No sensible team goes into a 24 hour race expecting to win. Hoping to, sure. But expecting, never. No matter the quality or history of a team, there are just too many variables during a 24 hour race: from macro to micro, the weather down to an individual bolt holding a piece of suspension together. And then a 24 hour race at Spa? You might as well throw a dice. All you can do is prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Then it’s down to the drivers and the will of the racing gods.

WRT’s quartet of Audi R8 LMS ultras certainly looked impressive and had driver line-ups to match. But the local team were on the back foot from the off, hobbled first by Balance Of Performance changes that killed their top-line speed and then by a series of incidents during the race itself that conspired to drop out car after car until just one remained. What does a team do in that situation, when they hoped to be at the sharp end? They pull together, and give everything they’ve got to get to the finish of the race. This epic film from the excellent WRT video crew tells the whole story, warts and all, from the build up through to the flag dropping on what was an incredibly tough race for all involved.

Fight to the end. Never give up.

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan

Speedhunters at the 2013 Spa 24 Hours
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