La Auto Show: Wandering The Floor

In yesterday’s post I shared with you some of the LA Auto Show’s big debuts, and now I’d like to simply take you guys along on a walk around the show with me. What I’m showing here may not necessarily be the the most important cars of the show from a general industry standpoint, but more a “lone Speedhunter’s view” of the shindig.

Let’s begin.

In addition to the XFR-S sedan I included in the first post, Jaguar also brought out the new F-Type to be seen by North American audiences for the first time. I’d tell you how good the car looks, but I think it does that for itself. For more on the F-Type, make sure you check out Jonathan’s recent post on the car and its lineage.

In terms of the fast-moving auto media world, the Lexus LFA may be old news – but I was still taken back by how dramatic it looked while on display in the Lexus booth. Toyota otaku will probably recognize this particular car as one of just 50 Nurburgring Package LFAs with more aggressive tuning and bodywork.

Acura took the wraps off its new RLX sedan in LA, which will take the place of the RL in its line up. The RLX should also appear in Japan where it will be sold as the Honda Legend, just as the old RL was. Seems like this could be in an interesting platform for a little VIP fun.

Here we see the new Acura NSX once again in concept form. Unfortunately the new American-built NSX is still not supposed to appear in dealers for a couple more years.

I liked the display motif chosen for the new Range Rover in LA, even if I can’t imagine too many Southern California Range Rover owners forging rivers with their machines…

Sunny (well, usually at least) Los Angeles is the perfect place for Volkswagen to show the drop top version of the new Beetle for the first time. Whether it’s the hard top or convertible, I still really like what VW has done with the styling on the new Bug.

Also being shown in the VW booth was this Jetta Hybrid land speed machine which recently set a hybrid record of 187.41 miles per hour on the salt flats of Bonneville. The modified 1.4 liter hybrid powertrain is said to make around 300 horsepower.

Although it’s been around for almost a year now, I was excited to see the Code 130R concept on display in Chevy’s booth. I’m hoping the fact that it’s still being shown means the 130R is moving down the path to production.

If it does make it to production, I can’t help but think “Nova SS” would be a fitting name for this light weight turbocharged rear wheel drive coupe. What say you?

I saw it fitting to include a photo of the C6 Corvette ZR1 as this should be the last time the C6 appears at the LA Auto Show. The all new C7 ‘Vette is due to be unveiled next month in Detroit.

Another car due for replacement soon is the NC chassis Mazda MX-5. Seen here in “Club” trim, the NC still holds its own in the sports car department.

There are always those times where photos of a car just can’t do it justice. That’s certainly the case with Continental GT3 Concept racer that Bentley brought to Los Angeles for its American debut. It’s simply one of the most beautiful new race cars I’ve seen in a while.

The most interesting car shown in Honda’s display would have to be the new Beat…I mean EV-STER Concept, which was first shown in Tokyo last year.

From a tiny Japanese EV roadster to big V8-packing American sedans – you have to love the variety of the auto show. While the new Dodge Charger “Daytona” looks pretty aggressive, I’m not sure if it lives up to the NASCAR homologation special from 1969…

Fiat is hoping the new 500L will win over American buyers who find the normal 500 to be too small for daily use. It definitley has a unique look, if not all of the retro charm of “little” 500.

Oh how times have changed. A few years ago I probably wouldn’t even stop at the Kia booth during an auto show, but now you’ll find cars like the handsomely styled 2014 Forte sedan.

Toyota’s LA booth included the futuristic NS4 Concept, which first appeared in Detroit at the beginning of the year…

…but I was more interested in this – the 2013 Camry Sprint Car that will be taking to the track alongside the new Ford and Chevy stock cars at the Daytona 500 in February. In person these things have a ton more presence than the current group of NASCAR machines.

It’s strange to think there was a time when the MINI brand had just one model. Here’s the Paceman, the latest addition to the ever-growing lineup. Mini also showed a panel version of the Clubman called the Clubvan. Clever.

I think my favorite pure concept vehicle of the show is the Mercedes Benz Ener-G-Force. It’s a take on a future all terrain law enforcement vehicle and also hints at possibilities of a new G-Class.

For a slightly more realistic take on a mad SUV, we have the 550 horsepower Mercedes GL63 AMG which is appearing in North America for the first time. A 7-seater that does 0-60 in under five seconds? Why not?

Joining the Fiesta ST I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Ford also displayed the refreshed 2014 versions of the standard Fiesta. Most notable is that it will be available with the three cylinder turbo EcoBoost motor.

I enjoy myself some vanning, so I guess it’s not surprising that I was really digging the new Ford Transit Connect Wagon. It will be available in both short and long wheelbase and cargo and passenger versions.

Ford’s booth also included a huge slot car display. Cool!

While the new Lincoln MKZ looks like a decent cruiser, I’m waiting for them to build a crazy RWD sedan with a Shelby GT500 supercharged V8. C’mon Lincoln, get to it!

Of course there were plenty of EV concept cars on display, including the Infiniti LE which first appeared in New York last spring. According to Infiniti, a production variant of this car is not far off.

Given its notoriously jammed freeways, LA was a fitting place for BMW to debut the latest in its line of concept EVs, the i3 Concept Coupe Citycar. I suppose the future IS closer than we think…

But what’s the future without a nod to the past? Mixed among the latest high tech machines in LA I also found some great vintage machinery. The Porsche display included this beautiful 904 Carerra GTS.

Aston Martin’s showing included a proper 007-spec DB5 with all the Bond gadgets.

Lastly, we have a ’65 Shelby GT350 Mustang in the Galpin Ford booth. A true barn find, the car sat untouched for almost 40 years and has just 44,000 original miles on it. As you can see, the paint is also original.

That will do it for my take on the LA Auto Show. If you live in LA and would like to see any of this stuff for yourself, the show runs now through December 9th.




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The Aston look like a DB6...


the colour of that F-Type is too much!!!


You can't forge a river. The proper word would have been "fording". And for the NASCAR Camry, it's a Sprint Cup car, not simply a sprint car. That's a completely different vehicle altogether.


@AlessandroSassi definitely is a DB6. i know everyone likes the DB5 and it always gets described as "one of the most beautiful cars ever" but the tiny changes they made for the DB6 were all improvements


@ComJive  @AlessandroSassi How come nobody remembers the DB6...because it can't hold a candle to the DB5, that rear quarter window on the 6 is absolutely disgusting.


The code130r looks more like a 1m from the side


I literally live less than ten minutes away from the LA Convention Center. I'm trying to debate whether or not I should go or not. To be honest, the only reason why I'm thinking about going is because of the new NSX. I've never seen it in person but I'd like to. Hmmm, decisions... decisions...
Ditch class and check out cars or stay in class and sleep? Hmmmmm.......


It's old news but...the Code 130R is still a very bad, very very very bad copy of the 1-Series Coupè.And the fact that the 1 Coupè is one of the best handling little coupès an ordinary man can buy, it makes the Code even worse.


@JoshChaney Yes, meant to say "Sprint Cup". That Camry is certainly no Sprint Car :)


@AlessandroSassi Ack. Saw the Bond gear an instantly thought "DB5".


@FrancescoDiGiuseppe The body (in concept form at least) does have some resemblance to the 1-Series, but I don't  see how that's a bad thing. The more affordable RWD cars the better in my eye!


i'd be down with a code 130R


Cool stuff. The idea behind the 130R is awesome, but the concept looks uuugly. The new Lincoln looks like it could be pretty nice.