#iamthespeedhunter: The Exotic Theme

Now this is a theme reveal worth shouting about. Last week we asked you to submit your best supercar and exotic photographs and my oh my, did you respond. The featured image this week is a pristinely presented Maserati MC12 shot by Hussein Zain. The centred composition is perfectly balanced, and the processing is superb. It’s a great example of seeing a shot and then doing everything in your power to make it happen.

I love the strong contrast here, with little to no distraction. Shooting from car-to-car can be quite difficult but Zachary has nailed this one.

Thura’s submission jumped out of my inbox and punched me in the face. It’s such a strong image with the white LF-A and the dark backdrop.

I love this almost sneaky capture of the R8. The foreground blur is caused by something moving quickly in front of the camera, but creates this interesting glimpse of Audi’s supercar.

Some really interesting colouring going on here; the striking red of the two F430 Scuderias complimenting the blue and green backdrop.

Another Scuderia, but a completely different point of view. Always utilise each location to its maximum, even if it involves heights.

This is an interesting triptych by Pawel, showcasing the colours of three different 458s. The presentation and white frame is quite neat and adds to the appearance.

This is a really special submission by Nico, who light painted this MP4-12C. By lighting from above, he’s created this magical semi-silhouette.

I think this is a traffic jam I could deal with being in. Nicholas has increased the reds here for effect, and I think it works quite well.

This is just, yeah, wow. Nice and soft lighting for a detailed look at the front of a Huayra.

This is your typical front three-quarters shot executed perfectly. Notice how there is nothing dissecting or distracting from the car.

Quite a moody rig shot from Mike Hyatt here – overcast skies with a black-on-black Gallardo. The reds are really popping here.

I quite like the vintage processing treatment applied to this F40 photograph.

This is really neat, the entire frame is full of Ferrari.

Shooting into the sun is something we’re all told we should never do by our peers, but when you figure out how to control this properly, it becomes something you should always do.

I’m not sure of the situation surrounding this but, wow, what a capture. The blue and yellow colour contrast works so well, as does the lighting.

Another capture in the wild, using a shallow depth of field to help the car stand out against its background.

A great capture from the passenger seat. A slow shutter was used to emphasise the speed and movement of this hard charging bull.

This was one of my personal favourite submissions this week. I was once told by an old mentor of mine, that the greatest shot is often behind you. Perfect case in point.

Ciaran is new to #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER, but I think he’s done a great job capturing the rear details of the Veneno.

Wrapping this up with a flaming ending. Again, a shallow depth of field is used to focus your eye on the car but with the added bonus of capturing that huge – but brief – flame. You often won’t realise you’ve captured that moment until you review your images afterwards, it’s that quick.

That’s all for this month, but I’ll be back next week with a new theme and a guest blog from Mr. Rob Blank.

Safe and happy shooting!

Paddy McGrath
Twitter: @PaddyMcGrathSH
Instagram: speedhunters_paddy



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(my first post here) Speedhunters is chock-full of great images, and this article is no different! Is there no chance that some of these are available in 1080p wallpaper size? :-)  For example, the white 12C under the bridge, the two red Ferraris at the hotel, the double-column of red Ferraris at the stoplight, the R8 against the water, the white F1 parking etc. etc.

Paweł Skrzypczyński
Paweł Skrzypczyński

Guys, I'm really happy to see my photo again on the SPEEDHUNTERS ;-) That is the one with the 458 triptych. I'm very happy that my shot is included among such brilliant photographs.


I’ve decided to sum up a bit my activity here so far, and I’ve dedicated a post to #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER on my blog here: http://pskrzypczynski.blogspot.com/2013/04/iamthespeedhunter.html I write in Polish, however I invite you all to follow my blog where I try to show interesting cars, places… yeah, mostly cars ;-) through the lens of my DSLR. I hope you like these shots of exotics and classics from Poland. Feel also invited to visit and follow my flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/skrzypczynski/

Thanks again for appreciating!


Well I'm friggin stoked!  Glad you chose my pic (#2) to be included.  I missed my chance to photograph an SSC Ultimate Aero at a car meet recently... bummed about that but very happy to see my shot on here ;)  I'll just have to keep hunting!


the veneno looks like the batmobile to me.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner
Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Great job on that flaming Lambo Alvaro! People despise 'machine gun' photography but it's shots like this you get out of it, brilliant mate!

Ciaran @ GT_Europe
Ciaran @ GT_Europe

Wow I'm privileged that one of my pictures got featured! For a guy who's relatively new to photography (but not to speedhunting!), it's really giving me the drive to get out there and take more pictures!


Cheers guys!

Fernando M
Fernando M

Quick question; does Gran Turismo 5 photos count? Because I have hundreds of hours on the photo mode alone.


It's the Belgian flag with the 3 Ferrari 458 Italia ! hahaha, good job guys. 


Long life @Speedhunters 

Paddy McGrath
Paddy McGrath moderator

 @Fernando M No, and that goes for any video game photography modes not just Gran Turismo. 

Fernando M
Fernando M

 @PaddyMcGrath I assumed as much. It doesn't hurt to ask. Obviously it takes little to no skill taking photos in a game as compared to real life. I have the greatest of respect for the work of so many photographers around the world.I guess my debut in Speedhunters will have to wait until I physically get myself on a race track. Cheers!

Fernando M
Fernando M

 @PaddyMcGrath Thanks for the massive dose of inspiration. I've took on photography back in 2005. With small budget pockets, and a bit intimated by professionals, I was never able to really express myself. All I'm left with is applying real techniques into gaming photo modes. Starting tomorrow, I'm going make my target to be featured in Speedhunters before this year ends!

Paddy McGrath
Paddy McGrath moderator

 @Fernando M It's a fair question, and video game photography does have its uses too. You can still learn composition, the effects of depth of field and shutter speed along with crude editing techniques. I've often used Forza to recce a track I've never been to before, or to try and re-create a shot I've taken in the real world with varied results. 


You don't need to go to a race track to shoot cars, I'm sure there's plenty in your locality!