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I need to be careful here as his Rodness may be reading, so how can I put this – I definitely have not spent many, many hours on Youtube exploring Berg Cup videos when I should have been working. Definitely not. Honest.

I’ve always admired the Berg Cup from afar, having been introduced to it at an Autosport show some years back and more recently when visiting KW’s factory in Fichtenberg, Germany.

One of the unfortunate things about the series, is the lack of coverage outside of mainland Europe.

With such a vast variety of cultures and languages crammed onto one continent, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Even during my travels over the course of the last few days, one person could speak French and his neighbor German.

Although the language barrier proved difficult at times, it turns out we all spoke one language in common – that certain dialect of high octane, high speed and high risks.

Over 200 cars entered the Eschdorf based European Hill Climb Race – ranging from ex-DTM cars to home built projects, along with a host of single seaters and hill climb specials.

I’m going to try something a little different with our event coverage too.

Instead of the usual person X finished Y amount in front of person Z report, I didn’t pay too much heed to the final results. In fact, with so many classes running I’m still not sure who even won the event.

Rather, I’m going to attempt to bring you closer to the cars and to try and convey the atmosphere at the event for you.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there is more to motorsport than split times.

Although the weather didn’t play ball this weekend – it rained even when it wasn’t raining – the experience of the event more than made up for it.

Even sitting here in Luxembourg airport waiting for a flight to Paris, I can still hear the sounds reverberating through the trees in Eschdorf. Sounds that I’ve never experienced before and such a variety of them too.

From the bark of an aggressive built four cylinder, to the high pitched wail of a Formula V8 and everything in between.

We’re hoping to bring you a lot more European hill climb coverage this year too, with Herr Klingelhoefer taking in the next round at Wolsfeld at the end of the month – I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on what will surely be quite a culture shock, even for someone as well travelled as Sean.

Even more so, I can’t wait to read what YOU think of all of this. I’ll be reading the comments with interest and also looking for suggestions of what cars you’d like to see more of. Anyways, my flight has just started boarding so I’ll be back tomorrow to kick off our event coverage in detail.

Paddy McGrath

Berg Cup Eschdorf 2012 

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It was a good idea to share berg cup events with us. I really love the shape of these cars as much as their sounds. Could you guys post some bergrennen car features too?


More of that porker please, and everything else really. Coverage of events like this is a refreshing change. What was the craziest homebrew build you saw?


More of that porker please, and everything else really. Coverage of events like this is a refreshing change. What was the craziest homebrew build you saw?


 @Csihany I picked up a couple of small spotlights to give you an insight into some of the cars. Those will be coming later in the week. Sean will be feature hunting at the next event!


Is the fantastic BMW 1 Series 134 Judd V8 participating?I suggest you do a feature on that, Paddy.


Thank you Speedhunters... Now my e-mail gets spammed by livefyre with mails about someone commentating my posts..  Speedhunters needs a forum system. so i can check my subscribed reviews and posts.  My mail is for other things. Besides its a pain going via mail to here.


Oh and i love this Berg cup coverage. i love most of the speedhunters coverage tho..


 @MatsNorway You can turn off the notifications through your Livefyre profile but at least this comment system works much better than the old one!


 @PaddyMcGrathSH It sure is. Mostly due to the thread form.


Fantastic work the soft reading and the amount of octane shots you show. Love it, gr8 work


 @PaddyMcGrathSH Thanks Paddy! I'll be here!:)


Rad. I'm feelin this


why do you guys insist on taking shots where the car is in the background and its covered by something large and blurry in the foreground? Super close up shots would be nice if they accompanied zoomed out shots where we can see the car, but when all you get is a close up shot of a velocity stack its kind of annoying to be honest.


Definitely looking forward to all the different builds especially that Porsche and what the atmosphere there is like. Maybe a couple different examples from each class would be cool. 


 @PaddyMcGrathSH  @Csihany I Hope one of these is the yellow Evo 6. I've seen plenty of videos of it on youtube over a couple of years and it sounds FANTASTIC.


All will be revealed later in the week, I promise :-)


YES YES please more of this. In fact, we need to be doing this in America, since the Spectre 341 Challenge is scrubbed for this year and possibly forever, and we have NOTHING else but Pike's Peak!


That Evolution VI is twincharged and it handles like its in a cartoon! Would love to know more about that blue 911 as well; it doesn't look like a 930 flat nose to me. Is it newer?


What is the last red car, a Toyota Starlet?  That thing is so low like to know more about it.


Yes!!  This is brilliant.  Been following the Berg Cup online via the hundreds of  YouTube videos, and now Speedhunters are going to capture epic stills of the action too.  I'd love to see (and hear - wink wink) much more of these events, in particular Reto Meisel's JuddV8 Mercedes.  Thankyou Speedhunters.


It's a first gen Volkswagen Polo says the entry list on the Hillclimbs website =)


It's Herbert Stolz's Porsche which he has campaigned for quiet some time now (~10 years maybe?). The bodykit at least is from dp motorsport and the latest evolution of its 935 bodykit. The Schrey family also has one of these and uses it sometimes in the Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy in Germany >>  Not sure which model it is based on, but from the roofline I'd guess a 930 or 964 model. Couldn't find an official website of Herbert and the vehicle is always listed as simply a 935 DP II


I am so glad you guys are covering this.


I am very interested to see more from this event, but what kind of Porsche was that in the gulf oil livery?


 @KAG i don't care what car is that, because any car with the front brake caliper sitting outside the original fender deserves a complete feature don't you think? moar!


wait, it's not the same car? my bad. carry on... haha


Is that yellow bergmonster of an evo Hans Schori's evo VI? I demand more pics, please!


i too have not spent many hours watching the euro hillclimb championships on youtube when i was supposed to be working...
no, i have not.


You boys have really stepped up your game recently. Almost every article has me captivated. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!


Paddy..... You're the man!


More on the  bergmonster... Moar!


Just when I thought I couldn't be more pumped up about Berg Cup, I see this... man I can't wait! Nicely done Paddy!


On anoter note Paddy, do you have any info on the Roger Clarke Motorsport gobsopper 2, it will be competing in this years time attack. Olly Clarke has given an interview on there website, but the dtails are brief and there are no pictures.


 @daft lad I've seen some of the early build pictures alright when I visited last year - I'll get in touch with Olly to see if he has anything he would like to share. I've also heard they've taken delivery of a BRZ too ...


nice article, i hope to see more related posts in the future. probably one of the most exciting niches in motorsport!
oh and by the way its in wolsfeld not in wolfshed, just so sean does not get lost :P


i love it! this is a style of car we don't often see in the US. give us more!


D'oh, meant to double check that!


I absolutely love all  this!  Thanks for the post and can't wait for more of this!  And any Lancia Delta Integrales there would be awesome to see; huge Integrale fan


Choice. I would like to see a mini spot light on the rigs and mobile workshops used by the teams to transport and run the cars at such events. The unsung hero's who with out the cars would still be at home.

jonas maurstad

Superb coverage!


very nice pictures and a big hello from Eschdorf Lux.this year weather was great... ;)