Random Snap>> Orido’s V8 D1 Toyota 86

If you were following our Facebook page today you might have seen a few shots of a rather crazy new D1 machine. I met up with Manabu Orido and his crew today at Mobara Circuit to check out the shakedown of the 2UR-GSE-powered Toyota 86 which he will be driving in D1-GP this year. Takemura-san from Scorch Racing has been working non-stop for two months to build this beast and today was the first time the car, still aesthetically unfinished, took to the track. Despite some minor issues with a timing belt, the test went very well and Orido seemed comfortable throwing the nimble little 86 around the track. The unsilenced 5L V8 has to be heard to be believed! More on this soon…

Manabu Orido Offical Site

-Dino Dalle Carbonare