I’m a big fan of going down ski slopes at unreasonable speeds, but not such a big fan of the slog to get back to the top again. So any way of reaching the summit in double quick time sounds good to me – especially if it involves the unfeasible idea of throwing a four-wheel drive, 600hp R35 GT-R up a freshly-bashed run.

Up? Yes. Uphill, like semi-vertically. Team IceRiders and Redhouse Media decided to find out if it would work, and added in some snowmobiles for an almost James-Bond-in-reverse thrash up the side of a mountain at Kåbdalis in northern Sweden. Ski lifts will seem so last year from now on…

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan



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What a great production by Clash! I wonder if they have private instructors for that LOL. It would be awesome to be able to race back up the hill, instead of getting on a boring ski lift. Yes, the view is spectacular, but I don’t need to see it everytime I want another run down the slopes. This would definitely increase the sport’s popularity with the younger generation!


this was awesome. any idea what tires were used on this gtr?