Poll: That Sema State Of Mind

In just a few short days, the 2012 SEMA Show will kick off in Las Vegas, beginning one of the busiest weeks of the year for the North American branch of the Speedhunters crew. As we soak up these last few moments of calm before the madness in Vegas begins, we thought we’d start a little pre-SEMA discussion.

What are YOU looking forward to seeing this year? Which car models will emerge as the stars of the show in 2012? More generally speaking, what do you enjoy most about the SEMA Show? Is it the OEM displays? The classics? Tuner cars? New products? Is it something else?

Vote and discuss below.


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Oem yeh!


DEMO CARS!!!!!!!!!!


New Products


Evasive motorsports frs will be THE car of SEMA this year.


I love seeing the tuners. Especially everyday cars pushed to the max.
I don't know if I'm the only nerd who plays GT5, but I'm also excited to see which cars Polyphony Digital will pick to be in GT6...haha.


No all of the above option lol


i wish i was going :(  maybe next year


@Dekro I hope they get the front wheel drive tuning right on gt6


I am going as an engineering student. I want to take it all in for my project car, but to me tuner cars also contains the pro-touring branch of muscle cars because most pro-touring cars are no longer the old classic muscle. I want to take in the exotics as well though because I have only seen 2 or 3 lamborghinis, audi R8s, and a gtr up in North Dakota. We don't see much in this agricultural part of the world. Going to be taking a lot of photos hopefully.


Pardon my French, but WTF are tuner cars?


the models, duh.


True that!


A decade ago SEMA was THE show. Now it attracts the wrong crowd/ "tuners" that aren't even into cars....sad.


@JDMized expand on tuners than arent into cars?






@apex_DNA Imports and those with under 8 cylinders.


Seeing the crazy builds is amazing but I really get excited about the new products that push the industry forward!


@JDMized i hope it wins the Grand Tursimo award.


@King7two Imports to whom? I hate when SH uses "ricer" terminology.


@EthanGuzzi @JDMized The term itself is "ricey", how's that?


@kyle olason I wish people would stop using the term "tuner" when describing cars. Tuners are the people who tune cars, not the cars itself.


@Dekro Now, by "tuners" do you mean the people behind modified cars at SEMA?


@Dekro i hope it makes all the right noises...if you get what i mean!!! check out gtplanet.net if your into your GT series btw!


@apex_DNA Imports to America. The only kind that count.


@h22wut And why is that, ignoramus?


Chin up guys. Sema a few years back was frequently a grotesque display of what a shop could do summed up in one car, usually painted some horrific shade of green or orange. However, despite the lambo cover car for this article, I'd say a lot of shops are actually building tasteful cars with a sense of direction and attention to detail and ingenuity.


The Giovanna wheels section with the half naked strippers posing as models.


@apex_DNA you are OCD about this man, let it go. Who cares? People like cars, shops that modify cars, and whatever else. Go teach English if you are so worried about a definition.


@robzor I'm just sick of people using the term improperly. It's like saying hot rodder cars, drifter cars, or racer cars...it's dumb.


You need to move to California if you wanna see more exotics and more tuned imports.


@MattClarke The car is VERY original, designed with lots of inspiration from GT cars in Japan as well as DTM cars.
Nakajima san knows what he's doing, and I bet you that with the right amount of power this FR-S is capable of some good timing!


@apex_DNA think he was having a cheek dig there


Please PLEASE stop by the Factory Five Racing display and check out the Project 818.  It's a 2 seat, mid engine, rear drive, 1,800 lbs, sports/race car kit with WRX drivetrain.  Considering you can build it for less than 15,000 USD it's going to be a game changer for grassroots motorsports!


@SVT_Bryan just checked out the website amazing cars


@apex_DNA  @robzor (serious question) How would you like them to be referred to?
The term was used to differentiate them from "normal" cars, I don't think it was an application for it to put into the Oxford dictionary.


@Robo_No1  @apex_DNA  I really don't care, as long as everyone understands what you are trying to talk about. With an international audience I don't think SH is ever going to settle in on a single vocabulary. tuners is fine by me, modified cars, cars with not original parts, just plain old "cars", autos, anything.


Wow that white Merc? Looks horrible, did a 13yo NFS gamer create it? Justin Kresty Cuyahoga
Did I just get warped to 1998?


The white Merc? Looks like it was created by a 13yo NFS gamer, I just puked in my mouth a bit. Justin Kresty Cuyahoga County


Factory Five Racing is showing their newest lineup that includes the SpeedHunters audience oriented Project 818 in R and S trims, I cant wait to read more and get the chance to drive one asap as well as building my own! Sick world car idea and amazing performance for the price. Next to the FR-S this has to be the next big thing in "our scene" and I am stoked!


Looking forward to a lot of new gen BMW's and GT86/FRS's.