You just can’t hinder passion. It’s always interesting to see how the love of cars has no borders, you can travel to any country around the world and find enthusiasts willing to share their love of cars with you. That is exactly the position Luke Huxham found himself on his recent trip to Thailand where he crossed paths with Mr. A, who has created a very special garage to store his precious vintage car collection and also create a place for his friends to hang out in. Take a look at the impressive line up of machinery…and wheels…he has collected over the years.

Maiham Media

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Love videos like these. Not just the cars but the people behind it and their motivation.Any chance Mr A will allow visitors to his garage?


That was a great video, very well done and shows a lot of emotion. Wish i had car friends!


Amazing video, there are not many places like this in the world.
(I understand Mr A's point of view, I started driving at age twelve).


terrific video, well done.  More stuff like this would be terrific.  Gives life to the car IMHO


AT, EF9, DC5? True enthusiast right here, an old timer if you will, not some RWD convert with money to spare.


how much a skyline in good conditions like that one would cost in us dollars?


Thailand only


this is pure JDM carporn! went to thailand at the end of last year, tried to research for any car museums but didn't really find any good ones apart from the Jesada Technik Museum. the car culture there is just awesome. would love to visit there again if this place was open to the public.


can i be your friend?


Nice collection! Does anyone know where I can find Marvel Mystery oil or Seafoam top engine cleaners and lubricants in Thailand. I am married to a Thai lady and we live in Buri ram part of the year. Marvel has been around for years and an old airplane mechanic introduced me to it back in the 1970's. Seafoam is more recent but works okay. If these products aren't available in Thailand would someone please tell me what the Thai...Motorheads/racers are using. Thank you very much...Kuhn Joe