New Maximum Joy Of Attack – 48 Hours Only

We’re proud to announce the final pair of limited edition T-shirt designs in the Speedhunters Collection 03 range. On release for just 48 hours, these shirts are blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em specials: it’s now or never if one of these great new tees takes your fancy.


Both designs are printed on our usual high quality American Apparel tees, and first up we have the Navy Blue #JoyofMachine T-shirt.


The second design is the Forest Green #MaximumAttack T-shirt. Both feature high impact solid graphics up front, along with a custom Speedhunters tag on the sleeve.


They’re available in men’s cut only, and you can upsize for a baggy fit. Naturally, both shirts have the appropriate print on the rear shoulder to complement the designs…


…plus a hidden message on the inside. Both shirts are available now from the Speedhunters store in limited numbers, so head on over now for a last chance to snag a bit of C03 goodness. The clock is ticking!

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan



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Your sign up page to get an account to order is not mobile/iPhone friendly.


$35 for a shirt?  I love the site and want to support it but those cost like $5 to make


please camille dont seduce me..haha


All I'm doing is getting to the check out and no further :/


@byron We appreciate the love.


i just want to say the sizing is always off.  i always order smalls and the shirts tend to be fine, but the zip up hoodies never fit.  the sleeves are either right length or long, and the length of the entire hoodie is always just too short. if i went to a medium the length may fit but the sleeves would be insanely long. not sure why but i figured i'd comment since i own all the hoodies and it's a reoccurring thing i see.  I'm pretty normal in size too. thanks guys. love my speedhunters hear


@byron $45+ once you include shipping to the states. I like the shirt, but I can't justify paying 50 bucks for a t shirt.


Any chance I can get the one Camille is wearing?
It's okay you dont have to wash it
*sniff,sniff* Mmmmm French Dressing (Homer Simpson voice)


AlexanderMolloy they won't be no....


ordered my blue joy of machine shirt! B-)


$45 t shirt for almost 6 years of Free Speedhunting? Deal!
Ordered the Forest Green Maximum Attack :)


That's the way we like to look at it, but thanks for doing the maths! ;)


Look Speedhunters, I've loved you guys a long time, and spent more than 5 dolla between a couple shirts, books, stickers, etc, and I feel that you provide a great site and content, but truth of the matter is this. Despite the shirts being a little overpriced as has been said in the previous comments the shipping is just insane. I'm not sure if its due to where you guys ship from or what but for a single tshirt to checkout at over $45 is a bit much. Not to mention that the response to support is almost nil. So please, please take this with a grain of salt and just think about how these factors effect your audiences willingness and ability to continue supporting you. Sometimes quantity may make up things in the long run.


crypticsage  He's right. The shipping is a lot, and the shirts are too. and it always takes a long time to arrive.  I had to wait a month once for an order and it only got shipped out when i posted about it on the facebook page.


Hanma You Americans crack me up with your cheap cars and t-shirts.....$50 for a t-shirt is fairly normal here in Aus


Gareth36 Hanma 
Aus minimum wage is over $16/hr
US minimum wage is under $8/hr...
It's all relative.


It usually takes me more than 48 hours to make an important decision. haha


"I’m like “Yo, that’s fifty dollars for a t-shirt”. Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition. Fifty dollars for a t-shirt, that’s just some ignorant -itch shit. I call that getting swindled and pimped, shit. I call that getting tricked by business" - Macklemore


Wow it took 7 days just to complete the order, who knows when I'll get it. That's with the fast shipping option too!
... And how about a tracking number, you're kidding right!!


Package just turned up, was packaged in a plastic bag and not a box. WTF!? Very very disappointed as the stickers are all damaged. Absolutely useless!!