Simple And To The Point: Pentroof’s 86

It seems no Japanese tuning shop out there is going to pass up the chance to create its own interpretation of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Kitabayashi-san at Pentroof is well on his way with his brand new demo car which he picked up just the other week. He has already begun turning it `into the focused street-tuned beast it will soon become.

The first round of modifications include HKS Hipermax IV GT suspension that come with adjustable top mounts to dial in a few more degrees of negative camber.

Kitabayashi-san has also developed a bypass hose kit for the cooling system…

…and got rid of the stock wheels for a set of satin black 18-inch Prodrive GC-07J. Grippy Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R in 235/40ZR18 tires are fitted all round, helping to boost grip levels. This 86 will soon be receiving an HKS supercharger kit…

…as well as the addition of an HKS ECU and custom re-map. At the rear, things are finished off with an HKS Hi-Power Spec-L exhaust system, which is quite more sonorous than the stock muffler. Not a bad round of modifications right? What would you do if you just got your hands on an 86/BRZ/FRS?


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Coilovers, exhuast, speed density tune, tires and let it be :)


Gonna first strip the stereo n back seats out for me lol...Pentroof is one of my fave shops, but the stock brake behind the upgraded wheels look awk...just sayin =P


I'd track the shit out of it.


Induction, exhaust, wheels and tyres, brake upgrade (pads and disks), coilovers, tune. That should be it for the start, then cams and an ecu upgrade.


I would do this + paint the rear diffuser


Coilovers, full exhaust (titanium if at all possible), intake, wheels/tires, brakes, and lose as much weight as possible (carbon. and lots of it.)


I would drive it, obviously.

Mads Hoest Pedersen

uhm. 2JZ!! then all upgrades needed for drifting! :D


agreed, def a turn-off


A good track-oriented coilover system, lighter wheels, grippier tires, ECU, intake/exhaust mods, kevlar seat and 4-point harness, then a new wheel and hub. All simple mods that will make it just that more fun out on the track days.


What's the point of the collant bypass hose kit?


 @Ikazuchi Probably to bypass the TB


i would go with a HKS turbo kit instead of a supercharger.. put in Tein coil overs..brembo brakes and NGK spark plugs ++(;then by then ill probably ran out of money..


 @Edson_JDM If you've ever seen under the hood of the car, you'd know a turbo kit would take a lot of modification.There isn't a lot of space in there.


 @AaronVenable  @Ikazuchi Thanks.  I had to look that up because I didn't know that was actually a thing that you did.


I would... not put fart cans on it. And if I had to pick, supercharger since the only thing turbos have that superchargers don't is lag.


 @Edson_JDM Really? Of all things you would change the spark plugs? And you'd go for a brand that spent a lot of money advertising something that every spark plug can do. Nothing special about NGK if you know how to set your gap properly.


I dunno though, everyone wants to spend all this money on exhaust. The best exhaust mod is straight pipes out the door. That's the least back pressure while still preventing the poppy crackly sound from not having enough pipe.


Out below the door*


 @Lastspark its a street car, not a race car. straight pipes are loud as shit.  and you dont want the least amount of back pressure, you want the correct amount. also, something turbos have that superchargers don't is the ability to change boost pressure with the push of a button as well as using potential wasted energy rather than creating parasitic drag like a supercharger. they both have their pros and cons.


man its just those tail lights. can we get some non euro ones pls!!!


Things are shaping up nicely for the 86. Exciting!


I would just drive it ...


a tight 2way clutchtype lsd and some proper headlight fluid.


I would steal it. No I wouldn't... but I'd think about it while staring right at it so the owner will freak out and THINK I'm going to steal it. Me Gusta.


 @Amemiyai like your list. would add a rollcage/rollbar for safety and stiffness, better cooling systems for those hot track days, and maybe itb's in the long run depending on my mood and how aftermarket development goes. sorta torn between wanting to make a high revving NA or boosting it.


 @Ikazuchi  @AaronVenable  I don't think that's what it's for.  Everyone who does the coolant bypass mod on their subaru engines just disconnects both ends on the throttle body and joins them together.  No need to run a hose way up to the radiator hose. 
It almost looks like it's going back to where a turbo would sit.  But I dunno about that.


Basic = Brake fluid, pads and braided lines done. Tyres and swaybar bushings, change the thermostat instead of the bypass hose (unless the hose has a valve?) strip out and sell all the headlining, rear seats/boot trim.
If I started on the motor (assuming your keeping the std block) Full rotating balance, abrasive ported head and exhaust manifold, 50% bigger injectors and fuel re-map


Yeah Detroit Locker for it :)


Some good opinions/ideas in here.  Keep them coming!:)


 @brz_dori thats true but i would still..wait maybe ill leave it all motor and beat turbo/supercharged cars! with the right tuning of course..


 @Lastspark well i was obviously thinking realistic here come on


 @Hanma  what hanma said thumbs up^^


i would want the stereo for a little music..but then again just hearing the cars engine would be music to my ears.


Toyota needs to craft up a reallllyyy nice looking front bumper lip o-o The lips for the original AE86 just looked great..
I'd slap on some nice bronze TE37s and lower it.. add some power and a nice front lip if it looks good to meh :D


desktop of first picture please :D


I would lower the '86 on TE37 by 16" and 9J, big rear wing and wide body. Black exterior and roll-cage inside, bucket seats and single exhaust conversion. :)))))))))


Camber plates?  That's the band aid for all those lesser cars without double wishbone suspension to set the tire angle for one point through suspension travel.  Surely the ultimate handling car has double wishbone front suspension to keep the tire angle optimized through the entire range of suspension travel...  Oh wait, it doesn't.  So Toyota's brand new ultimate handling car has a more primitive front suspension than a 20+ year old Honda Civic.
The shop that figures out how to replace the front lower cross member with a double wishbone setup is the one that will make all the money.