An 11-second Junkyard-built Volvo

While we love spotless race car builds or thorough restoration projects as much as anyone, we also have a great deal of respect for all the low budget, grassroots car builds happening across the world. Representing the latter, we have a 1984 Volvo 242 DL that comes to us by way of Josh Saddler from Fallbrook, California. Josh owns a shop called Yoshifab, and this Volvo is just one of the many crazy projects he has going on.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve featured Josh’s work on Speedhunters. One of his custom-built Volvo motors powered this Datsun 240Z that was posted last year. The 242 you see here is used as a testbed for his company’s 16-valve conversion kits.

Using what he calls a combination of “junkyard and Ebay” parts, J0sh has built the boxy Volvo into quite a potent machine, and it’s definitely not something you see often on the streets of Southern California.

Under the hood Josh began with a B230FT block from the junkyard before adding one of his signature 16-valve head swaps. He then added an Ebay-sourced 57 trim turbo along with a Yoshifab intake manifold, an Evo 8 intercooler and a host of other one-off modifications. The result is an impressive 398 horsepower and 420 ft lbs to the rear wheels.

As you can see, the junkyard theme spreads to the interior as well. The transmission is Ford T5 with a custom dual diaphragm clutch.

Josh also added a restored Volvo R Sport gauge cluster for extra character.

Suspension-wise, the car is running shortened struts with inserts from a Saab 9-3. The four-piston brakes come from an RX-7 and the wheels were sourced from a Pontiac Firebird of all things. I wonder how many different OEM factory parts can be found on this build?

At the dragstrip the Volvo lays down consistent ETs of 11.6 at 118mph. Not bad for a nearly 30 year old brick.

One last note. Josh proudly states that he has not washed the car once since he bought it four years ago.

Thanks for sharing, Josh!

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-Mike Garrett

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I want more of this in the world. Love it.


love it love it love it!


Work of art


great build josh! I am sure you have surprised a few sports car that think an old school volvo


that enginebay has to have some seriously good paint to stay this clean, not beeing cleaned for four years :P


colour means more thought........


Really like this!


I think that gauge cluster is out of a 24gt.




amazing i want to build one of these so bad


Very cool, this is just what I needed to inspire me to finish a 142 turbo project- same color too!


The first car I ever raced was a 1996 Volvo 850 automatic. I loved that car to death so to see something like this is just so cool. I love how he kept the paint nice and shitty, I love everything about this car. The only thing I would have done personally was to not paint the wheels and the cage such a flashy color. God this is so cool. There just something so cool about a fast Volvo.
Wonderful car. 


Fantastic 242!
I was inspired to buy a old beater Volvo 245 a few months back after reading through Josh's build on TurboBricks.


Gatebil called....they want their awesomeness back....

jonas maurstad

I love it!


Bad to the bone and so wicked awesome to do this on a lowballers budget!


I love these types of builds, really innovative while also being something that the "average" enthusiast could possibly attain. Good work!


Love these junkyard builds, very inspiring!


Wow, Volvo + Yoshifab = really good looking motor.
More please.


That DOHC conversion is awesome.  Long live the Redblocks!


That DOHC conversion is awesome.  Long live the Redblocks!


The first pic is a screen saver on my laptop


That's a mean sleeper.


@rhyshillman OMG


@Tobler1one #FROTHAVELI


Very clean engine room!!! Excelent car.


y u no desktop?


What is his company? Is he selling DOHC conversions???



Jarrod cummings

A good friend of mine actually owns this car now. I got to take a look at it today. Car is really sick. Needs some work now tho. Says it won't shift under boost anymore but handles like a slot car!