Is America ready for Global Rallycross? Well, certainly the world’s car manufacturers and extreme sports stars are – and they’re queuing up to enter factory teams into the 2012 series. Subaru are the latest team to throw its hat in the gravel ‘n’ asphalt ring, and in this teaser video the three 2012 WRX STIs that the Subaru Puma Rallycross Team will be running are revealed – along with their drivers.

BMX legend Dave Mirra is no huge surprise: he’s been an X-Games regular on two and four wheels, and has been a stalwart of the US rally and rallycross scenes over the last couple of years. Vert skater Bucky Lasek is the second action sports star in the team: he’s a relatively recent convert to racing, so is going to have his work cut out in these insanely quick machines. It’s a massive step up for him. But then Subaru have unholstered the big gun: they’ve brought multiple European Rallycross champion Sverre Isachsen back into the fold.

Then again, that’s the kind of driver you need when you see the expected level of competition in Global Rallycross this year. The Ford Monster World Rally team is fronted by Ken Block; two-time World Rally champion Marcus Gronholm, 2011 Global Rallycross title-holder Tanner Foust and X-Games 17 champ Brian Deegan bring more Fords to the party; Travis Pastrana is in play with a Dodge Dart; Rhys Millen has teamed up with ex-downhill skier and Formula Drift driver Stephan Verdier in a pair of factory Hyundai Velosters; Liam Doran’s Citroen DS3 will be out in key events; and Scott-Eklund Racing enter a pair of 600bhp Saab 9-3s.

The big names face the big jump – GRC is the only race series in the world featuring a 70-foot gap-jump on the joker lap, which is enough to focus the mind on keeping your foot in.

The six-round season kicks off at the end of this month at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where it’s providing a right-turn antidote to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. It then supports the IZOD IndyCar Series on June 9 at the Texas Motor Speedway before moving to the X-Games in Los Angeles at the end of that month and a final trio of NASCAR-supporting events taking it to the end of the season.

Global Rallycross is go – will the fans go with it?

Jonathan Moore



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Filmed at monticello motor club in monticello ny.






Subaru is back huh? And teamed up with Puma? Don't know the third guy, he's seems to be the better of 3, but why put your money on a former BMX and skateboard rider? Maybe its just me...


not bad but i want them in wrc


anyone knows what the shoes at 1:45 is called..?


Does anyone else think that this is like the worst editing they've ever seen on a big budget video? Sped up footage and stuff, ugh, cringeworthy. Can we get people who are actually into cars to make videos now? Ken Block's videos are/were good, but shitty imitations of them aren't.


These guys suck, there is no way in hell they are going to win races if they can't even drive straight around a dry asphalt track.


over tune candy cars lol


 @HeathvanderWaerden I agree completely.


rally is dead, thanks to Ford, Peugeot and Citroen- companies that forced the rules change against homologation.

when REAL rally cars, like the EVO and STi, are beaten on track by fake fiestas and cheap eurotrash, you gotta know it's just big corporate paying bills.

unfortunately, people don't pay attention. Now the EVO is gone. The STi will disappear in a few years.

We'll be left with 98hp fiestas, spinning their little front tires, and wondering why the "good cars" are gone.


Poor effort at filling the "K Block" gap. Well only Block's first video was something special, as it was not expected. The rest is/was just "okay" in the sense of "where did that come from?" The video was far from original and does not capture the what European rallycross is all about. 


Third guy is Sverre isachsen, European Champion. He did the long slides in the video


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