A Celica With The Works

Today’s reader ride submission comes to us by way of Tenn Xoomsai of Bangkok, Thailand. Tenn has built himself a 1976 Celica 2000GT street car with a distinct race car feel to it, and based on what I’ve seen online is a fine representative of Thailand’s rich vintage car scene.

The part of the car that catches your eye first is the full TRD works widebody dressed in Toyota’s traditional yellow, orange, and red striping.

The Celica is powered by Toyota’s stout 18RG with TRD cams and pistons and a set of 48mm Weber sidedraft carburetors.

Tenn also equipped the Celica with an AE86 differential housing a TRD 2-way LSD and a set of TEIN shocks and springs.

Up front he swapped in a set of four-pot brake calipers sourced from a Skyline.

The wheels are magnesium RS Watanabes 15″x8 up front and 15″x9 in the rear – perfectly matched with the big TRD over fenders.

Thanks Tenn for sharing your masterpiece with us!

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