Here is a little glimpse into VIP style, courtesy of Maiham Media. Hit play and enjoy two of the most extreme slammed rides from this year’s Excite King VIP meeting.

Maiham Media

Excite King VIP meet coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Fantastic video


That f50 needs moar low i think? ha great video, anyone know what the song is?


that is just ridicilous


love this song^.^ whats it called?? and great vid


Sweet video nice cars but I have to say Whts the point of havin such a nice looking car turbo fmic if u can't fully enjoy the car.??? The hellaflush movement is for those who js wanna look the part.. I'll stay hellafunctional. Function>form any day of the year. Haha Lol .... " ya know it's not how you stand next to your car, it's how you drive it"
To each his own..


 @MrMischief It's fine to speak your mind, but it's kind of funny to condemn somebody for having their own style and then say something like 'to each his own' after just having torn down someones hard work. Saying something like that doesn't make it ok for you to talk sh*t. It's very f*ckd up that you generalize so many people. I personally know some serious tuners that have flushed whips and can out build you on a fully functional track car, as well. Get a new hobby, scumbag.


 @Option86  @MrMischief    oh boy this might get fun... where do i start .. i guess ill get the personal out of the way .. scumbag (funny how someone you know absolutely nothing about can get under ur skin soo.) hobby??  ive been building motors and cars for years now. go ahead and try building a vg30dett from the block up and dumping it  into an s13 lets see how far you get.. i build cars for purpose!! i don't care for show cars but can appreciate them for what they are. cars were specifically designed to be driven and in some cases driven hard! go to any real track event and tell me how many cars are "hellaflush" or hv stretched tires and maaaaybe if so tell me how they do.. there's many kinds of cars out there and all kinds of builds as i said before i build cars for purpose! i appreciate any time a person puts into his/her car but it js confuses me when you put all this time and effort into something tht looks great but can barely be driven and have to "walk to events" because its tooo low and not functional.. however diversity is what keeps things going tht being said ... to each his own (i have mine) .........scumbag 


Waubstep ruins yet another video. 


 @MrMischief   @Option86  Not everyone has to absolutely love "REAL TRACK VG30DETT S13'S" and track performance builds strictly, dude.  I'm willing to assume that your car is most likely ugly to people who are into building their cars to be stylish, handsome,  and oh so classy.   But sure,  it's probably an engineered track machine and it can perform well,  nice,  good for you.  My point is,  get the hell over you're age old function>form argument.  These guys deserve just as much cred for their engineering as you do for your engineering.  We all just love our damn cars,  get over it.


Guys, let's try to get along here.  This is one of the many ways VIP has evolved.  Some like it some don't, like everything out there.  Oh and that intercooler is not functional, it's a dummy.  Oh I bet that's going to get more people going now LOL


 @Franky_Marrero That song is not a public song....... I wish it was though :(


Best part of this vid "Raising the car to drive is sort of lame" Static all the way.