Celebrating 50 In Style: The New Porsche 911 Gt3

2014 will officially mark the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 going on sale, and to celebrate the milestone Porsche will be introducing the latest version of the 911 GT3. Based on the 911 chassis, the car is joining the host of other hot-blooded machines debuting this week at the Geneva Motor Show.

As in the past, Porsche is positioning the new GT3 as the king of its naturally aspirated lineup. Besides the 475 horsepower NA 3.8 liter flat six, the new GT3 will also be equipped with rear wheel steering – a first for a Porsche production car.

Porsche says the car will hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds and reach 195 miles per hour on the top end. The GT3 has also been clocked around the Nordschleife at an impressive 7:30.

Slightly disappointing to enthusiasts might be the lack of a third pedal option. Porsche’s proven PDK will be the lone transmission available on the new GT3 and the dual clutch unit has been specifically tweaked for maximum performance and response.

In the USA, the car will be available in late 2013 and set buyers back just over $130,000. You can expect more on the GT3 when Jonathan Moore begins his reports from the show floor.




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Charles Montgomery III

I am a Die-Hard Nissan fan, but I gotta hand it to Porsche on this new model.  This new engine makes 475HP with no assistance from forced induction? That speaks volumes, considering it shares the same displacement as the GT-R's VR38DETT.  I wonder how this will fare up against the newest 2014 GT-R? if Porsche has stepped their game up to Nissan, I have to see this.


Why does Porsche continue to get away from the main stays that made them famous.
I need to shift, Nice lookin car but count me out !
Dan an Air cooled man


@Dan Tucci It actually has a simulated clutch, so when you hold both paddels it will disengage the clutch so you can clutch kick to kick the rear end out or to start wheelspin. According to the head of Porsche's GT program they have done a lot to maintain the engaging aspect of this car despite all the new electric technology.


No manual in a GT3? For shame, Porsche.


Can not believe there is no option for a manual!!!
Porsche used to be all about driver involvement, shame on PORSCHE!!


Well with progress being progress we were bound to lose to the march of technology, even with Porsche. For me personally the size of the 991 kinda makes me feel at odds with it. The GT3 is a bit better but I'll always love, and want, a 997.2 GT3. The loss of the 3rd pedal is sad but we all knew that this was coming. My one true beef with this car is the interior. It is, for lack of a better word, too damn plush for a car with the GT3 title; the sat nav screen and all those damn buttons are my issues here. Hopefully the RS will strip out some that frippery, and shiny stuff for a more focused interior.


For sure not to fond about the lack of manual option. but other than that .. this thing is beautiful.


You DO get a "third pedal"! You can grab both paddles to disengage the clutch. And you have the option to shift in the proper direction with the stick so really can't complain.
Also, those wheels are absolutely GORGEOUS.
All these people that are bitching and probably never have and probably never will drive this car.... shut. up.


@andrewhake fuk u


The aero looks so much like the 997.2 GT3. With that being said, it looks great. The PDK transmission must be a dealbreaker for a lot of 997 GT3 owners who were looking to upgrade.


@andrewhake No fuck you


Kind of looks like something from RUF a couple of years ago.


@andrewhake Oh really? Can I feed in the clutch as I please? Can I dump it? Can I feather it? Can I kick it like its going out of fashion? Sure I understand tech is quicker but for a sportscar there has to be a manual option. You feel part of the car, your controlling it. I like feeling that without me the car could not operate.


@Charles Montgomery III. Nissan does need to step their game up. Their NISMO Z34 is a joke. The NISMO version should be a maxed out track version. Increase the price 10-15k but give the Damn car some balls and track capacity. When porsche is making the same power out of a 3.4 6cyl and 170 hp more out of a 4.0 N/A 6cyl you know nissan has dropped the ball. You have a good weight for the car, you have the correct brakes but, give us ducts and better aero, and another 100hp!


This thing looks great. Not real happy with the PDK and Porsche is going to catch allot of flack over it.


@TarikLaaraj I'm not a huge fan of the 370 but you are aware of the huuuuge price disparity between these two cars right?


Looks great as usual, shame about the lack of manual. Guess that's how it's gonna be these days...


Hot hot hot. But no manual?  Crazy...


RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE  - how can a pure drivers car have no manual transmission???


@andrewhake If I grab both paddles, surely that leaves me without a hand to shift...


GT3 without manual clutch? Porsche.......


Looks wise I just died and went to heaven. But, despite driving the new KW-equipped 991 with PDK box, I am really not sure about the whole GT3 with non-manual transmission combo...


@andrewhake Shut up


Still reckon the 997 looks better, and thumb-down for no manual...But anyhow, this thing makes so much more sense than the Lambo whatever-its-name-is shown in the site a bit earlier...Just a thought.


It starts to be almost hilarious how stuck people are in the past and refuse to wake up into today's world. I guess it's some sort of an change resistance. Particularly Speedhunters is a bit special when it comes to keep sighing the past. Older cars are very nice, there are a lot of legends among them and the Group B was very raw yes, driven by men etc. etc. but  there is soul in new cars as well. The matter just is that you probably don't get it - or don't want to. Despite this, every dark cloud has a silver lining and I am positively surprised to notice the site getting more content on much broader spectrum. The revision of Speedhunters some time ago really starts to show now. And please, don't get too much provoked by this mere opinion. I like cars from all years, classes and manufacturers, the bottom line being that I am not a bad person, even if I disagree with something.


Uber cool car! 125 bhp/litre from Porsche......is Ferrari like territory.


So much anger about the lack of a manual. Lets be honest, the majority of the owners of these cars don't need/want a manual, it makes it more difficult to sip their lattes if they have to shift.


Looks awesome. Shame there is no 3 pedal option... =/


I have taken a fair amount of abuse on here about my comments that this car has no clutch.
I think that it is a nice car and my point was that Porsche over the years, Starting with the water cooled engine in 93 and the new clutch less system of driving has gotten away from it's roots that made this company great.
Make no bones about it fella's and girls that even though I am a Air cooled Enthusiast (!988) 930 Turbo)I want you to realize that now it's all about the dollars and not about being the company responsible for producing some of the finest driving cars ever built anymore.
No need to worry there are still a lot of old Porsche cars that are pure driving wonders out there for old Porsche nuts like me and we'll just leave the cars of today to the new generation of people who are devoid of any knowledge of what it means to drive a true Porsche, Hell most people today can't or will not learn how to even drive a standard transmission.
Meanwhile the cash just keeps rolling in for Porsche, It''s all about the Greenbacks folks and selling your soul !


I can understand not having a manual on the Turbo, but to me, it doesn't make sense to not offer it on the GT3. Isn't a high-powered naturally aspirated engine going against the obvious technological advantage of a turbocharged engine? By that same token, shouldn't it be offered with a manual even though the PDK is the "superior" gearbox? Aw hell, I can't afford one anyway.


@Dan Tucci  Just be glad you have a 930 Turbo; most of us would kill for that car!


First Porsche with rear wheel steering? FALSE! Porsche 928.


My next car has arrived!
While I must say it does surprise me a little that Porsche have given up the traditional manual box (I believe I remember them discussing at great length how they weren't going to do that) at least they held out longer than most companies... It's easy to get upset, and it is a bit of a bummer that there isn't a manual option, but think of all the other great cars that don't have a third pedal - R35 GTR, 458 Italia, LF-A, Aventador etc. As some have said, it was really only a matter of time. Nevertheless, anybody that is truly a petrol head and wealthy enough to do it can obviously install a motorsport gearbox. It wouldn't surprise me if a year from now we uncover the first ever 991 GT3 with a manual conversion.

Sneaky Squirrel

@oneisdifferent You've completely missed the point to what all the posters below you said. They're not stuck in the past.
This car is built for fun. Yes, PDK is a technological marvel and does wonders for the fuel consumption, but it's just not as fun as three pedals and a stubby little stick between the seats.


Love the car, but no manual? GT3 is a track car, not a race car like the Cup version. People like to track for the fun of driving, and not having a manual will hurt sales drastically.


I've found automated manuals with a flap or stick shifters quite fun although they don't provide driver with the same experience as a manual. It's a different experience altogether and I just feel that it's plain wrong when people start to compare the two. Being stuck in the past I think is just the right line and it's like going upstream as the decision made by Porsche here for example is a business thing rather than tech show. They are going to get more and more common in sports cars as they've already done in more ordinary vehicles. Like the FunctionFirst basically said above us, the GT3 user band has gotten broader so Porsche's has got to do something about it and they're sure were not going to cut those paying people away! I miss the manual myself too but I think I can live with this box if it lives to it's promises. The downshifts are going to sound amazing!

Gerben aka Suburuuh

 Must agree on that. I've seen someone on YT doing a track initiation in a new 911, also NOT manual.
Sure he did a great job on setting a nice timelap eventually, but still, only achieved by too hands clamped to the steering wheel!
Not my idea of 'getting it done on the track'.... in a 911.
But the looks and preformance of the new GT3 are stunning again, it's like sharpen your pencil every time a little bit better!
Compliments to the designers @ Porsche.


Interview with the man who knows this car better than anyone else


@Dan Tucci 993s are air-cooled. 996s were the first water-cooled 911s, circa 2000.


@Dan Tucci Err. Also, clutchless manuals aren't new for Porsches. The Sportomatic was engaged the clutch when touching the gear knob, about 1968. But I guess a "true" Porsche nut like you knew that already...


I don't like this Porsche 911 GT3.
Automatic Gearbox might be pretty good, but why not atleast give the buyer an option for a (proper) manual? Wasn't that what Porsches 911 where? Bringing the driver all in, when he wants :(
Had the luck to drive the 997 GT3 and GT3 RS. Just loved the manual :/


I don't like this Porsche 911 GT3.
Automatic Gearbox might be pretty good, but why not atleast give the buyer an option for a (proper) manual? Wasn't that what Porsches 911 where? Bringing the driver all in, when he wants :(
Had the luck to drive the 997 GT3 and GT3 RS. Just loved the manual :/


@dnetcrawler Yeah... When u want a supercar with a automatic, go to ferrari etc. :)
Well, I have to say, I like to see, that you get a proper automatic in such a car. But u should atleast be able to get a (proper) manual in a 911! Especially in a GT3 (RS) etc. :/


@sean klingelhoefer 
Yeah, great cars you mentioned. But still you should get a GT3 and the (later) more motorsport/trackday oriented versions with a manual. It's what made the 911 what it was. Bringing the driver in and give him the best on a trackday etc. :)


@vivalarey but I believe this was the so-called Weissach axle, which was more of a passive toe adjustment?


There is so much missinformation here. By pulling back both paddles you engage the clutch. You are free to rev the motor and dump the clutch to kick out the rear end.


I find it hilarious that so many people complain about the car lacking a manual option when 99% of the people posting on the internet will never own or drive the car anyways...


I find it hilarious that so many people complain about the car lacking a manual option when 99% of the people posting on the internet will never own or drive the car anyways...