#iamthespeedhunter: It’s Been A While

Anyone else enjoying the Speedhunting season being in full swing? I’ve been on the road quite a lot recently so haven’t had a chance to really take in some of the most recent #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER submissions until now, but oh my, are they good! I have quite a lot of emails to still go through, but for now I thought I’d show you a few of the stand-out images from the last couple of weeks…

(Above) Drew submitted several jaw-dropping images, but this LF-A tracking shot was the cream of the crop for me. It’s such a clean image with nothing to distract you from the subject. Brilliant.

Another impressive submission comes from Woody Lin from Taiwan. The absolute minimalistic presentation of a Lamborghini’s signature DRLs is really striking and still instantly recognisable.

This low-shutter-speed black and white pan by Tim Brown was one of several solid submissions. The framing alone creates a visually-interesting photograph.

Sondre submitted some great coverage of a Norwegian drag meeting. This was my personal favourite – the subdued background colours and strong contrast really helps to enhance the atmosphere.

Another cracker from Max – this time taken at Spa. By getting to a high vantage point, he was able to create a clean frame and an interesting point of view.

It’s not often we see four-lane Funny Cars racing. This is a really good demonstration of how to control your shutter speed too. Matt was following the car at the top of the frame and matched it perfectly with his movement, but the other cars moving at different speeds are falling out of sharpness. The longer the shutter speed, the more pronounced this would become.

This is just simply beautiful, and would not look out of place in a gallery anywhere. Maarten has used the open garage door as a frame within the image and nailed his exposure, and the black and white conversion.

Another killer tracking shot from Lisandro. Having the Evo darting through regular traffic really works for this image, making it feel like a totally natural car spotting moment.

I would expect nothing less than this from last year’s #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER award winner, Jordan Adkins. Even though he has already claimed the top prize, Jordan still submits regularly and is always pushing himself to improve. Admirable.

This is a great capture by Giannis. The atmosphere, colour, framing and depth of field are all nailed down. This wasn’t just a random snap – you just know he spent time considering all the aspects of the image.

For me, this is like a still from a movie. You’re almost half expecting the Nova to light its rear tyres as it takes off. So much atmosphere.

The low point of view works really well here , along with the shallow depth of field.

This is a cracking interior shot. Cesar has controlled the exposure so well, ensuring that the details inside of the cabin are retained particularly in the driver’s footwell.

Shot at the recent Long Beach GP, Carlos has used what could be viewed as an obstruction to his advantage by using it to frame the car going away from. When life gives you lemons…

And last, but certainly not least, this really nice and simple detail shot from Alex. I love the low point of view on this and his depth of field control.

We’ll be back next week with another #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER general round-up along with another special theme. Stay safe, and happy shooting!

Paddy McGrath
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