Midwinter Meeting>> Further Exploration

Time for part two of the Midwinter event
coverage. I’ll start right away with this Golf MKIV on Porsche split wheels.

It’s hard to make a MKIV look right. I
guess that is the reason you don’t see a lot of them – in comparison to other models – in the pages of
Performance VW. But these cars certainly have potential, as is proven by this silver

The MKI on the other hand is the
quintessential hot hatch. In the right hands it can be turned into something
that everyone would want to drive. Even if the MKI is in its original form, it’s
still able to get your motoring juices flowing.

Dat ass?

This MKI was my favorite of the show with a
cool blue/grey finish and matching BBS wheels. I showed you the front end of
this car in part one.

Sometimes all a car needs to impress is a
set of wheels and airbags.

The car did have some damage but everything
was under control with a small band-aid.

I loved the subtle exhaust tips on this
blacked out MKIII.

This Jetta on temporary German plates had a
few surprises. One of them was the perfect fitment and the other …

… was the rollcage. It’s
not often you see a car like this with a bolt in rollcage.

There were also several vans from different
ages all built in different ways. This one was fully restored with a new
canopy and an immaculate paintjob.

The interior had been re-upholstered with
new leather and carpet. Also notice the period correct lunchbox and thermos.

Several of these vans belonged to these
people that I have seen at almost every VW event I’ve attended. The little kid
inside the van has one of the coolest ‘trikes’ in the world, it features one
giant Porsche wheel in the rear that helps him balance.

Here is a better look at the van on a set
of Fuchs wheel with very skinny rubber.

This one was spectacular. It has been
restored to a level that I thought was even better than when it rolled out of the factory.

It was rolling on a set of Porsche Turbo
wheels in black that are a perfect match with the black accents like the
frontbumper and VW emblem.

Some choose to go for the cleanest car possible while
others go for a more raw approach. This Beetle still had its original
paintjob and accessories.

I spotted several Speedhunters stickers and
that always makes me proud. This Golf from Germany had one on his side rear
window. So I gave him some more that I always bring with me to shows.

A lot of people refer to the TT as a hair
dresser’s car but when it looks this good it’s hard not to like it.

A good set of wheels and a drop are all
that this latest generation Polo needs to stand out from the crowd.

While walking to my own car on the way out
I came across this very good looking BMW 5 series. It even had a old school Nardi steering wheel.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Team VW Speed

Midwinter Meeting



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Do we get to see what the caged Jetta as on the otherside of that sporty exaust?


LOve that BMW E28 on the end! Got any more pics of that big Vanagon?


I aboslutely love the look of that Polo GTi. Perfection in my eyes.


That T3 (aka vanagon) syncro from Arno Blokhuis is so cool!


Dont like the undercut on the old 5 series looks so old fashioned.


*waits for narrow minded people with nothing better to do to come in here and comment negatively about the VW scene, it's boringness, BBS wheels etc etc* I have to wonder why they'll do it.......I mean, I'm not interested in Spa, Le Mans, Drift, F1, Rally etc etc and strangely enough I've never clicked on those topics let alone gone in there and "yawned" or spoken negatively about that stuff.....yet people seem to love doing it in topics like this......it'll happen, just you wait! /rant

......on a lighter note, the blacked out MK3 and single cab splitties are beautiful!!!!


Yeah!! My Golf Mk2 on the left! :D


@ Frank, thats the standard exhaust i think. a friend of mine has a GTI and it has the same exhaust. he has his on a set of Koni's, it's like its on rails. and its for sale.


I disagree with what you said about it's hard to make a good looking MKIV. It's a good looking car from the start, all it really takes is a good drop, a nice set of wheels and to get shaved and you've got yourself a great combination. I may be biased, but I doubt I'm the only one that thinks that.


one of the best looking Polo's in GTi form i've seen for a while.. plus an old BMW 5 snuck in at the end looking cool too.. looks like it was well attended meet - i do think we Dubbers need to push the 'envelope' a bit now tho' - Thanks


haha i love those VW vans! gotta get one as a tow vehicle, that would be awesome... if they could tow decently... :( spotlight on the red caged jetta?



nice to see some drop-side buses looking mint, also i want some number plates like the ones on that MK1 Golf below the 'Dat ass?' pic. (which by the way is mint) at least they had & have the weather for such a cool looking Dub show out, thanks for the quality pics, i hope there's more?!!

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its an e28 fool


Haha that's my E28. It's a work in progress but I like it so far. For more info mauricemasselink(at)gmail.com


"It's hard to make a MKIV look right..." What? You fit it with R32's body, put some rims on and you're done! As seen on the silver one. But i don't like those rims though.


Love the vans!