#iamthespeedhunter: Lastly In Japan

With so much car culture around the globe, it can be quite difficult to have an in-depth knowledge of each particular scene. Ever since taking over the running of the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program, I have been exposed to whole new worlds that I previously had only admired from afar. A couple of weeks back I got an e-mail from a Japanese Yahoo account. Although the language was lost on me, the pictures attached were not.

For the record, I’ve never been to Japan nor have I any grasp of the Japanese language but for this story, I decided to make do and try my best to learn something about a sub-culture I’ve always appreciated.

The photos were submitted by Masahiko Sagawa, who is involved in the running of the Lastly Blog – a site dedicated to the wagons, sedans and K-cars of a group of friends based in Japan.

The photographs are from a recent enough meet-up which took place somewhere in the Ibaraki Prefecture of eastern Japan. I think.

More importantly, it was host to some amazing cars!

As far as I know, we never officially got the Accord wagon in Ireland, although I suspect a few may have been imported over the years.

Regardless, I doubt any of them look this good. The grey and pink theme works so well.

The Toyota Estima Lucida is the last car in the world I would choose to modify.

But damn, this looks good.

Proof that the age old recipe of nice wheels and a solid drop work on just about anything.

Although he sent in a dozen images or  so, I can’t help but feel that we’re just being teased.

This is the exact sort of thing that #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER was created for. Previously, we would never have even known this event happened but thanks to you and Masahiko in particular, we all get to experience something new.

If you’re planning on attending an event (or already have done) and you happen to be able to operate a light capturing device, be sure to drop us an e-mail to iamthespeedhunter@dev.speedhunters.com

Paddy McGrath



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Island Ivan
Island Ivan

I love this post. I find myself coming back to this particular post because of the previa, estima, lucida. I currently own one as my project, and this post influences many ideas. I also have an mk2 golf that I would gladly get rid of instead of my previa because at this point it is a cookie cutter euro style build. Practicality, and serves as a huge canvas to work on... why not! I love Speedhunters for the diversity in car culture. If basic is what you like visit your local dealership showroom for "clean" cars. 


These cars are a bit tasteless to me. They remind me of when young guys in the UK stuck ridiculous bodykits, wheels and exhausts on mundane cars. I know we are all individuals with our own opinions and tastes. Some people even like rusted, ratty looking older cars that are 'ironically' cool. Huge pink wheels on a 'slammed' or 'stanced' mundane grey Accord estate is just silly tho. I appreciate the guys and girls that mod these cars probably see them as some kind of mobile party place and don't care about performance but I find it hard to appreciate these kinds of cars.



how about a few international speedhunter events? wouldnt take much, a venue (a car park or, if you are lucky enough to live by one like myself, an automotive museum) a few people to turn up with their cars... some one just has to remember to bring a camera.... 

it aint hard really.


photo of car, photo of stance / photo of car, photo of stance / photo of car, photo of stance.  repeat.


there is way more done to that van than just wheels and a drop lolol


Proof that there are certain color combinations you can only get away with in Japan. 


I want an accord wagon.):



Holy crap, a Toyota Previa! That's like the epitome of Toyota minivans when I was a kid. All the 3 year old kids be jealous n' stuff... watching me taking out my bike with training wheels fresh from Toys R Us.


Then the Sienna came along.


nice builds. all very clean. but i will never understand the huge amounts of rear camber.