Ask The Expert: The Suspension Gurus At Kw

Today we’d like to introduce a new series of stories where we team up with our partners and friends in the industry and have them answer some of your burning questions. To kick things off, we’ve teamed up with the suspension experts at KW Automotive who will be stopping in to answer some of the technical questions you might have about what goes into setting up a proper performance suspension. Maybe you are looking on information on achieving ideal suspension geometry, dialing in adjustable suspension, or fine-tuning a race set-up?  Well, now is your chance to pick the mind of a seasoned suspension engineer.

To participate, simply post your questions below in the comments section. Our friends from KW will then go through the questions and Michael Grassl from their motorsport sales/technical support department will answer around 15-20 of them in an upcoming post.

Ask away!




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How to remove helper springs from kw v1?


Is there an engineering principle associated with the angle of a sway bar end link in relation to the bar itself. I have heard +- 5. Also, if the upper link mount is not perpendicular (180deg to a 90deg bar) would it be more important to ensure the bar link angle is close to 90deg.