I have to admit, I’ve been just a little bit skeptical that the Nissan err RML Chevy Cruze powered Delta Wing is going to work as a race car design. Surely it should be on the drag strip and not a closed course?

The car builders claim it will lap Le Mans somewhere between a LMP1 and LMP2 time, but will this happen? Have a look at the video to judge for yourself. What I can say, is I’m hearing industry whisperings that it does indeed have good apex turn in speed… We shall see!


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Sure it turns, but will can it get you the girl? In all seriousness though, I am curious how that narrow front track effects tire wear.


First the Juke-R and now this? Gotta loves Nissan DGAF attitude haha


and with only approx. half the horsepower of the big dogs...really hope this car does well here and at LeMans, we need stuff like this to shake up the establishment...


is that dario franchitti driving??


This looks a lot like Buttonwillow


Tire wear will be a bitch, probably. That was quite awesome actually.


Now when can we get this in Forza? haha. That's the closest I'll get to that car for awhile.



Nissan made nothing on this, but gave the team a bunch of cash and slapped their sticker on it.


The driver is actually Marino Franchitti, not Dario. I feel like there's some sorcery at work here...I've seen this video and I'm quite amazed that it turns in as well as it does with those 135/15 sized tires up front. However, I remember reading that the weight distribution on this car is 25/75, so most of the weight is on the back wheels, hence the small brakes and skinny tires...I imagine they don't see much of the weight transfer under braking. The car also has a torque vectoring transmission, which must help keep it out of the weeds under acceleration. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this all works, I'm going to need to read a good technical breakdown of this car before I really understand what's goin on! Marino Franchitti was quoted as saying the car feels like any other car from the drivers seat.

By the numbers, half the weight (1300 lbs wet) and half the horsepower should provide similar performance to the other cars in the field on paper. The small frontal area should mean quite a bit less aerodynamic drag, so I see no reason this car shouldn't provide similar top end performance as well. So the real question is whether it's reliable enough and the tires will hold up well for 24 hours of racing. If it really turns as well as it does in this video, it should do well.


I thought the same thing when you first posted this yesterday. how can it posibly get enouf grip with such a narrow front track. the contact patch of the tires has to be the size of a quarter. I know it has alot less weight to handle because of the design but it also has no surface area to create down force on the front. No down force+ narrow tires=not much grip


I just can't understand, why Nissan wastes Money for shit like that. We want a new Silvia S16...

... not a useles money burning concept that doesen't even fit any reglementations...


@imnotamused: The DeltaWing weighs only 500kg (1100lb). Tire wear shouldn't be a problem. That's part of the philosophy behind the DeltaWing- since it's light on consumables (tires, fuel, brakes, etc.), it won't need to pit as much, which will make up for any speed deficiencies.


Got to be hard hitting the apex not knowing exactly where your rear wheels are going to be! And kinda weird that they haven't gone with a "flappy paddle" gearbox.


It's destroying the endurance series ! IT'S NOT A CAR ANYMORE ! If it's a success, the other manufacturers will make the same kind of things and we will end up like in F1, just all the same vehicles which have nothing in common with a car, with restrictions to stop any kind of creativity.


So it's powered by Chevy Cruze motor but it says Nissan on it? Am i understanding this correctly?


I've never seen anything take Riverside or the sweeper like that... holy crap!


Marino Farnchitti, Micheal Krumm is also on the driver list for the 24h.


I was pretty sure this thing would under steer due to the front wheels,I guess that's why I don't design race cars. Once again. Well done Nissan!


"Function" just punched "form" in the face.


Very interesting indeed


I wonder if it feels weird to turn in and put the front about a metre from the apex?!


worlds fastest tricycle


I think people forget that 'real' Nissan cars that are marketed globally are designed in Japan. I don know what Nissan USA are doin with their 'surplus'..


@Nick O, lol. And we absolutely need cars like this shaking it up. Sure it doesnt have anything in common with the cars we drive RIGHT NOW... but then again what did traction control in formula one have to do with the cars people drove back in the day? It's easy to say it has tons in common looking back, but it was no less a revolutionary idea then.


I like that it is different from every thing else out there, i think this is what we need in the race world something different. I hop it dues will good work Nissan


People touting the Nissan name as if it has much to do with this project need to read up on the history of this car...


lol to all the guys that said it looks bad... Nissan is here to win a championship, not a car show. This thing is fast.