Eight seconds. It’s not exactly a lot of time. Time for you to do up your shoelaces maybe? Perhaps fill the kettle? But in the case of AMS/Alpha Performance, it’s been a case of a time to beat. AMS are hardly strangers to motoring accomplishments – their Evo X won the Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship in 2009 – but along with Alpha Performance, their focus on R35 GT-Rs has produced records for quickest quarter miles, the world’s quickest R35 GT-R, the R35 GT-R horsepower world record, the first R35 GT-R in the 9s, the first R35 GT-R in the 8s and now, the first R35 GT-R in the 7s. This weekend at the Great Lakes Dragaway, they broke the current record on the Thursday by 0.35 seconds. But it wasn’t enough for them and after a day of testing and tweaking, on the Saturday, they managed a run of 7.984@186.14mph, making them the first R35 GT-R to join the seven second club.

Some further impressive stats picked up by the data logger…

0-60: 1.72 seconds
60-130mph: 2.67 seconds (new overall record)
0-300kph (186mph): 7.98 seconds (new overall record)
100-150mph: 2.42 seconds (new overall record)
30-130mph: 3.63 seconds

Congratulations to all involved!