Determination. Passion. Drive. Hunger to win. These are all must-have qualities any race car driver needs to possess in order to not only win, but to progress up the ranks and reach the top of his game. In this latest Maiham Media video, Daisuke Yamawaki shows us how all of this is done, currently sitting just one race away from clenching the 2013 title in the Champions Cup. The car counts for very little in a series like this, Gr.N-like regulations not allowing teams to modify or fettle with the base cars too much – in Daisuke’s case a DC5 Integra Type-R – and the driver’s skill taking precedence over everything, sorting out the top drivers from the rest of the field. Hit play and check out his story from the sixth round of the series in Motegi.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Maiham Media



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Gotta love the opening soundtrack, granted it isnt quite the V12s we had earlier in the week haha. 
Glad to see some DC5 love


It's easy to forget your roots when we're surrounded by exotica every day, there are some lovely camera angles here and it's just great to celebrate the everyday racer!


Pretty cool vid :)