new "86" - it's not late-'80s/90s Honda low, but low enough.


Camerondpack I think this is exactly the sort of feedback Nissan is looking for :)


Escalante11_ Indeed!


Please Nissan listen to enthusiasts . Please, make this car! Peaaaaaaasee!!! (I know it's too much to ask for double a-arms front and rear)


been a long time coming. hope this makes production in some form


Um, it looks much more like a Hakosuka to me than a 510. Headlights are far too angular and agressive and more akin to the GTR, even the rear quarter window, paired with the modern GTR roof line...  
Compare the last picture of chapter 1 to this:


TyPetersen Back in the day, the 510 was built to mimic the 2002...


any price for this new 510 NISMO it locks nice with OLD style and  Modern technology


You might get the car, but double A-arms up front? Forget about it. Not even Honda which used to put them on literally every model has them anymore.


It better be RWD.
The juke engine isn't half bad (that turbo one) but, such a great design inspired by a RWD car simply CANT be FWD. 
I think everybody here knows that this transition is not exactly good for these kind of cars (corolla, anyone?)


I know all about it haha, unfortunately they absolutely crushed 2002's in one of the racing series with John Morton behind the whee. Still though, that front end has a 2002 shark nose, the original 510 was pretty much flat lol


Bring back the DATSUN


TyPetersen RacingPast The 510 definitely wasn't flat on the front. It's more pronounced without the front bumper but it's definitely shark nosed.


so help me if that isn't RWD I will fly to japan and burn that factory down.


If you all ask loud enough, Nissan will make it!!


Nissan management, please listen. I hate it
inside and out. I think most of the people agree FT86 or BRZ got a great
success. People like these car because they are small nimble, RWD and
cost-effective, that’s why we like 4 burger plus turbo rather than V6, and that
is what Silvia all about. I just can’t figure it out why Nissan have to create
a new concept car for new sport car and don’t bring the Silvia back. I know
somebody will argue the new Silvia will affect the sale of Fairlady, but if
Nissan try to bring out the small sport car to the market, it will affect the
sale of Fairlady anyway. Also the look of this car doesn’t convinces me it can
go fast. Nissan, I can tell you, your loyalty customer don’t have the patience


Thank you! Great job all round to the design team, one if the best projects I've ever worked on for sure because of people on sites like Speedhunters who *get it*


:) design should be like marmite... You either love it or hate it. But everyone's opinion counts


Dino, thank you for such a great write up! Looks like we did pretty well and although its a real love/hate affair (as any good dressing should be), it's awesome to hear what everyone thinks! A huge thank you to the whole team who finished the cars in Nissan Design in Japan, what an awesome job! Without a doubt, the best team I have EVER seen and had the honour of being part of! But an equally huge thank you to you all here on the site forums, commenters and the Speedhunters staff who inspired us and helped us to dream like this! We do read all your thoughts and regularly check out the pulse of what's out there through great articles and photography like Dino's and the SH team. If you want this car, make your thoughts known to us at Nissan, and lets build it! ... And yes, it should have a manual! ;) best regards, D


When we worked on the model, we use clay and cover it in a silver metallic wrap called Dynoc to check the form and volumes... Trust me, it also looks banging in all silver!


Ha... Dino, you're now officially my spokesman ;)


Not if I have any say in it!!


That was meant for Tariq re. Production smushing (new word of the month?) ... We'll find a way to keep it tight!


I love it. As soon as I saw the slight angle over the headlights and the dramatised angle on the front fascia I knew which car it was echoing.  David and team, I love the way you've taken the iconic lines within the 510/1600 and taken them further. Also how the team's resolved the panels. If only you could get those tolerances on the production models! I think this is the right step towards the aggression a sports car needs and offers a great counterpoints to the flowy lines of the European cars and all the imitation of the post-Bangle BMWs by other makers. I love the C-pillar and where the rear quarter panel meets the tail-lights. I think my only issue is the checkerplate floor which feels like a lone imitation as a material amongst surfaces that are pretty true to their function.
The most important thing is how this looks so different to what the other Japanese manufacturers are doing and is clearly for the enthusiast market. The more I see the FT-86 and BRZ out and about they just seem like opportunities missed.
Great work guys!


really nice. love the 4 spoke wheels and the bonnet mirrors. and the nismo interior. the rivet holes are pointless


mbretschneider that centre tunnel certainly looks big enough for a driveshaft....




Nissan... PLEASE BUILD IT. The world will be a better place for it!!


walshatron Indeed it does, i noticed that too.
Though, do you remember the 90s mitsubishi eclipse? it had a gigantic tunnel (ok there was an AWD option, as the juke has too) and was FWD.
I dont believe nissan will screw up, plus US, Europe and Asia are big markets for RWD sportscars too.
Though (and i live here) , if Brazil ever got the car you can bet all our money that it would be the crappiest engine configuration possible and FWD-only (even if the original is RWD/AWD, like with the Escort, back in the day)


These are very disappointing design exercises.  It appears that the designer started with a Nissan Versa and simply placed flat planes with cutouts over the left side, right side, and top of the vehicle.  Cutting out the silhouette of a Toyota Celica (not even a Nissan!) for the sides, and just spanning the edges to form the top.  70's cars are characterized as being "boxy", but actually have few completely flat panels, and no 90 degree, perpendicular corners.  Anyone who has actually experienced one in person will note that most of the shapes are prismatic and diamond with faceted sides.  It is very apparent that the designer has not actually seen a 1970's car in person, and was working primarily from profile drawings and photos.

The size and proportion is totally alien to anything from the 1970's.  Taller and inflated.  The bulk of the vehicle does not convey muscle or power, but rather the typical fat and obesity embodied by most of the current models offered by Nissan and all other mainstream manufacturers.  1970's cars actually convey an athletic gauntness, a lean and bony appearance, of a machine that is ready to spring forth.
Details are severely lacking.  The front bumper is a stripe of black paint between the headlight band and the air dam/valence.  The first photo of the Nismo version looks like an exact duplicate of the FT86 prototype boat-prow nose that was mercifully softened for the production model.  The Mitsubishi Lancer style tail lamps are completely out of character.
It's obviously the work of someone who does not have much experience or knowledge of what he is trying to capture and convey, presented to a group who know they want something different from what the mainstream is currently offering, but they too have little or no exposure to actual 70's designs.


DesignerD : daunting task, trying to make everyone happy! all in all, great job. not like my opinion matters, but at first glance, the car looks a bit tall vs. wide, like it'd tip over. (besides the ergonomics going to hell,) since the car is pre-production, what'd happen if it was compressed in height by say 10 or 15%? quick study even worthwhile?
yes, rwd / manual gearbox please! looks like fun. can nissan offer a 4-door rwd version please? more than one of us have kids, i'm sure. !!!


I understand that concept cars are just that... concepts. But why do they always try and make them look so futuristic and unrealistic if for some strange reason they were to go ahead with this car the finished product will look nothing like this and I consider that a good thing, bring back the silvia!


I just checked out the video on these concepts... Looks better on the video though, now to see it for real... /watch?v=Soi_MI-jP7s on Youtube.




Please Build it…subtle but aggressive..


pleeeaase do it ! i have a 240z but i want to drive this idx every day !  
if it's RWD i'll buy this instead of a GT86 !  and that's a good reason to make it !


RoK1981 I doubt they'll use a renualt derived chassis, for this. Especially not one coming from any kind of Alpine connection, as Renault are tied up with Caterham to produce the next gen Caterham and Apline sports cars (in Dieppe). I would imagine it would be a straight up Nissan chassis.
The engine and gearbox are also likely to be Nissan units too. I would put my money on it being the 1.6t engine with a Dual Clutch gearbox like that found in the Nismo Juke or RenaultSport  Clio 200t. This gives it a perfect BHP match for the GT86/BRZ/FRS, but a large torque advantage.


The engine and gearbox are likely to be Nissan units. I would put my money on it being the 1.6t engine with a Dual Clutch gearbox like that found in the Nismo Juke or RenaultSport  Clio 200t. This gives it a perfect BHP match for the GT86/BRZ/FRS, but a large torque advantage.  TBH I would love if they also produced a manual gearbox, as the DCT box found in the Clio has not been received very well amongst the press and Renaultsport die hards. From a marketing point of view though it does make some sense, as it will make the IDx different from the GT86; with a Dual clutcher and a turbo unit it will make a much better cruiser/town vehicle, and may appeal to a less hardcore audience. (not everyone wants a RWD drift machine, I would imagine the majority of owners will be 30-40 year olds looking for some youthful performance, but not at the sacrifice of usability)


Cant wait to have my Dime and hopefully they name it the  Nissan " BRE " ( COUGH COUGH ) in my driveway two daily drivers :)


how come they never open the hood on stuff like this?


Hay if they made the Figaro i'm sure they'll have no problem putting this out.


they need to just put in the 1.6 turbo motor and combine it with the 6 speed manual from a z and call it a day. your welcome Nissan


Goddamnit this thing is too cool. I'd even have one in this colorway!