#iamthespeedhunter: Meet Rens Adams

Next up in our quickly-becoming-regular guest features, is Dutch photographer Rens Adams. Those of you who follow #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER should be familiar with Rens, including some of his impressive black and white work. Take it away Rens…

Hi everyone! My name is Rens Adams and I’m a photographer from the Netherlands. When I was younger, I had no idea that by the age of 23 I would be a photographer and loving every single minute. In 2010 I decided to buy myself a Canon 450D and started messing around with it. Little did I know, that only a few months later, I would find myself in the classrooms of the Dutch School of Photography.

Something changed I suppose, I wanted to know everything about this light capturing business. My respect and attraction for art and photo techniques grew larger every day. I became very interested in the photography of James Nachtwey, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Linhbergh Nguyen and many more iconic lightcapturists throughout history.

I finished my two year education with a photo-documentary about a group of people who live, what I call, a garage life. A life we all live in some kind of way. I tried to capture all the tracks we leave behind in and around our homes: messy garages, using SSR MkII’s as furniture, storing parts in the bedroom etc. Think about it and you will find all kinds of absurd things in your home without noticing it.

I’m a member of a club called Wangan Warriors and because we launched our new website in 2011, I started going to events and meetings on a regular basis to provide coverage for our blog. We represent a large community for Japanese car enthousiasts.

Although you don’t hear or see too much from the Dutch car scene, I’m of the opinion that we have a pretty cool thing going on down here. This is Robin’s Fairlady, he has just finished his project this winter and it will be an absolute eyecatcher this season!

This shot was taken during a promotional meeting for DUMPd 2013. An event of biblical proportions which will be held for the second time on August 17th. This is a day I’m really looking forward to! The two S13s in this shot are owned by two very close friends of mine and are fellow club members.

Most of the time while I’m shooting I try to pay attention to the details we normally don’t capture. Most people carrying a DSLR tend to shoot cars without paying attention to light or the story telling details. I could spend a whole day shooting a welder doing his job and the passion he has for it.

I’m a pretty fortunate guy for several reasons. First, my mother makes a killer spaghetti. Secondly I live close to many amazing places where I can capture lots of automotive stories. I spotted this man at the Nordkehre of the Nürburgring. He was just lingering by the track for his own pleasure, as was I.

The Nordschleife is an amazing place and I’m fortunate enough to live only a 1h20m drive from it. I don’t think there is any other place on the planet that would have such an impact on me.

Another great place to shoot is the Zandvoort circuit. Its scenery and beauty keep surprising me every time I drive to the Dutch dunes.

This is Dutch drifter Mick van Randeraat going sideways on the Zandvoort circuit. At the moment I took this shot, we didn’t know each other but we’re both pretty active in the scene. Just a few weeks ago during the DUMPd promotion meeting, we became acquainted and he kindly thanked me for this shot, which he spotted a while ago on Facebook.

Every once in a while I do some static shoots. This bug-eye Impreza looks dead gorgeous on those fresh 18×10 Work Emotion XD9s. The owner, Gerben, is a real family guy and always supportive and enthusiastic to the scene and I.

I love the lines of the VAD Revenger.

This is Noud’s wide body S13. This is the first street legal RB25DET powered 200sx in the Netherlands, so it has some historical value to our scene if you ask me. You must notice that multi coloured bonnet and have questions about it. Our whole club painted some personal messages and drawings on it. This S13 turns countless necks as we drive through our hometown.

Me and the owner of this Supra. Tim Lust, have history. We’ve been trying to get together for a long while to do a photo shoot of this machine. Once we did, but it was a crappy day to shoot with bad light in a bad location and I wasn’t feeling it so we buried the files. This week we met up again in the harbour of IJmuiden and finally had the chance to capture this 600+BHP banana.

When I’m shooting track this season I’m going to pay extra attention to the people rather than the cars. I have the idea of making a series about the people we usually only see rushing by at high speeds. But there is more going on behind those visors.

I live close to Belgium as well, and this NSX is their country’s #1 head turner. The owner Eric Ooms has great taste as you can see.

I don’t own any strobist sets or other external flash systems. This shot might look like I used studio light but the fact is, I only used the led light of my iPhone. It’s easy, turn off all the lights in the room, set a product in front of a black panel and set your camera on remote with a shutter speed of a couple of seconds and be creative. It’s fun!

As you can see I prefer black and white photography. It just has more impact to me and I express my style better that way. Maybe one day I will only shoot B/W. I have the feeling that I’ve been to so many places and already shot a lot but I’m just getting started.

I would like to thank Speedhunters (Paddy) for offering me this guestblog. I’m very grateful!

Shoot and drive safe everyone!

Rens Adams
Wangan Warriors 



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Great work!


It's good to see the Dutch influence in the automotive world. Are you going to Assen this weekend as well?




Nice to see my hometown represented on one of the largest motoring sites :) keep it up!



Rob Meulenbroeks

Lovely stuff Rens. Keep it up!


great pics!  any chance we'll see a feature of that supra? :)


Really good job! It is possible to get a full-size photos?


VAD revenger = Garbage


@nugundam93 Some time soon on our club blog ;)


@Eastern I don't think that is common that they do this with guest features. We send in our work 800px wide ;)


@RodChong Thank you!




Amazing - Hope I'll met you Carfriday at Nürburgring


You have some amazing shots but those last two in black and white are just gorgeous.


oke die datsun wil ik echt zien


@Jochem No, I'm not a huge fan of 402 events. I might follow some TA sessions and other trackdays/events this year ;)


Just awesome Rens!

Gerben aka Suburuuh

This article displays the variety in the automotive culture and someone's (Rens) idea of it through his camera.
I love every shot, and especially the blue Bug Impreza.... because it's mine!
Keep up the good work Rens & SH, for giving people the chance to show their world through their lenses here @ SH!


I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing your work with us Rens!


@Taryn Croucher Thank SH for contacting me :P


Great work!! Very inspiring!


What kit is on that Silvia? Beautiful car.


Very good post. Great work Rens


Feel so good! Very nice!


Drifting looks good in black and white pictures.Great pics