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I have to admit it’s a little strange doing a “build” post about a scale replica, but once you see the amount work invested into this creation I think you’ll agree that it deserves to be here.

Constructed by a Speedhunters reader by the name of Bogdan, this 1:10 scale AE86 is the result of over a year’s work.

If the exterior looks familiar to you, that would be because Bogdan was heavily inspired by the Car Peace AE86 from Japan – which he saw right here on Speedhunters.

To call Bogdan’s creation an RC car is a bit of a stretch, but that’s indeed what it started out as. He started off with a Yokomo AE86 body and a TT-01D chassis and then proceeded to go a little crazy.

Naturally, the entire project involved a great deal of scratch-building. Here we can see the engine bay that he constructed…

…and then mounted into the Yokomo body.

Here we have the custom-built pan that was mounted over the RC chassis. As you can see, there isn’t much “radio control” left at this point.

This is the dashboard Bogdan scratchbuilt. Seeing as I stare at something similar every time I hop in my own AE86, I can say he nailed it.

Custom interior panels were also built and attached to the fully opening doors.

Yes, that’s 1:10 scale Japanese registration paperwork. Unbelievable.

The completed interior and scratch built roll cage. It even has a trick e-brake setup!

The finished and fully-detailed engine bay, now equipped with a 16-valve 4AGE and individual throttle bodies. Notice there’s even a build tag on the right strut tower.

Much like the real Car Peace 86, Bogdan set his model off with a set of Work Meisters – scale replicas from HPI that is.

I do believe this is the only time I’ve felt like hopping into a 1:10 scale car…

The finished product is downright amazing, and even if you aren’t interested in RC cars you have to appreciate the creativity and skill that’s gone into this.

If you’d like to see more on Bogdan’s creation, make sure you check out his build thread over on CS Junkies.

-Mike Garrett

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just awesome!! im in love with it :$



Best quality 1:10 build I've seen sofar!


At first, I didn't think it was to impressive...but as I kept scrolling...damn! The amount of detail. I would've done a different paint scheme, but hey, still looks great


looks good.. lots of hours of work on this one. very well detailed - Thanks


The Detail on that thing is unbowelievable, makes me want to buy one!


Wow, hahahaha, that is some amazing talent!!


Damn these people for being so talented. its just not fair how awesome that car is




Pretty cool


Engine bay of real were silver, fail.


unbelievable work...


I've been into R/C for a while now and see many shells, but this one is something else. Amazing work. How did he mold the custom frame and interior pieces? What material are they?

Great article!


WOW!!! Taking scale accuracy to a whole new level! Incredible work.


Does it drift???


Scratch built? Jeeze, that's real impressive.


I would have loved to have seen the actual creation process for those scratch-built pieces. Great build; I love OCD.


Excellent work!


great work!


I want to sit in it!


F#c{ yeah!!! This is absolutely amazing. I'm so stoked on the detail! Been building scale models for some time now & it never occurred to me to do a non functional 1/10 rc.




Some serious time, thought, sweat, and razor blade cuts went in to this project. Awesome.


Seriously, I would love to see an 'extended cut' of how he makes those pieces! This made me get out my old little 1:24 cars and clean it up!


now I look at the pictures of the real one and it looks like a scale model. haha


Damn!! Amazing work put into this one! Very impressive!!


Coupe said: Engine bay of real were silver, fail.

Harry J Allstar said: C O C K ! What an amazing build...


Much of respect to see such a great replica! Keep up)


What a talent, I would love to scratch build like that!


@ PMK - custom frame and interior pieces is made from strips and profiles in glued together. The material from which it was made ??called "sytrene" or "polystyrene".

Thanks for all the comments.

Big Thanks to Mike Garrett , Rod Chong and Speedhunters for publication.


Bogdan, from Romania????


Liviu said:

Bogdan, from Romania????

Bogdan (aka demi76) :

no , I was born in Poland but I live in Italy .


Thank you for posting this!! This is truly a work of art. Realism in the RC world is really taking off and it would be awesome if speed hunters would cover more of these builds. I know I know... If you want RC go to a RC forum. The things you can do to these things in looks and performance now days with companies like Yokomo and HPI are amazing. If that's not speed hunting (in scale) I don't know what is.


Ok...if you've read down this far you must be interested so... YouTube RC TECHNODRIFT! They are amazing and just one of the hundreds of videos that really so what you can do with a RC and some creativity.


Ok...if you've read down this far you must be interested so... YouTube RC TECHNODRIFT! They are amazing and just one of the hundreds of videos that really so what you can do with a RC and some creativity.


amazing works!!

is it still... a functional RC?



You have to look twice to realise thet this is a model car


MAN!!!! Very clean, Great job.


sam said:

amazing works!!

is it still... a functional RC?

@sam - Yes , it is functional .

Thanks for all the comments.


hi, 1st of all, very very awesome work. was the 16-valve twin cam scratch built? I'm actually trying to scratch build a 1:24 scale model of the engine and it's hard to get real good reference photos of the engine. can i get some help from you? 


I was following his work since he was on another Website. Yes it is completely scratch built! If I remember correctly he even built the interior of the engine to scale!!! with each piston, ring, and crankshaft able to move independently!


So can it still be remotely controlled?