A Rear-engine, Rear-drive Kia Cee’d

While not a bad car for daily transportation, the Kia Cee’d is certainly not what many would consider a remarkable one. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s used as Top Gear’s reasonably priced car, few people would even know what it is. Well we recently received a message in the #featurethis inbox from Martin Ďuriš of Slovakia who wanted to share what is probably the world’s most interesting Cee’d – and it’s not even driven by celebrities!

The car is actually owned and built by a fellow named Mito, but Martin is assisting him with a lot of the design aspects.

The  Cee’d is still powered by its original 2.0 CRDi turbodiesel engine, but the whole thing has been moved to the rear of the car. With a few bolt-on upgrades, Martin says the motor makes a solid 200 horsepower and they plan to up that to 300hp later on. Moving the engine was apparently pretty straightforward, although redoing the electronics and cooling system made for a big challenge.

With the fuel tank and oil cooler located up front, the Kia’s weight distribution now sits at 43/57. Once complete, the car will be used in hill climbs, rally cross, and even drift exhibitions.

Although there is still a way to go before the build is complete, the car currently runs and drives, as you can see the video clip above.

Right now the guys are in the process of making the car’s new body work, with wide fenders, custom bumpers, spoiler, etc. As you’d imagine there isn’t much available for the Kia Cee’d in terms of body parts so the guys are on the own here.

Martin also included this rendering that shows what the finished bodywork should look like.

We will certainly stay in touch to see how this thing turns out! Thanks for sharing, Martin.

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cool! isnt this first car from Slovakia here? keep up great work guys


cool! isnt this first car from Slovakia here? keep up great work guys


Is the gearstick on the roof going to be a permanent feature?


Is the gearstick on the roof going to be a permanent feature?


The Cee apostrophe d!


Lmao! I hope so!


Did the Vimeo video work for anyone? It's not loading for me.


Somebody at bbc topgear needs to get this on there for a comparison to the star car.


Haha, I don't know. It could be a true :) But I hope this isn't my last feature here :)


Thank you SPEEDHUNTERS!!!I think this will never been published here :)) You've make me happy today :)Hope this isn't my last feature here :)


this would be awesome if it looked like that rendering




i just don't get this. go through all the trouble of relocating the engine and keep the original crap box diesel, whats the point ? 


LOOKING REALLY GOOD! kept the original motor. nice touch


Finally proud to be Slovak! <3


Nice.... I own a pro_ceed and I do some trackday with it. Pretty good on the corners! :)


I'm feelin it, love the render included. FTR, I didn't know KIA's ran diesels.


Anyone know what are the wheels he's using in the first pic?


Hi, the five spokes  are OZ Racing Crono HT. We will prepare even two more petrol versions. The reason why we started was to achive better weight balance in stripped car. 


Different strokes for different folks, and this sure is a different stroke! Props for creativity!


This is BadAss! Props for going new ways guys, cheers from Norway


The rendering looks cool! Hope they successfully build it like that.


Looking from the rendering, i cannot figure out how the spoiler would hold any serious downforce with the thin sides that are also bent like that. but i suppose its more of a styling feature than real aero stuff. None the less, looks bad-ass. thumbs up. 


The downforce will not be provided by the splitter itself but thru the tunel which will end at the scoop in the front bonnet. The main idea of this visualization was to be same in reality nost just some fake virtualtuning, so fingers crossed and we will inform you after tests with new pictures a videos...  stay tuned :-) Kind regards from Slovakia