200MPH Or Bust: An Ode To Horsepower Junkies
You can never go fast enough

I think it’s fair to say that car enthusiasts in general are a bit crazy – or at least crazy in the eyes of the general public that thinks a beige Toyota Camry is all the car you’ll ever need. For us, a car isn’t something that you have to buy to get from point A to point B. It’s something we’ve devoted our lives to.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-51 copy

Of course, our obsession with cars comes in all shapes and sizes – all of which probably seem mental to Mr.and Mrs. Camry over there. You’ve got the guy who spends every weekend hotlapping at the track, the person traveling thousands of miles to track down a rare car or part for his collection, or the fellow who spends every hour of free time in the garage tinkering away on a project car. They are all a bit crazy in their own way.

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For me though, there’s one particular group of car enthusiasts that I find especially mad. I’m talking about the modern day horsepower junkie – the person who can never have quite enough speed.

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These speed freaks have been around since the dawn of the automobile itself, but in 2013 they really have it better than ever. Never before has so much hot and nasty horsepower been so attainable.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-4 copy

Thanks to today’s technology and highly competitive auto industry, one can simply head into a showroom or used car lot and pick up any number of factory hot rods with performance that could only dream of just a decade or two ago.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-17 copy

These cars are brutally fast even in full showroom spec, with horsepower figures that were once only found with full race cars driven by professional drivers. To put it simply, these cars have way more performance than anyone could ever hope to use on the street – and even at many race tracks.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-47 copy

But amazingly there’s still a certain type of person that purchases one of these modern high performance monsters and then decides that it just doesn’t have enough power.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-59 copy

I mean, what kind of person hops into a Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini or Corvette Z06 that can go from zero to felony in a few seconds – and then concludes that it needs to go faster.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-42 copy

Sometimes it’s as simple installing a bolt-on supercharger or turbo upgrade kit to pick up an extra hundred horsepower or two. Sometimes it’s putting the entire thing under the knife and coming out with a car making double or triple what it did from the factory. There is a different degree of crazy here.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-22 copy

While I may not fully understand the mindset, I also love what these folks are doing. There’s just something you have to like about the never-ending quest for thrills, and the challenge of making a car faster – even if you are starting with something that will already blow the doors off pretty much everything else on the road.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-36 copy

I like these people because they are the opposite of the guy that buys a supercar only to cruise around the city or showoff at the valet. Not only do they drive their cars hard, but they approach them in the same way you might approach a Honda Civic or Chevy Nova – something that can be built and improved upon rather than showpiece.

Attacking the airstip
Airstrip-Attack-2013-58 copy

Thankfully, this group of maniacs has found a loving home at Shift S3ctor’s Airstrip Attack events here in California, the most recent of which went down this past weekend.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-2 copy

After getting an invite from the Shift S3ctor crew, I decided to take ride out to the Coalinga Municipal Airport to see what sort of high power monsters this round of 1/2 mile roll racing would bring out.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-3 copy

It seems that with each Airstrip Attack meet, more and more high profile shops and tuners are bringing their cars out to prove themselves. After all, it’s not often you get the chance to run flat-out down an airport runway, so people have no problem making the trip to compete in this unique event.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-16 copy

One of the changes for last weekend’s event was the addition of trap speed readouts for both lanes displaying the speeds at the end of the 1/2 mile course. This certainly added some drama to the mix, and quickly identified which cars were the ones to beat.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-55 copy

So with the half-mile stage set, I decided to wander around and check out the players that had come to battle. As usual, the Nissan GT-R was a big favorite thanks to its ability to put down ridiculous horsepower numbers with equally impressive traction.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-64 copy

The spread of Gheeee Dheeee Ahhrrrss ranged from the lightly modified examples to fully-built monsters from names like AMS and and ETS.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-27 copy

The king of the GT-Rs, and one of the fastest cars of the entire event was the Extreme Turbo Systems race machine, which made the trip down from Washington to conquer the straight-line course.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-5 copy

Under the hood sits a fully worked VR38DETT making a stout 1,500 horsepower – only about three times what the already quick GT-R makes from the factory.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-6 copy

The car also sits mean thanks to its downsized 18-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37s and meaty rubber. Quite a difference from the stock 20-inch setup, isn’t it?

Airstrip-Attack-2013-8 copy

Then there’s the parachute mounted out back that says everything you need to know.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-33 copy

Words cannot really convey the sheer force of a 1,500 horsepower GT-R ripping down the runway. At one point on Saturday, the car lit up the traps to the tune of 213mph.

No Camrys here
Airstrip-Attack-2013-25 copy

If anything was going to give the GT-Rs a run for their money, it would be one of the high-horsepower Lamborghini Gallardos that came out to play.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-21 copy

Again, I just find it totally insane that someone could drive one of these cars and then decide to effectively double its horsepower with a twin turbo kit. I also find it completely awesome.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-32 copy

Normally you’d think a supercar would be pretty well maxed out from the factory, but it’s so impressive that tuners like Underground Racing and Heffner Performance are able to extract so much additional power from these cars.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-31 copy

Then there’s the sound. There’s simply no way to describe the note of a double boosted V10 screaming off into the horizon.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-68 copy

At one point the 1,600 wheel horsepower twin turbo Gallardo from Dallas Performance put down a record-breaking 220mphrun, but at that point the car had to retire as it lacked the proper safety equipment to run 200-plus. Later in the event, one of the Underground Lambos would do even better, hitting an astonishing 224mph in a half-mile. Insane.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-14 copy

Represented by cars like this worked Dodge Challenger SRT8 out of Texas, let’s not forget good old American horsepower either.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-44 copy

The Dodge was one of several big-horsepower Mopars with with power adders affixed to their Hemi engines.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-63 copy

How about the Ford GT? This 1,200 horsepower beast known as ‘Black Mamba’ is a regular at Airstrip Attack events and is an absolute joy to watch.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-52 copy

Black Mamba was actually one of a few modified GTs that came out this time. Seeing just one of these suckers on the road is a rare site, but to see a group of them running flat out is magic.

Airstrip-Attack-2013 copy

Although I didn’t see it on the track, I was happy to find this badass Buick Grand National hanging around in the pits. Thirty years ago, the GN was considered a state-of-the-art muscle car – now it’s a bonafide legend.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-65 copy

While you won’t find too many vintage cars at Airstrip Attack, the Speed Society ’69 Camaro was out there showing what a properly built pro touring machine can do.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-41 copy

While the majority of the cars on the grid are late-model high performance machines, there’s always a handful of homebuilt runners that come out. This time the grid included a couple of crazy Hondas from ETS…

Airstrip-Attack-2013-11 copy

…powered by fully built B-series motors with giant turbochargers.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-40 copy

Particularly impressive was the English Racing/ETS Integra, which despite its modest exterior was hitting an unbelievable 182mph in the half mile.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-45 copy

Castro Motorsport came out with its street-going LS-swapped E46 BMW, which was completed just before the event. What better place to break it in than a half-mile strip of runway!

Airstrip-Attack-2013-28 copy

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it was a brand new supercar or a garage-built contraption – everyone was out to run them as fast as they’d go.

Airstrip-Attack-2013-15 copy

Do the cars need to go that fast? No, but in the end none of us automobile lovers drive a car only because we need to. If that was the case, we’d all be driving those beige Camrys and who the hell wants to do that?

Long live the horsepower junkie!



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some realy impressive stuff right there!!


It's weird... Looking at the pictures reminds me of need for speed. hehe! Those speed are just breathtaking. Truly crazy.


one day... one day I will be racing in this event. Can't wait.


Nice write up Mike. These cars are beautiful, I really liked the "zero to felony in a few seconds" line.


The first picture, is now my new desktop! Love it!


The ETS made 1572 horsepower at the wheels. 


I read a article a little while ago about an Australian equivalent to the Air Strip Attack. I was really surprised to see that the expensive exotics didn't dominate the competition and it was the home grown tuners that took top honors.
I would be interested in seeing the results to this one.


Brocky_X Got a link to the article?
I'd love to go see something like that.


That Civic... I need to know more!


aussieANON Brocky_X
They actually held it in my state, which was cool. The event was Racewars. And yes, that's a Fast and the Furious reference haha.

Here you go: http://www.downshiftaus.com/2013/antilag-racewars-2013/


I should built a 1000-hp Camry & go there . XD


Hotcakes aussieANON Brocky_X WA, that sucks.
NSW here.
Sadly there aren't many old airstrips around here I don't think.
Great read though.


Yay!! That's my white 1LE!!  Had a lot of fun out there


teh1337ftw Nice! Car was looking good :)


RDS Beige on beige!


Hotcakes aussieANON Brocky_X Did they have late night dancing though? That's what makes Race Wars Race Wars!


@Chris Woowwww.


Option86 Thanks!


Corbin Thank you!


Wildcardfox See you there!


Wildcardfox See you there!


Wildcardfox See you there!


meal stub It def had some video game-esque qualities to it.


To build a car of that much power would be awesome to be part of 1500 horsepower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mind blown....


Always loved the top speed wars, the Texas Mile, Silver State Classic and those on the right coast too. Glad  to see we have events in my backyard (well, over the Grapevine from me...but still SoCal). We (our car club) have participated in the Mojave Mile in the past and everyone had a blast (although my stock 1.6 Supercharged MINI could ONLY hit 129....someday).


Mike Garrett Thank You!


Is it me or the Civic ETS a FWD?


RDS that was what I was thinking too.


aRmanddd The Civic and Integra are FWD, standard for most Japaneses compacts.


aRmanddd  Probably needs to have the wheelie bars for safety regs.


I never understood why the Gallardo was and is so popular.  The price?  How come I don't see any crazy modified Murcielagos running around the internet?


RDS maybe next year someone from nascar shows up with their trd camry =P


3nigm4 aRmanddd The wheelie bars are there to help with traction, just like on a RWD drag car. Helps to push the front wheels down onto the track.


Cool collection of cars! And 1500hp from the GT-R? Damn... What's the tape for on the GT BTW? To stop stonechips? I've seen people tape up panel gaps before for high speed runs, but never the backs of the arches!


roryfjohnston :$50k for a used Gallardo let's say and another $50k in mods and you've got yourself a 11200whp car.  That would probably be why.


roryfjohnston Woops... 1200whp I meant to type.


3nigm4 aRmanddd It was in the 1/4 mile set up. Still, with traction issues, it hit 179mph!


roryfjohnston Although I prefer the styling of the Murcielago and the Aventador, I just think they are too big! I personally think the Gallardo is much better proportioned. (Never likely to own any of them though, so my opinion is irrelevant really!)


Many cars to covet, but that black Ford GT is especially desirable!