Show Your #maximumattack

After what feels like an eternity, the automotive world is slowly starting to emerge from its hibernation. We’re finally starting to see the fruits of many hard working peoples labour, and can finally start to get excited about the upcoming season. With that we’re also delighted to tell you that we’ve just updated with the latest additions to Collection 02, so you can have some fresh wares to sport in the paddock this season.

(Above) A lot of you have spotted this sticker on several high profile cars, including Under Suzuki’s record smashing S15 and Forsberg’s 370Z. Chris was kind enough to wall rub the sticker at Irwindale for us!

We are now happy to tell you that you can have your own #MAXIMUMATTACK to wear on your ride with pride.  Be warned that it is quite bright indeed.

Although the sticker is 99%* wall-rubbing-proof, we accept no blame should you find yourself upside down in someone’s front garden. Remember folks, #MAXIMUMATTACK is for the track.

It’s not just stickers we’ve released either…

… as the next of our new additions is a design on a dark asphalt coloured flex fleece American Apparel zipped hoodie.

In Europe the hoodie is our tee shirt, worn with pride on the outside. In fact, the Collection 01 version of this sold out completely in our European store. If you’re looking for a baggy fit, just pick the next largest size.

For those of you that prefer to be more subtle in your choice of attire, we bring you a new simple black tee.

This is a straight up application of the Speedhunters logo on a high quality American Apparel tee. It’s a design that’s long overdue!

It features subtle but solid graphics front and rear, along with a custom Speedhunters tag on the sleeve. It’s available in men’s cut only and again, upsize for a baggy fit.

You can grab the items now in the Speedhunters store:

As always, we thank you & appreciate your support!

-The Speedhunters

*May not be wall-rubbing-proof



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I've noticed the black T popping up lately in features and I have been checking the store weekly to see if its dropped yet...THANK YOU!


Are you guys going to make license plate frames again?


we are brainstorming ideas right now for future products... was discussing this yesterday in fact!


 new ideas = awesome...I never have before, but I would seriously consider wearing a Speedhunters rubber wristband (i.e.Livestrong); Speedhunter shoe laces would look dope in my Vans and Pumas too!


@LesterHitch  I'm liking the shoelace idea actually!


Since the site is no longer sponsored/ financed by EA Games, and words on the street told me it's for sale. I felt compelled to donate some $$ via stickers. I can't believe I just did that! 
Rod go to your local church and lit up a candle, 'cause this is unlikely to happen again.


Speedhunters Rubber Wristband - Seek Speed. Do it


@JDMized Well thats it. My whole world is coming apart.


Just gotta say, If i had more money I'd be buying all sorts of Speedhunters clothing/accessories. Proud to support you guys!


Sean Klingelhoefer has finally found his true calling: male model! Now if he can just perfect his "blue steel" gaze...


havent followed your site in years but im glad you guys are releasing clothes. looks good!


Anybody know who's Miata that is in the picture above? Would love to read a write-up on it if it was featured before.


I would love a hoodie but at $99 shipped..... ugh.  Any chance Mike is acting as a mobile vendor while he is in Japan?


will we be expecting under suzuki to now break the 50sec barrier in tsukuba now that he has a maximum attack sticker?  :)
anyway, i'll be ordering stuff then :D


@RodChong This may sound silly, but we need a coffee cup. Seriously, how early do photographers get up, racers wake up, mechanics wake up, to get to a race? Or just to have at cars and coffee, or put pencils in on a desk, etc.


What about ‘A Year in Global Automotive Culture: Volume One’? I couldn't buy it in time, so maybe some more books? Volume Two or some more Volume One for sale? :)


@Branchan lol
the crab man


@weasel Oh, so the picture was before or after his crazy orange paint job?


@Irene Strizheus I'm pretty sure the book is still for sale over at Stance and Speed:


@nugundam93 Yea, the sticker alone adds at least 100hp :)


@Branchan  @Irene Strizheus it is indeed. there are around 100 copies left.


@JDMized :>


@Branchan OMG, thanks a lot.


@RodChong Calendars, please :) I love calendars :) Maybe with competitions dates?


@Branchan Larry did a post about us here
Hit me up on FB if you have any questions.


was very keen to buy the army shirt, but it costs more than the shirt in shipping to get it to Australia, which doesn't suit my 17 year old budget :(


SH Crew,
I wish I was excited!
Sold Out of stickers already?! Can't buy a hoodie in my size (XL)!?
Make more stuff, you guys have the fan base!!!! I want a camera strap also. 
Please look into this. I would like to support you guys as much as possible.
Best regards by a follower from the beginning!
CEO-Self Made


When do you think ya'll will have more of the Speed Hunters Windbreakers? I would love to buy one..


@majik16106 @RodChong THIS!! I would love to have a SH coffee mug to drink my daily dose of caffeination in the morning.


nice jacket i want it!!!!