Poll: The M3 Is Dead. Long Live The M3.

With the last M3 coupe rolling off the assembly line recently, it’s finally time to close the book on one of the greatest badges ever to grace a car. Okay, so I’m being a little bit melodramatic and I’m aware that the M3 badge will live on (albeit on a saloon) as will the traditional coupe once its spiritual successor the M4 arrives, but still, a part of me knows that things won’t be quite the same again.

With tougher environmental legislations, we’re under no illusions that the next M cars will be turbocharged and you don’t have to look far (F10 M5) to see that the new generation of M have already lost that special something. Gone are the glorious, high revving V10s, V8s, i6s, i4s that the M cars are synonymous with, and in their place the comparatively soulless and turbocharged power plants to appease the environmentalists. I’ve no doubt that the new cars will probably be faster, but we all know it’s about something much more important than that…

For now, we can only look back and try to decide which chassis was the most worthy of that M badge. Voting closes at midnight on Thursday July 18th GMT.

Paddy McGrath
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