Drifting is big and it’s clever, but there’s always been the back room boys, the ones who just want to have fun and explore the soul-surfing side of things. Fredrik Sørlie and his Cressida are well known on the Scandinavian scene and this film goes above and beyond the usual drift sequence. In it we get to see some touge action, but we get a look behind the scenes too. I love the grassroots nature of Fredrik’s car when put together with high production values like this… So sit back and celebrate the simple movement of sideways.

Oh and if you want to know more on the 2JZ-equipped Cressida, check back later this week when our full feature on Fredrik and his Toyota drops!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunters_bryn



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Such a good film, been watching it all day. Top work.


Sorlie rules. He has such a fun life.


Now THAT'S drifting. None of these Formula D pansies.


As cool as this is and the fact that this is drifting, not what people call drifting when they go to Sonoma Raceway or attempt to in their ugly words "SWANG" when they go to some roads whether there are people there or not. I find it strange that people still consider touge to be just "drifting" up and down these passes.


fuck helmets and roll cages...awesome video!


Great video, car, drifting, and shots but its not touge if the roads are closed or private. They are promoting more people to go out and do it legally or illegally? The 'togue' has always been there... there will always be street drifters finding abandoned roads or spots to run their cars....If they only had closed mountain passes where drifters could do it legally then cool...


Great style, high production values and a awesome Cressida to go with it :) love it! Yes drift and mountains go together like toast n jam, but it's not touge. Touge is racing, two cars and no sliding. Yes I know people are going to say otherwise but just look at the Option and Best Motoring touge story's, no drift all racing. Not bagging you Bryn but it's true. Still this video is sick and I can't wait for the feature on the Cressida!


Driveitlikeyoustoleit I forgot about all the grip driving they did on BMI. AHH the nostalgia. Now to dig up the old vids n start watching!


Got over 40 best motoring and hot version DVDs in the collection mate! Great fun!


OMG there's a lot of smoke coming out of the back, I bet his "Check Engine Light" is flashing like crazy.
Had to google "russian arm", first I thought it was that long shifter.  @_@


true touge ain't drift yo, no matter what Initiaru D tells you


aussieANON  Grip!!


How does this comment have so many likes? 
Just because he's doing it on a backroad it makes it that much more amazing? Have you not seen Ryan Tuerck's Off Season or Tanner Foust Muholland drift? It's cool that this fellow got a chance to drift a closed backroad. Still doesn't compare him to the pros who have also done it...


@FigureSk8er so edgy


Some of you guys need to do some reading. Touge literally means pass, and refers to roads like this through mountains and hillsides. What kind of driving you do on it, doesn't matter. You can touge drift, touge race, or touge drive home to grandma.... ;-)
The song is made by our buddy Lars Dahl, and is yet to be named or uploaded anywhere.


Clearly the most exciting style of touge is touge home to grandma so you can eat the pancakes she made for you.

But seriously, I agree with you.


The song is now up on Soundcloud, just search for Tougestars:)


PaulDYuen aussieANON Indeedy. Tyres are their absolute best at 4 degrees of slip, so if you're majorly sliding you aren't going as fast as you could.


Amazing, the grassroots aspect shines through so much! Love it down to the driver and passenger not wearing helmets, and the car old street drivin Cressida with no sponsor stickers on it. Was perfection. In my own mind.


Anytime someone becomes a professional at any sort of sport, they gain hate from others who can't make it to that level. Basketball, skateboarding, racing and drifting.


aussieANON PaulDYuen FYI, I come from a racing background, so I am very aware that this is far from the fastest way to drive. But it's just sooo fun!!! :D


This guy knows how to handle a big girl ;) All I kept thinking was how fast he's drifting with all that a$$
swinging away like that. Great video and please thank Lars for the song.


sleeper_s2k Frozzy >can't make it to that level.
LOL. Not all of us have aspirations to race in FD. And racing is less about skill and more about money. Anyone can buy a seat, even if they suck ass. Sure, if they don't win they probably won't keep wasting their money, but to say that all the FD drivers are the best of the best is false.
Major sports are different (i.e. basketball, hockey, baseball, football.)


I understand not everyone strives to become a professional, but why hate on them when they get to the point at which money is basically thrown at them and their car?
 I remember seeing Chris Forsberg drift before he got any sort of sponsorship, and he was still good.


neat video i luv it ... still rather straight hardcore touge (grip racing) other than touge drift ...


Fredrik Sorlie aussieANON PaulDYuen And though I do love the Cressy, how boring would this sequence be if he was just cornering though it? I think what this film does is allows you to see such fine movements in the motion of the big(ish) car, which allows you to appreciate the grace :)


ChristianClark Fredrik Sorlie aussieANON PaulDYuen I dunno, it would be pretty insane seeing a cressida doing (trying) grip.


so what part did the not so light co-driver play in this? Is that touge aswell?....


kurko Actually, we planned to do more or of a story where she was essential, but we ditched the storyline due to lack of time. Having said that, she was a great sport and seemed to have fun. And in my world, that's what it's all about :)


Fredrik Sorlie kurko i can understand and all that and its fine, maybe i came off as a bit rude. It just seemed to me like one of those things that didnt belong. Thanks for being such a good sport about it, even though I was a dick


kurko Fredrik Sorlie Name one situation where a cleavage does not belong! :D
BTW, I did not find your question particularly rude, and I could see where you were coming from. Hence the decision to address it :)


Fredrik Sorlie kurko Haha, good then. Maybe it just felt rude in my head when I was putting it together, better this way.


MartinSoerlie I can't find it!! I love this song, I searched toguestars and nothing came up :/


johnygezony MartinSoerlie But did you search Soundcloud for TougeStars? https://soundcloud.com/search?q=tougestars
Link is also in the description on YouTube :)


Fredrik Sørlie - this is amazing!


Super film, really enjoyed it........ :-)


Ahhh this is some great stuff!


Fredrik Sorlie aussieANON PaulDYuen Don't get me wrong, it's a damn impressive film, and you have some serious skills.


and brought it back he did. Very nice film.


That video is so cool! Very cool car too!


I really hate slow motion parts...


kurko I was expecting to "SEE" more. lol


Where do I sign?

It would be great if Touge was the next thing to take off. We have had Drift, we have Time Attack, bring on Touge.


So that music was legendary!!!  It reminded me over the opening music to an intense scene from a 90's movie like The Rock or Days of Thunder... something Hans Zimmer would wip up.  Very impressive!


Dope! This is why I love speedhunters .always producing the goods


I have no idea how I missed this til now. That was awesome.


Also encompasses all of what's wrong with this "style", an SUV with a big arse camera arm is keeping up, when sliding is quicker (rally) yeah DO IT! otherwise get on it push those corners hard!


Also encompasses all of what's wrong with this "style", an SUV with a big arse camera arm is keeping up, when sliding is quicker (rally) yeah DO IT! otherwise get on it push those corners hard!